DCI cards

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DCI cards

Post by dragsamou » Wed Jan 17, 2007 11:07 am

Hi Ralph.
Why the Judge Gift cards have been named DCI,as most of the Promos
have the DCI logos,I think it brings confusion?
Want/Have Lists.
I Love you Dad.R.I.P.

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Post by yvel » Wed Jan 17, 2007 3:38 pm

the section is named Gift, and this page DCI, i agree i was confuse when i see this update ... why don't you call it "Judge Gift", or just "Judge"

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Ralph Herold
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Post by Ralph Herold » Wed Jan 17, 2007 9:10 pm

The problem with these cards is that they are not part of a branded program. The closest official brand I could refer them to was the DCI, hence the choice of title. I agree that the term is not ideal, so I might change it once I have a better understanding who exactly is given these cards under which circumstances.

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