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Starting with Unhinged, a new series of Release Events was introduced in North and South America at the end of 2004. These events are held the weekend next to the street release date of new Magic sets. Like in prerelease tournaments, participants compete in a Sealed Deck environment, utilizing the new cards. A promotional version of a card from the the card set is given out to the first 32 participants. In addition to that, additional booster packs and a life counter are rewarded to the top-ranking players. In other countries, the Release Event card is sometimes given out as participation bonus at additional prerelease tournaments held the weekend after the global prerelease tournaments have taken place.

The Rukh Egg can be considered the first Release Event card, not only commemorating the release of the Eighth Edition card set, but also commemorating the tenth anniversary of Magic itself. Consequently, all Eighth Edition release tournaments were named Global Celebration tournaments and were held in card stores around the world on the weekend before the official release of Eighth Edition.

In order to commemorate the release of Russian Magic cards, for the Ninth Edition Release Events in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, a Russian Shivan Dragon promotional card was given out to participants instead of the Force of Nature promo issued everywhere else.

Sometimes, additional items are given out at release events. For the Torment Prerelease Tournament, this has been a black mana tatoo which was handed to all participants to emphasize the black focus of the set. For the Ninth Edition Release Event, this has been a Serra Angel deck box which was given to those players who brought a new Magic player to the event.

Black Mana Tatoo from Torment Prerelease Tournament (January 2525, 2002)

Serra Angel deck box from Ninth Edition Release Event, illustrated by Greg Staples.

Card Board Throwing Star Shuriken from Betrayers of Kamigawa Release Event (February 5, 2005)

Promo Premium Rukh Egg, Magic Arcana
Que Siron Siron, Daily MTG
Ravnica Release Event Promo Card, Magic Arcana
Dissension Release Tournament Promo Card, Magic Arcana
Coldsnap Release Promo Card Revealed, Magic Arcana

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2003 - Release Events Promos
001216/350FoilRukh EggMark ZugEighth Edition Global Celebration tournament participation bonus.2003-07-26

2004 - Release Events Promos
001*117/140 MerfolkFoilAss Whuppin'Don HazeltineUnhinged Release Event participation bonus. First Release Promo with a date2004-11-20

2005 - Release Events Promos
001*122/165FoilBudoka PupilShishizaruBetrayers of Kamigawa Release Event participation bonus.2005-02-04
002*99/165FoilGhost-Lit RaiderIttokuSaviors of Kamigawa Release Event participation bonus.2005-06-03
003*242/350FoilForce of NatureGreg StaplesNinth Edition Release Event participation bonus everywhere except Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.2005-07-29
004219/350FoilШиванский дракон
Shivan Dragon
Donato GiancolaNinth Edition Release Event participation bonus in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.2005-09-24YES 

2006 - Release Events Promos
001*245/306FoilDimir GuildmageAdam RexRavnica: City of Guild Release Event participation bonus.2005-10-07
002*144/165FoilGruul GuildmagePaolo ParenteGuildpact Release Event participation bonus.2006-02-03
003*141/180FoilAzorius GuildmageChristopher MoellerDissension Release Event participation bonus.2006-05-05
004*179/301FoilSudden ShockVance KovacsTime Spiral Release Event participation bonus.2006-10-06

2007 - Release Events Promos
001*151/165FoilHedge TrollParentePlanar Chaos Release Event participation bonus2007-02-02
002*122/180FoilStorm EntityLucio ParrilloFuture Sight Release Event participation bonus2007-05-04
003*139/301FoilShriekmawSteve PrescottLorwyn Release Event participation bonus2007-10-12