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On the 26th of July in 2003, Magic: The Gathering has had its tenth anniversary. In order to commemorate the event, a special tenth anniversary life counter was handed out earlier that year to all participants at the Scourge prerelease tournaments in the USA. The life counter can count up to 30 and uses a wheel to select the desired amount of life points.

Starting with the Release Events in 2004, a life counter is awarded to the 3 highest-ranking players at each event. Beginning with Ninth Edition, an additional life counter is handed out to a randomly selected participant. For sets prior to Betrayers of Kamigawa, similar life counters were given as part of the Arena League prize schedule and they still are in different parts of the world outside the USA.

For Unhinged, a special life counter was created. It can only count up to 20, but it is unique in its ability to display fractional amounts of life. It was given out to participants of the Unhinged Release Event.

Coldsnap Cube, Magic Arcana

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Regular - Release Event Life Counters
001 Betrayers of Kamigawa Life Counter
Twist Allegiance
Wayne ReynoldsBetrayers of Kamigawa Release Event prize2005-02-04YES 
002 Saviors of Kamigawa Life Counter
Endless Swarm
Jeremy JarvisSaviors of Kamigawa Release Event prize2005-06-03YES 
003 Ravnica: City of Guilds Life Counter
Glare of Subdual
Wayne ReynoldsRavnica: City of Guilds Release Event prize2005-10-07YES 
004 Guildpact Life Counter
Burning Tree Shaman
Dan ScottGuildpact Release Event prize2006-02-03YES 
005 Dissension Life Counter
Shielding Plax
Brian HaganDissension Release Event prize2006-05-05YES 
006 Coldsnap Life Counter
Darien, King of Kjeldor
Michael PhillippiColdsnap Release Event prize2006-07-21YES 
007 Time Spiral Life Counter
Stormcloud Djinn
Greg StaplesTime Spiral Release Event prize2006-10-06YES 
008 Planar Chaos Life Counter
Zoltan Boros & Gabor SzikszaiPlanar Chaos Release Event prize2007-02-02YES 
009 Future Sight Life Counter
Scourge of Kher Ridges
Daren BaderFuture Sight Release Event prize2007-05-04YES 
010 Lorwyn Life Counter
Illustration of the Lorwin Fat Pack (No existing card)
Mark ZugLorwyn Release Event prize2007-10-12YES 
011 Morningtide Life Counter
Sigil Tracer
Dan ScottMorningtide Release Event prize2008-02-01YES 
012 Shadowmoor Life Counter
Flourishing Defenses
Dan ScottShadowmoor Launch Party Event prize2008-05-03YES 
013 Eventide Life Counter
Ashling, the Extinguisher
Wayne ReynoldsEventide Launch Party Event prize2008-07-26YES 
014 Shards of Alara Life Counter
Empyrial Archangel / Hellkite Overlord
Matt Stewart & Justin SweetShards of Alara Launch Party Event prize2008-10-03YES 
015 Conflux Life CounterConflux Launch Party Event prize2009-02-06YES 
016 Alara Reborn Life CounterAlara Reborn Launch Party Event prize2009-04-30YES 
017 Worldwake Life Counter
Dragonmaster Outcast
Raymond SwanlandWorldwake Launch Party Event prize2009YES 
018 Garruk Wildspeaker
M10 Life Counter
Aleksi BriclotSource unknown2009YES 

Special - Release Event Life Counters
001 Tenth Anniversary Life CounterScourge prerelease participation bonus in USA2003-05-17YES 
002 Unhinged Life CounterUnhinged Release Event participation bonus in USA2004-11-20YES 
003 Ninth Edition Life CounterGreg StaplesNinth Edition Release Event prize2005-07-29YES 
004 Kamahl, Pit Fighter Life CounterKev WalkerTenth Edition Release Event prize2007-07-13YES 
005 Arcanis the Omnipotent Life CounterJustin SweetTenth Edition Magic Game Day Event prize ?2007-07-13YES 
006 15th Anniversary Life CounterGen Con Indianapolis Promotional item2008-09-14YES 
007 Planechase Life CounterPlanechase Launch Party Event prize2009-09-4
008 Zendikar Scoreboard Life CounterJason Chan & Steve ArgyleZendikar Launch Party Event prize2009-09-26YES