Sale: Misprints, Russian foils, Miscuts, Crimps, and more!

Personal offers and search inquiries about promotional, misprinted, and unofficial Magic items.

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Sale: Misprints, Russian foils, Miscuts, Crimps, and more!

Post by Tha_Gunslinga » Sat May 17, 2014 7:27 pm

I am going to be listing my entire collection, bit by bit. Basically I am just finding cards around the house and listing them, day by day.

Paypal (non-cc gift preferred, add 3% otherwise)
Check/money order/wire transfer preferred.

$3 for US/international up to $100
$5 for US with signature confirmation
$20 for registered
If we've done business before, we can discuss shipping options

All cards are English NM/NM- unless otherwise stated. Pics are available. All cards are genuine and were acquired before the whole "Chinese fakes" thing.

Russian foils:
$180 Spell Pierce (Russian foil, NM- back)
$150 Spell Pierce (Russian foil, water-damaged, back is F/EX on bottom, looks good from front and ok sleeved)
$20 Clone (Russian foil 9th)
$20 5 Steel Sabotage (Russian foil)
$30 Take Possession (Russian foil FS)
$20 Willbender (Russian foil EX with clouding)
$600/set 4 Spell Snare (Russian foil DI, 2 NM-, 2 more played)
$40 2 Master of Etherium (Russian foil)
$30 Master of Etherium (Russian foil with light crease around name, should be ok sleeved)
$125 6 Mental Misstep (Russian foil, 1 has NM- back)
$120 3 Preordain (Russian foil)
$12 Thieving Magpie (Russian foil 9th)
$30 Tunnel Vision (Russian foil)
$30 Master of Etherium (Russian foil EX)
$100 Time Warp (Russian foil M10)
$25 Time Reversal (Russian foil)
$12 Exhaustion (Russian foil 9th)
$20 Wall of Omens (Russian foil)
$40 2 Luminarch Ascension (Russian foil)
$25 Sacred Ground (Russian foil 9th)
$40 2 Day of Judgment (Russian foil Zen and M11)
$25 2 Sunblast Angel (Russian foil)
$60 Return to Dust (Russian foil)
$60 Blazing Archon (Russian foil Rav)
$1000 Stoneforge Mystic (Russian foil)
$450 Baneslayer Angel (Russian foil M10)
$60 Austere Command (Russian foil)
$30 Worship (Russian foil 9th)
$16 Magus of the Disk (Russian foil TS)
$25 Condemn (Russian foil DIS)
$35 Beast Within (Russian foil)
$50 Gaea's Blessing (Russian foil)
$60 Nature's Claim (Russian foil)
$35 Indrik Stomphowler (Russian foil)
$20 Wall of Roots (Russian foil, creased corner, a bit blotchy)
$100 Birds of Paradise (Russian foil Ravnica)
$40 Hypergenesis (Russian foil)
$15 Cultivate (Russian foil M11)
$120 Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger (Russian foil)
$30 Wickerbough Elder (Russian foil)
$20 Scute Mob (Russian foil)
$160 Primeval Titan (Russian foil M11)
$50 Harmonize (Russian foil PC)
$50 Terastodon (Russian foil WW)
$16 Moltensteel Dragon (Russian foil)
$30 Pyretic Ritual (Russian foil M11)
