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The Junior Super Series is a tournament environment dedicated to younger Magic players. Each year, hundreds of Challenges take place at different places in the USA and Canada over the period of about half a year. All people with an age of 15 and under without Pro Tour experience can participate and compete against each other in a Standard Constructed tournament format. During these Challenges, two different special promotional cards are given out. One is rewarded to every participant of the Challenge, the other is given to the eight highest-ranking players, to the fairest player (Most Sporting Player), and to the top-ranked player at the age of 12 or below (Top Youngster) of the Challenge. In addition, the two top-ranking players are invited to the Junior Super Series Championship which takes place once a year and concludes the Junior Super Series season for that year.

Starting with 2006, the prize schedule was slightly altered. From then on, each year was divided in a Winter Season and a Spring Season. Different participation bonus cards were given out each season, but prize cards were no longer awarded.

An equivalent tounament environment, called Japan Junior Tournament, has been launched in Japan in July 2002. Starting with the 2003 season in July 2003, special Japanese promotional cards were awarded by a similar schedule.

In 2004, the Junior Super Series has started in Europe under the shortened title of Junior Series.

Sometimes, promotional items such as tokens or life counters are given out at the Junior Super Series Championships.

Due to a sorting error, the promotional cards Serra Avatar and Thran Quarry were additionally distributed in English Urza's Destiny booster packs in place of uncommon cards.

In 2007, The Junior Super Series has been replaced by the Magic: The Gathering Scholarship Series in North America.

Junior Super Series patch 2002

Junior Super Series Competitor Certificate 2003

Junior Super Series Parent Information Packet 2002 and 2003. Illustration "Major Teroh" from Torment by Daren Bader.

Junior Super Series Championship, Events Coverage
Interesting Junior Super Series Trivia by Jef Donais, Side Board
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1999 - Junior Super Series Promos
001329/350FoilThran QuarryMichael SutfinEnglish Urza's Destiny boosters in place of uncommon cards
Junior Super Series participation bonus.
00245/350FoilSerra AvatarDermot PowerEnglish Urza's Destiny boosters in place of uncommon cards
Junior Super Series prize.

2000 - Junior Super Series Promos
001FoilLord of AtlantisMelissa A. BensonJunior Super Series participation bonus.2000-12-01
002FoilCrusadeMark PooleJunior Super Series prize.2000-12-01

2001 - Junior Super Series Promos
001FoilElvish LyristRebecca GuayJunior Super Series participation bonus.2001-12-01
002FoilCity of BrassMark TedinJunior Super Series prize.2001-12-01

2002 - Junior Super Series Promos
0011/1 JS1FoilVolcanic HammerChristopher RushJunior Super Series participation bonus.2002-12-01YES 

2003 - Junior Super Series Promos
0011/2 J03FoilGiant GrowthTerese NielsenJunior Super Series participation bonus.2003-12-01
0022/2 J03FoilTwo-Headed DragonSam WoodJunior Super Series prize2003-12-01YES 

2005 - Junior Super Series Promos
0011/2 J05FoilSlith FirewalkerJustin SweetJunior Super Series participation bonus.2005-01-01
0022/2 J05FoilRoyal AssassinTom WänerstrandJunior Super Series prize.2005-01-01YES 

2006 - Junior Super Series Promos
0011/2 J06FoilSakura-Tribe ElderCarl CritchlowJunior Super Series Winter Season participation bonus.2006-?
0022/2 J06FoilShard PhoenixRon SpencerJunior Super Series Spring Season participation bonus.2006-?YES