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Magic themed magnets were released by Wizards of the Coast for different puposes all over the years.

WOTC Customer Service Help Line. 199?
MTG 1997 World Championships on ESPN2. 1997-10-21
Junior Super Series Magic-themed refrigerator words magnet Version 1. Orlando, Florida 2001-06-01
Junior Super Series Magic-themed refrigerator words magnet Version 2. Orlando, Florida 2002-06-01
Magic-themed refrigerator words magnet Version 1. 200?
Magic-themed refrigerator words magnet Version 2. 200?
Ravnica Block Guilds, stores promotional item:
Ravnica Magnets (4 different). 2005-10
Guildpact Magnets (3 different). 2006-02
Dissension Magnets (3 different). 2006-05

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Images - Magic Magnets
001 WOTC Customer Service Help Line MagnetSource unknownDate unknown
002 MTG 1997 World Championships on ESPN2 MagnetSource unknown1997-10-21
003 Junior Super Series Magnet 2001Junior Super Series Promo2001-06-01YES 
004 Junior Super Series Magnet 2002Junior Super Series Promo2002-06-01YES 
005 Magic-themed refrigerator words magnet Version 1Source unknown200?
006 Magic-themed refrigerator words magnet Version 2Source unknown200?
007 Ravnica Boros MagnetMTG stores promotional item2005-10
008 Ravnica Dimir MagnetMTG stores promotional item2005-10
009 Ravnica Golgari MagnetMTG stores promotional item2005-10
010 Ravnica Selesnya MagnetMTG stores promotional item2005-10
011 Guildpact The Gruul Clans MagnetMTG stores promotional item2006-02
012 Guildpact The Izzet League MagnetMTG stores promotional item2006-02
013 Guildpact The Orzhov Syndicate MagnetMTG stores promotional item2006-02
014 Dissension Azorius MagnetMTG stores promotional item2006-05
015 Dissension Rakdos MagnetMTG stores promotional item2006-05
016 Dissension Simic MagnetMTG stores promotional item2006-05