$60 Rakdos Pit Dragon (Russian foil)
$40 Dragonstorm (Russian foil TS)
$5 Sudden Shock (Russian foil)
$40 Pyroclasm (Russian foil 9th)
$12 3 Hoard-Smelter Dragon (Russian foil)
$15 Praetor's Grasp (Russian foil)
$25 Gatekeeper of Malakir (Russian foil Zen)
$25 Fleshbag Marauder (Russian foil SA)
$35 Necrotic Ooze (Russian foil SoM)
$30 Magus of the Coffers (Russian foil)
$15 3 Diabolic Tutor (Russian foil M10, M11, M12)
$30 2 Vampire Hexmage (Russian foil)
$30 Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder (Russian foil)
$80 Dismember (Russian foil)
$50 Sudden Spoiling (Russian foil)
$70 Ob Nixilis, the Fallen (Russian foil)
$40 Shriekmaw (Russian foil LO)
$12 Phyrexian Totem (Russian foil)
$20 2 Swiftfoot Boots (Russian foil M12)
$50 Myr Battlesphere (Russian foil)
$40 Dimir Signet (Russian foil Rav)
$25 Witchbane Orb (Russian foil)
$600 2 Mox Opal (Russian foil)
$90 Sword of Body and Mind (Russian foil)
$30 Quietus Spike (Russian foil NM-)
$1000 Crucible of Worlds (Russian foil)
$150 Lodestone Golem (Russian foil)
$75 2 Thousand-Year Elixir (Russian foil LO)
$25 3 Crystal Ball (Russian foil)
$20 Simic Signet (Russian foil DI)
$50 2 Triskelion (Russian foil M11)
$15 5 Armillary Sphere (Russian foil)
$25 Triskelavus (Russian foil TS)
$30 Stuffy Doll (Russian foil TS)
$50 Lotus Bloom (Russian foil TS)
$40 Mimic Vat (Russian foil SoM)
$50 3 Caged Sun (Russian foil)
$150 Sword of War and Peace (Russian foil NP)
$2000 Scalding Tarn (Russian foil Zen)
$1800 Scalding Tarn (Russian foil Zen, slight round indentation on bottom, fine sleeved)
$250 2 Temple Garden (Russian foil Rav)
$16 3 Crumbling Necropolis (Russian foil)
$250 Blood Crypt (Russian foil Dissension)
$40 Ghost Quarter (Russian foil Inn)
$140 Island (Russian foil full-art Zendikar, #234 Avon)
$40 Brushland (Russian foil 9th)
$40 Caves of Koilos (Russian foil 10th signed in black)
$30 Simic Growth Chamber (Russian foil DI)
$20 Gruul Turf (Russian foil GP)
$16 5 Seaside Citadel (Russian foil SA)
$150 2 Vesuva (Russian foil)
$320 Hallowed Fountain (Russian foil Dis)
$360 Breeding Pool (Russian foil Dis)
$20 Sunpetal Grove (Russian foil M11)
$40 Stirring Wildwood (Russian foil)
$160 Academy Ruins (Russian foil TS)
$1000 Verdant Catacombs (Russian foil Zen)
$60 Kaervek the Merciless (Russian foil)
$100 Momir Vig, Simic Visionary (Russian foil)
$60 2 Mystic Snake (Russian foil TS)
$30 Coiling Oracle (Russian foil Dis)
$25 Bant Charm (Russian foil SA)
$75 2 Lord of Extinction (Russian foil)
$150 Doran, the Siege Tower (Russian foil)
$20 Coalition Victory (Russian foil)
$50 Lyzolda, the Blood Witch (Russian foil)
$40 Crime/Punishment (Russian foil)
$90 Cold-Eyed Selkie (Russian foil)
$15 Spellbreaker Behemoth (Russian foil)
$30 Borborygmos (Russian foil)
$45 Radha, Heir to Keld (Russian foil)

