Some pictures of my Alpha collection

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Some pictures of my Alpha collection

Post by Rainsford » Thu Dec 28, 2006 10:51 pm


For your interest, here are links to various pictures of my Alpha collection. (A thumb, about 100k, then a larger version, about 400+ k.)

My Island Sanctuarys (most of the 146 of them) ... sthumb.jpg ... tuarys.JPG

A close up of some of the Island Sanctuarys ... pthumb.jpg ... loseUp.JPG

A 5-rox box with most of the commons/uncommons for Black, Blue, Green, Artifacts, and Red ... dthumb.jpg ... ArtRed.JPG

A 5-row box with the Lands and most of the Black ... sthumb.jpg ... kCards.JPG

This box has the White commons/uncommons in it, abd some misc. cards and a few Reds ... sthumb.jpg ... dCards.JPG

These boxes have most of the rare cards in them. ... cthumb.jpg ... ndMisc.JPG

And this a top view of the two large 5-row boxes of my Alpha Magic collection. (It isn't everything, but I can't jam everything into these two boxes. LOL!) ... sthumb.jpg ... eBoxes.JPG

Best regards,

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Post by Royal Ass. » Fri Dec 29, 2006 12:53 am

great collection.
Ci sono cose che succedono ai vivi non ai morti.

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