French foils:
$800 Jace, the Mind Sculptor (French foil WW)
$50 Standstill (French OD foil Immobilisation)
$20 Fact or Fiction (French foil IN NM-)
$32 Tidespout Tyrant (French foil)
$18 2 Chain of Vapor (French foil)
$15 2 Ninja of the Deep Hours (French foil)
$9 Trinket Mage (French foil 5D EX)
$16 3 Narcomoeba (French foil FS)
$4 2 Concentrate (French foil 8th and French foil OD)
$4 Tunnel Vision (French foil)
$35 Consecrated Sphinx (French foil with slight crease in middle, ok sleeved)
$20 Careful Study (French foil)
$150/set 4 Spell Snare (French foil DI)
$3 Read the Runes (French foil)
$15 Keiga, the Tide Star (French foil)
$25 2 Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur (French foil)
$6 Trade Routes (MM French foil)
$40 Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir (French foil)
$5 Second Chance (French foil)
$125 Stifle (French foil)
$40 Merchant Scroll (French foil)
$10 2 Rebuild (French foil)
$30 2 Sower of Temptation (French foil)
$10 6 Trinket Mage (French foil 5D)
$16 Frantic Search (French foil)
$25 Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero (French foil)
$16 Ghostly Prison (French foil CK)
$12 3 Auriok Salvagers (French foil, 1 NM-, 1 EX)
$4 Orim's Thunder (French Foil)
$30 Wrath of God (French foil 8th Colere de Dieu)
$30 Eternal Witness (French foil 5D)
$4 Overrun (French foil OD)
$4 Summoning Trap (French foil)
$30 Crop Rotation (French foil Assolement)
$40 2 Woodfall Primus (French foil)
$100 Noble Hierarch (French foil)
$22 Yavimaya Elder (French foil)
$10 2 Nature's Claim (French foil)
$16 4 Krosan Grip (French foil)
$6 Might of Krosa (French foil)
$4 3 Explore (French foil)
$40 2 Life from the Loam (French foil Rav)
$20 Genesis Wave (French foil)
$2 2 Krosan Reclamation (French foil)
$8 Rude Awakening (French foil 5D)
$10 2 Land Grant (French foil)
$34 Oracle of Mul Daya (French foil)
$50 Blood Moon (French foil 8th)
$16 2 Viashino Heretic (French foil NM-)
$9 Banefire (French foil CF)
$12 Empty the Warrens (French foil TS)
$12 Ancient Grudge (French foil TS)
$15 Dragon Tyrant (French foil SC)
$15 Obliterate (French foil IN)
$3 Boil (French foil 8th)
$15 Phyrexian Negator (French foil UD)
$13 Beseech the Queen (French foil)
$3 Barter in Blood (French foil MR)
$30 8 Tendrils of Agony (French foil SC Vrilles d'angoisse, 2 EX)
$20 Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon (French foil)
$16 Phage the Untouchable (French foil)
$5 5 Yixlid Jailer (French foil FS)
$40 Kokusho, the Evening Star (French foil)
$12 Nezumi Graverobber (French foil)
$2 Phthisis (French foil TS)
$15 3 Night's Whisper (French foil)
$3 2 Ravenous Trap (French foil)
$90 2 Damnation (French foil PC)
$180 4 Dark Confidant (French foil Rav Obscur Confident)
$8 Graveborn Muse (French foil LE)
$4 Needle Specter (French foil ET)
$6 Skeletal Scrying (French foil OD)
$30 Solemn Simulacrum (French foil MR)
$35 Oblivion Stone (French foil MR)
$25 2 Gilded Lotus (French foil MR)
$64 Crucible of Worlds (French foil 5D)
$40 Azorius Signet (French foil)
$80 2 Sword of Fire and Ice (French foil Epee d'Eau et de Feu DS, 1 NM-)
$20 Basilisk Collar (French foil)
$12 2 Relic of Progenitus (French foil SA)
$50 Chrome Mox (French foil MR)
$8 Loxodon Warhammer (French foil 10th)
$16 2 Tormod's Crypt (French foil TS)
$8 3 Nihil Spellbomb (French foil)
$18 2 Expedition Map (French foil)
$5 Caltrops (French foil UD)
$20 3 Isochron Scepter (French foil MR)
$4 Damping Matrix (French foil)
$12 Predator, Flagship (French foil)
$30 Pithing Needle (French foil SoK EX)
$8 Bosh, Iron Golem (French foil)
$25 5 Skullclamp (French foil Pincecrane)
$50 Duplicant (French foil Repliquant)
$5 Triskelion (French foil MR)
$30 Gauntlet of Power (French foil TS)
$15 Sword of the Meek (French foil Epee des humbles)
$100 4 Sensei's Divining Top (French foil)
$40 2 Coalition Relic (French foil FS)
$50 2 Memory Jar (French foil)
$13 Darksteel Ingot (French foil DS signed in black)
$240 Misty Rainforest (French foil Foret Pluviale Embrumee)
$325 2 Polluted Delta (French foil Estuaire Pollue with light/moderate shuffle creases, fine sleeved)
$350 2 Polluted Delta (French foil ON)
$110 Marsh Flats (French foil)
$5 Gruul Turf (French foil)
$17 2 Seat of the Synod (French foil)
$40 Celestial Colonnade (French foil)
$50 Academy Ruins (French foil)
$5 Nantuko Monastery (French foil EX)
$300 2 Flooded Strand (French foil)
$80 Godless Shrine (French foil GP)
$70 Temple Garden (French foil Rav)
$60 2 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (French foil)
$16 Ghost Quarter (French foil DI Quartier Fantome)
$25 2 Cabal Coffers (French foil Coffres de la Coterie)
$20 Flagstones of Trokair (French foil)
$20 Darksteel Citadel (French foil DS)
$120 4 Arid Mesa (French foil)
$150 4 Windswept Heath (French foil)
$140 4 Bloodstained Mire (French foil)
$35 2 Gemstone Mine (French foil TS)
$125 Hallowed Fountain (French foil DIS)
$100 Breeding Pool (French foil DIS)
$50 3 Overgrown Tomb (French foil Rav)
$150 2 Wooded Foothills (French foil)
$250 3 Scalding Tarn (French foil Lac de Montagne Bouillant)
$15 Lyzolda, the Blood Witch (French foil)
$15 3 Trygon Predator (French foil Dis)
$2 Brilliant Ultimatum (French foil)
$15 2 Coiling Oracle (French foil DI)
$30 Oona, Queen of the Fae (French foil)
$12 Artifact Mutation (French foil)
$30 Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind (French foil GP)
$10 Qasali Pridemage (French foil)
$24 Aura Shards (French foil IN)
$20 Kitchen Finks (French foil SM Fourbes de cuisine)

Korean Foils
$20 3 Rune-Scarred Demon (Korean foil)

German foils:
$15 2 Hinder (German foil)
$25 Eternal Dragon (German foil SC)
$50 Woodfall Primus (German foil)
$30 Genesis Wave (German foil)
$16 Panglacial Wurm (German foil Gletscheruberspannender Wurm)
$30 2 Tendrils of Agony (German foil SC Ranken der Pein)
$30 Ambition's Cost (German foil 8th)
$25 Gilded Lotus (German foil MR)
$36 Mindslaver (German foil MR)
$30 Skullclamp (German foil Schadelstrammer)
$15 Darksteel Ingot (German foil DS Nachtstahlbarren)
$25 Lightning Greaves (German foil MR)
$30 Darksteel Citadel (German foil DS signed in black)
$50 Gemstone Mine (German foil TS)
$350 Misty Rainforest (German foil Zen)
$12 Flame-Kin Zealot (German foil)
$25 Cold-Eyed Selkie (German foil ET)
$12 Wargate (German foil Kriegsportal)
$18 Artifact Mutation (German foil Artefaktmutation)

Spanish foils:
$50 2 Hurkyl's Recall (Spanish foil 10th)
$2 Telemin Performance (Spanish foil)
$15 Fact or Fiction (Spanish foil IN signed in black)
$10 Fact or Fiction (Spanish foil F, spotty front, shuffle-creased back)
$6 Mystical Teachings (Spanish foil TS)
$4 Into the Roil (Spanish foil)
$45 Pact of Negation (Spanish foil FS)
$175 Stoneforge Mystic (Spanish foil)
$6 2 Knight of the White Orchid (Spanish foil SA)
$3 Pulse of the Fields (Spanish foil)
$4 Orim's Thunder (Spanish foil AP)
$10 Aura of Silence (Spanish foil 10th)
$12 2 Harmonize (Spanish foil)
$2 Seal of Primordium (Spanish foil NM-)
$18 Genesis Wave (Spanish foil)
$12 Birds of Paradise (Spanish foil M11)
$18 Garruk Wildspeaker (Spanish foil M11 Garruk Portavoz Salvaje)
$6 Gaea's Revenge (Spanish foil)
$4 Cultivate (Spanish foil M11)
$20 Summoner's Pact (Spanish foil FS)
$7 Squirrel Nest (Spanish foil)
$32 2 Avenger of Zendikar (Spanish foil WW)
$3 Yixlid Jailer (Spanish foil FS)
$8 2 Shriekmaw (Spanish foil LO)
$6 Magus of the Coffers (Spanish foil)
$30 2 Tendrils of Agony (Spanish foil Zarcillos de agonia)
$2 Garza's Assassin (Spanish foil)
$2 Withered Wretch (Spanish foil LE)
$25 2 Skullclamp (Spanish foil)
$6 Darksteel Ingot (Spanish foil DS)
$10 Sword of Vengeance (Spanish foil M11 Espada de la Venganza)
$15 Lodestone Golem (Spanish foil)
$30 4 Duplicant (Spanish foil Duplicante)
$6 2 Myr Battlesphere (Spanish foil)
$100 Sensei's Divining Top (Spanish foil CK)
$35 All is Dust (Spanish RoE foil Todo es Polvo)
$100 Marsh Flats (Spanish foil Zen)
$10 Krosan Verge (Spanish foil)
$40 Academy Ruins (Spanish foil)
$60 Sacred Foundry (Spanish foil Rav)
$50 Reflecting Pool (Spanish foil SM)
$200 Misty Rainforest (Spanish foil Zen)
$125 Verdant Catacombs (Spanish foil Zen)
$18 Boseiju, Who Shelters All (Spanish foil EX)
$26 Mikokoro, Center of the Sea (Spanish foil)
$10 Emeria, the Sky Ruin (Spanish foil Zen)
$7 Spinerock Knoll (Spanish foil)
$150 2 Wooded Foothills (Spanish foil)
$10 Prophetic Bolt (Spanish foil Apoc)
$30 Meddling Mage (Spanish foil PS)
$20 Nicol Bolas (foil Spanish TS)
$6 Murderous Redcap (Spanish foil)
$30 Gaddock Teeg (Spanish foil)
$24 Wheel of Sun and Moon (Spanish foil)
$4 Death Grasp (Spanish foil AP)
$7 Loxodon Hierarch (Spanish foil Rav)

Portuguese foils:
$120 Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary (Portuguese foil)
$4 Dwarven Blastminer (Portuguese foil ON)
$8 3 Rack and Ruin (Portuguese foil Ruina Total)
$125 Verdant Catacombs (Portuguese foil Zen)
$320 Polluted Delta (Portuguese foil ON with light/moderate shuffle crease on back, fine sleeved)
$8 Manamorphose (Portuguese foil SM Manamorfose)

Italian foils:
$8 Hinder (Italian foil Intralciare VG)
$4 Land Grant (Italian foil with moderate bends, probably ok sleeved
$75 3 Sword of Fire and Ice (Italian foil Spada di Fuoco e Ghiaccio)
$20 Lightning Greaves (Italian foil MR)
$25 2 Skullclamp (Italian foil)
$3 Quietus Spike (Italian foil NM-)
$6 Loxodon Warhammer (Italian foil MR)
$6 Mind Stone (Italian foil 10th)
$3 Precursor Golem (Italian foil NM-)
$20 Extraplanar Lens (Italian foil Lenti Extradimensionali)
$40 2 Duplicant (Italian foil Replicatore)
$100 Marsh Flats (Italian foil)
$60 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (Italian foil)
$200 Misty Rainforest (Italian foil Zen)
$6 Wargate (Italian foil)

Japanese foils:
$18 2 Inkwell Leviathan (Japanese foil)
$10 Extract (Japanese foil OD, NM- back)
$400/set 4 Spell Pierce (Japanese foil)
$35 Fact or Fiction (Japanese foil)
$2 Djinn of Wishes (Japanese foil M12)
$16 Fabricate (Japanese foil MR)
$3 Sphinx of Lost Truths (Japanese foil)
$8 Opportunity (Japanese foil UY)
$30 Mulldrifter (Japanese foil LO)
$125 Treachery (Japanese foil UD)
$20 Oblivion Ring (Japanese foil LO signed in black by Garfield)
$16 Spirit of the Hearth (Japanese foil)
$80 Ranger of Eos (Japanese foil SA)
$40 Serra Avenger (Japanese foil TS)
$25/set 4 Sacred Ground (Japanese foil, 1 8th, 3 9th, 1 has NM- back)
$30 Melira, Sylvok Outcast (Japanese foil)
$120/set 4 Nature's Claim (Japanese foil)
$8 Summoning Trap (Japanese foil)
$4 Edge of Autumn (Japanese foil)
$45 Woodfall Primus (Japanese foil with top crease, fine sleeved)
$20 Symbiotic Wurm (Japanese foil ON)
$3 Mold Shambler (Japanese foil Zen)
$20/set 4 Lava Dart (Japanese foil, fronts are a little blotchy)
$10 Wild Ricochet (Japanese foil)
$6 Pandemonium (Japanese foil TS)
$6 Grim Discovery (Japanese foil signed in black)
$10 Chainer's Edict (Japanese foil TO)
$10 Black Sun's Zenith (Japanese foil SoM, NM- back)
$10 Rune-Scarred Demon (Japanese foil)
$50 Bloodghast (Japanese foil)
$30 Thrashing Wumpus (Japanese foil MM)
$90 Phyrexian Arena (Japanese foil AP)
$30 Profane Command (Japanese foil LO)
$4 Tendrils of Corruption (Japanese foil TS)
$4 Executioner's Capsule (Japanese foil SA)
$50 Masticore (Japanese foil UD)
$115 Duplicant (Japanese foil MR)
$10 Quietus Spike (Japanese foil)
$65 Solemn Simulacrum (Japanese foil MR)
$35 Sky Diamond (Japanese foil 7th)
$3 Whispersilk Cloak (Japanese foil M11)
$8 Temple Bell (Japanese foil M11 signed in black)
$80 Thran Dynamo (Japanese foil)
$40 3 Uba Mask (Japanese foil)
$120 Coalition Relic (Japanese foil FS)
$5 Pristine Talisman (Japanese foil)
$450 Misty Rainforest (Japanese foil Zen)
$20 Mosswort Bridge (Japanese foil)
$10 Glacial Fortress (Japanese foil M10)
$45 Cabal Coffers (Japanese foil TO)
$250 Marsh Flats (Japanese foil Zen)
$40 Tolaria West (Japanese foil)
$12 Barbarian Ring (Japanese foil)
$250 2 Arid Mesa (Japanese foil)
$90 3 Gemstone Mine (Japanese foil TS)
$8 Magister Sphinx (Japanese foil)
$15 Dovescape (Japanese foil)
$40 Fire/Ice (Japanese foil AP)

Chinese foils:
$16 Brain Freeze (Chinese foil)
$8 2 Compulsive Research (Chinese foil)
$18 Trinket Mage (Chinese foil)
$14 2 Terastodon (Chinese foil)
$60/set 4 Nature's Claim (Chinese foil)
$25 Balthor the Defiled (Chinese foil)
$75 Phyrexian Arena (Chinese foil Apocalypse)
$4 Dark Tutelage (Chinese foil M11)
$15 2 Relic of Progenitus (Chinese foil SA)
$40 2 Sundering Titan (Chinese foil DS, bold print, looks amazing)
$60 Trinisphere (Chinese foil)
$35 Gilded Lotus (Chinese foil MR signed in silver)
$10 Kuldotha Forgemaster (Chinese foil)
$40 Skullclamp (Chinese foil DS, chip on back bottom border
$40 Solemn Simulacrum (Chinese foil Mirrodin)
$8 Augury Adept (Chinese foil)

Promo foils:
$15 2 Stroke of Genius (foil)
$10 5 Impulse (DCI)
$2 Rampaging Baloths (foil PRE)
$12 4 Wall of Blossoms (foil DCI signed in black)
$50 Living Death (Judge foil)
$3 Drain Life (foil DCI)
$6 Mind Stone (foil promo)
$26 Lotus Petal (foil signed in silver)
$13 Karn, Silver Golem (foil promo US)
$4 Black Vise (foil FtV, signed in black)
$50 3 City of Brass (JSS foil)
$120 3 Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind (full-art promo foil)

English foils:
$6 Breakthrough (foil TO)
$1 Mise (foil Unhinged)
$1 Etherium Sculptor (Foil SA NM-)
$1 Deep Analysis (Foil TO F/EX)
$.25 Train of Thought (Foil)
$.25 Argent Mutation (Foil)
$3 Pongify (Foil)
$18 Merchant Scroll (8th foil NM-)
$20 Jace Beleren (Foil LO)
$30 Glen Elendra Archmage (foil ET)
$50 Venser, Shaper Savant (Foil FS)
$8 Fact or Fiction (IN foil F)
$.50 Cancel (foil M11)
$1 Brine Elemental (foil TS)
$1 Jace's Ingenuity (foil M11)
$3 Fabricate (M10 foil)
$3 Drift of Phantasms (foil)
$2 Long-Term Plans (foil)
$2 Kederekt Leviathan (Foil)
$10 Leyline of Anticipation (foil)
$.25 Mnemonic Wall (Foil)
$18 Mystical Tutor (Foil)
$1 Psychosis Crawler (Foil)
$6 Rewind (Foil US promo)
$1 Sphinx of Lost Truths (Foil)
$1 Stoic Rebuttal (Foil)
$5 Time Reversal (Foil)
$1 Treasure Mage (Foil)
$20 Future Sight (foil ON)
$4 Vesuvan Shapeshifter (Foil)
$10 2 Hinder (Foil)
$8 Evacuation (foil 9th)
$2 Flash of Insight (Foil)
$2 Opportunity (Foil UY)
$1 Spell Counter (Foil Unhinged)
$6 Acquire (foil FD)
$7 Phyrexian Metamorph (foil NP, not PRE)
$40 Ancestral Vision (TS foil)
$1 Echoing Truth (foil DS)
$10 2 Spelljack (foil JU)
$3 Decree of Silence (foil SC)
$40/set 4 Merrow Reejerey (foil LO)
$55/set 4 Silvergill Adept (foil LO)
$40/set 4 Coralhelm Commander (foil)
$15 Mental Misstep (foil)
$2 Confiscate (foil 8th)
$30 Glen Elendra Archmage (ET)
$25 Tidespout Tyrant (foil)
$6 Repeal (foil)
$15 Commandeer (foil)
$2 Voidmage Prodigy (ON foil)
$10 Draining Whelk (foil)
$5 Thirst for Knowledge (MR foil)
$8 Prison Term (foil)
$12 Sun Titan (foil M11)
$5 Second Sunrise (foil MR)
$6 Angel's Grace (foil TS)
$5 Blazing Archon (foil Rav)
$10 Blinding Angel (foil 9th)
$10 Akroma's Vengeance (foil ON)
$1 Wispmare (foil)
$15 Ohran Viper (foil CS)
$8 Bear Umbra (foil)
$2 Into the North (foil)
$1 Granny's Payback (Unhinged foil)
$25 Tooth and Nail (foil MR NM-)
$7 Multani, Maro-Sorcerer (foil UY, slightly bent corner, fine sleeved)
$30 Old Fogey (foil Unhinged)
$24 Blast from the Past (Foil Unhinged)
$2 Withered Wretch (LE foil)
$6 3 Sadistic Sacrament (foil Zen signed in black)
$4 Skeletal Scrying (foil OD)
$10 Innocent Blood (OD foil)
$2 Kuro, Pitlord (foil)
$6 Lord of the Undead (Foil 8th Fine)
$.50 Consume Spirit (foil MR)
$3 Laquatus's Champion (foil TO, NOT PRE)
$1 Rend Flesh (foil CK)
$1 Corrupt (foil 7th)
$1 Eyeblight's Ending (foil LO)
$5 Death Cloud (foil DS, EX back)
$2 Knowledge Pool (Foil)
$2 Dreamstone Hedron (Foil)
$3 Everflowing Chalice (Foil WW)
$4 World-Bottling Kit (foil Unhinged)
$18 Memnarch (foil DS)
$3 Soul Foundry (foil MR)
$4 Spine of Ish Sah (foil)
$16 Doubling Cube (foil FD signed in silver)
$10 Gilded Lotus (MR Foil)
$16 Duplicant (MR foil)
$18 Gauntlet of Power (Foil TS)
$10 Mindslaver (foil MR)
$1 Pristine Talisman (Foil)
$16 Extraplanar Lens (foil)
$15 Sky Diamond (foil 7th)
$1 5 Etched Oracle (5D foil, NM- backs, 1 has EX back, fronts are a little blotchy)
$15 2 Coldsteel Heart (foil)
$8 4 Pithing Needle (M10 foil)
$2 2 Armillary Sphere (foil)
$1 Phyrexian Totem (foil TS)
$15 Sculpting Steel (foil MR)
$6 2 Darksteel Ingot (foil DS)
$6 Izzet Signet (foil DI)
$2 Mizzium Transreliquat (foil)
$40 Duplicant (foil MR signed/altered in silver, bottom is creased but barely noticeable, and fine sleeved)
$10 Manriki-Gusari (foil)
$25 2 Thran Dynamo (Foil UD)
$3 Razormane Masticore (foil 10th)
$2 Halimar Depths (Foil)
$12 Seat of the Synod (foil)
$30 Riptide Laboratory (foil)
$1 17 Island (foil ON #335, 1 has slight crease but is fine sleeved)
$22 4 Island (Zendikar full-art foil Avon 234)
$22 Island (Zendikar full-art foil Park 235)
$15 2 Plains (Zendikar full-art foil Proce 233)
$15 2 Plains (Zendikar full-art foil Park 231)
$15 3 Forest (Zendikar full-art foil Avon 246)
$18 Forest (Zendikar full-art foil Proce 249)
$18 Forest (Zendikar full-art foil Park 247)
$15 2 Mountain (Zendikar full-art foil Park 243)
$13 Swamp (Zendikar full-art foil Park 239)
$15 Swamp (Zendikar full-art foil Avon 238)
$12 Swamp (Zendikar full-art foil Proce 241)
$10 Battlefield Forge (foil Apoc)
$10 Krosan Verge (foil JU)
$20 Temple of the False God (SC foil)
$300/set 4 Mutavault (foil Morningtide)
$30 Minamo, School at Water's Edge (foil CK signed in black)
$18 Shivan Reef (foil Apoc)
$7 Firespout (foil SM)
$18 Saffi Eriksdotter (foil TS)
$18 Aura Shards (foil IN)
$7 Iridescent Angel (foil OD)
$1 Behemoth Sledge (foil AR)

Other pimp stuff:
$45 Flusterstorm (Japanese CM)
$600/set 4 Wasteland (Japanese TP full-frame altered by Gus Schade)
$30 Tolarian Academy (French US)
$250 Mana Crypt (English double-signed--black by Mark Tedin and blue by Garfield)
$500 Mishra's Workshop (AQ NM-)
$13 Venser, Shaper Savant (FS EX signed in black)
$18 Energy Field (signed/altered in gold and silver by artist)
$3/set 4 Disrupt (French WL)
$2/set 4 Annul (French MR Dissolution)
$30 Personal Tutor (French Portal NM-)
$1 Polymorph (Portuguese MG F/EX)
$2 Commandeer (French EX)
$30 4 Stifle (Portuguese Asfixiar)
$6 Braingeyser (FBB Italian)
$15 Copy Artifact (UL NM/NM-)
$23 Power Artifact (slightly miscut)
$50 Time Spiral (Korean)
$15 2 Land Tax (LG English)
$2 Condemn (textless)
$3 Kataki, War's Wage (Spanish SK)
$.25 Leonin Relic-Warder (Japanese)
$2 Adarkar Valkyrie (Portuguese CS F/EX)
$2 Argivian Find (French)
$1 Jotun Grunt (French NM-)
$3 2 Worldly Tutor (Portuguese MG F)
$1 Life from the Loam (Portuguese EX)
$1 Stunted Growth
$25 Scavenging Ooze (Japanese Commander, miscut slightly)
$3 Spike Weaver (French Epix Tisseur)
$5 Gaea's Touch (DK signed in black)
$40 Birds of Paradise (UL NM/NM-)
$10 Uktabi Kong (Unhinged foil)
$2 4 Yavimaya Elder (Japanese UD EX)
$1 6 Yavimaya Elder (Italian and 5 Portuguese, all NM-)
$2 3 Yavimaya Elder (German, 1 EX)
$3 5 Sylvan Scrying (Japanese MR, 4 NM-, 1 EX)
$2 Sylvan Scrying (MR Chinese)
$8 2 Green Sun's Zenith (Japanese)
$50 Mana Flare (Beta signed in black NM/NM-)
$1 Inferno (DK NM-)
$2 Fireball (Full-art promo)
$3 Fireball (Beta)
$6 Earthquake (Unlimited Fine)
$4 Wildfire (Italian US signed in silver)
$5 Red Elemental Blast (Korean VG, front is spotted all over)
$2 Pyroblast (French Pyrosalve IA NM-)
$6 Fork (Unlimited VG)
$2 Yawgmoth's Bargain (French)
$1 2 Corpse Dance (Portuguese TP Fine)
$1 Buried Alive (Portuguese OD EX)
$7 5 Reanimate (French TP Reanimation)
$4 Pox (Spanish IA Epidemia)
$1 Dystopia (Spanish Distopia)
$1 Snuff Out (Portuguese Liquidar)
$3 Living Death (TP NM-)
$6 Phyrexian Revoker (Russian)
$5/set 4 Juggernaut (French BB RV Djaggernaut, F/EX)
$12 Howling Mine (Unlimited EX+)
$12 Sapphire Medallion (German TP)
$30 Mox Diamond (French NM-)
$6 Duplicant (Japanese MR NM-)
$8 Null Rod (French Baguette de cassation)
$4 Goblin Charbelcher (Portuguese MR)
$12 Duplicant (signed/altered in gold, MR NM-)
$20 Grindstone (French Meularde)
$400 Forcefield (Beta signed in black NM/NM-)
$15 Arcbound Ravager (Portuguese DS Devastador Arconexo)
$15 Worn Powerstone (Korean)
$10 Null Rod (signed in gold)
$5 Solemn Simulacrum (Japanese MR)
$16 Scroll Rack (Spanish TP)
$10 Sol Ring (RV signed in black NM-)
$25 Basalt Monolith (Alpha EX+)
$100 Mox Crystal (not an original 5-color one, but a very good copy made many years ago)
$40 2 Crucible of Worlds (Russian)
$50 2 Batterskull (Russian)
$50 Lotus Petal (Korean, signed in silver, altered in green by artist, NM-)
$8 Triskelion (AQ NM/NM-)
$35 5 Island (Euro Venice)
$15 2 Forbidden Orchard (Japanese CK)
$75 2 Misty Rainforest (Japanese Zen, 1 has tiny indentation, the other has more serious print line, both fine sleeved)
$12 Phyrexian Tower (French US)
$20 Ancient Tomb (Portuguese Tumba Antiga)
$4 Seat of the Synod (Japanese MR)
$15 Volrath's Stronghold (SH NM/NM-)
$3 Artifact Mutation (Japanese IN)
$25 Vindicate (Chinese AP NM-)
$5 Phelddagrif (Italian)
$3 Lim-Dul's Vault (French AI)
$8 Debtors' Knell (Russian GP)
$8 Angel of Despair (Russian GP)
$76 Ebon Dragon (Chinese, the rare version)
$4 Swamp (Unglued NM-)
$3 Swamp (Unglued F)
$3 Plains (Unglued EX)
$40/set 9 Island (Unglued F to NM-)
$1 Mindshrieker (German)
$1 Ghost Quarter (German INN)
$250 Mind Over Matter (signed in gold by artist, extremely rare)
$6 Akroma's Memorial (Russian FS)
$25/set 4 Pyroblast (Japanese WB 5th, 1 has slight edge creasing but fine sleeved)
$30 Sylvan Library (Legends EX+)
$24 Sylvan Library (Legends F)
$5 Diabolic Edict (Korean)
$1 Crumbling Sanctuary (pro-tour stamped)
$50 Lotus Petal (Korean signed/altered in silver by artist)
$50 Lotus Petal (Japanese signed/altered in silver by artist)
$40 3 Sphere of Resistance (Korean NM)
$10 Forbidden Orchard (Japanese EX)
$15 Dakkon Blackblade (LG NM/NM-)
$3 2 Dismantling Blow (foil signed in black, 1 NM-)
$2 7 Emerald Charm (Korean NM-)
$5 Mosswort Bridge (Russian LO EX because of chip on back border)
$5 Merchant Scroll (German HL EX+, slightly miscut)
$8 Ragnar (Legends EX+)
$3 Stangg (Legends EX+)
$12 3 Reanimate (Japanese TP EX+)
$12 Red Elemental Blast (Korean BB NM-)
$5/set 4 Gamekeeper (Japanese)
$10/set 4 Thirst for Knowledge (signed in black NM-)
$50 2 Snapcaster Mage (Japanese)
$20 4 Standstill (Foil OD, 1 back is EX+)
$5 2 Sphinx of the Steel Wind (Japanese AR)
$4 Urza's Mine (Russian BB 9th)
$5 Sadistic Sacrament (foil)
$1 Augury Adept (Spanish SM signed in black)
$15 Rohgahh of Kher Keep (English EX+)
$16 3 Concordant Crossroads (English LG EX+)
$20 2 Overgrown Tomb (Japanese RA NM-)
$3 2 Tinker (Japanese EX)
$5 Brainstorm (Japanese MM EX+)
$3 Brainstorm (Japanese WB 5th F/EX)
$4 2 Chandra Nalaar (Japanese M11 and Japanese LO)
$5 2 Terror (full-art promo signed in silver)
$20/set 4 Mental Misstep (Japanese)
$4 2 Demonic Consultation (signed in black, EX+ backs)
$15/set 4 Pyroblast (Japanese WB 5th, Fine)
$16 Steam Vents (Japanese GP Fine with shuffle crease and back wear)
$6 Boris Devilboon (English LG NM/NM-)
$16 Yawgmoth's Will (Portuguese EX+)
$7 Keldon Warlord (Alpha F/EX)
$25 Temple Garden (RA Japanese signed in black)
$7 Basilisk Collar (Japanese)
$6 4 Submerge (Chinese)
$25/set 4 Llanowar Elves (Beta, 1 NM/NM-, 1 EX, 2 VG)
$60 Berserk (UL NM/NM-)
$32 Misdirection (Japanese MM)
$12 5 Llanowar Elves (Alpha NM/NM- and NM-)
$5/set 4 Teferi's Realm (German VI Teferi's Reich)
$6 Rubinia Soulsinger (English LG NM/NM-)
$15 Gwendlyn Di Corci (English LG Fine)
$60 2 Angus Mackenzie (English LG NM-)
$250/set 4 Dark Confidant (RA altered in pen, very cool-looking)
$23 Wheel of Fortune (Unlimited Fine)
$100 Swords to Plowshares (Beta NM-)
$150 2 Sol Ring (Alpha NM-)
$25 Ancient Tomb (French NM-)
$150 Gaea's Cradle (French US)
$5 Plains (Euro Steppe)
$2 Phyrexian Processor (PvC)
$10 Strip Mine (sky AQ EX)
$9 2 Strip Mine (sky AQ F)
$8 Wrath of God (Revised NM/NM-)
$600/set 4 Swords to Plowshares (Alpha NM/NM- and NM-)
$24 Enlightened Tutor (French MG)
$4 2 Duress (German US Zwang, I know I have a few more)
$340 Mana Vault (Beta NM/NM-, pretty much perfect)
$3 Marble Diamond (Japanese MG)
$1 Kazandu Tuskcaller (Japanese RoE)
$125 Savannah (Revised full-frame altered with elephants on bottom, extremely good, signed but I forget who did it)
$66 Sol Ring (Alpha beat, fine sleeved)|
$8 3 Forest (Euro Broceliande, France)
$5 Forest (Euro Schwartzwald, Germany)
$1 Control Magic (Japanese 4th FBB Fine)
$16 3 Plains (Euro Lowlands, Netherlands--Windmill/Tulips)
$20 Birds of Paradise (Unlimited beat)
$5 Plains (Euro Scottish Highlands)
$6 Strip Mine (AQ common pic Fine)
$10 Tithe (French Visions Dime)
$5 Forest (Euro Nottingham Forest)
$50 Hypnotic Specter (Beta NM-)
$35 Animate Dead (Beta EX+)
$1 Infest (textless promo)
$6 Oubliette (Arabian Nights dark printing NM-)
$18 Hellfire (English LG NM/NM-)
$9 Necromancy (Korean Visions)
$26 Nevinyrral's Disk (Korean BB signed in black NM-)
$5 Charcoal Diamond (Japanese MG)
$.50 Grim Poppet (French)
$18 Volrath's Stronghold (French SH)
$18 Chalice of the Void (Japanese)
$3 Mind Over Matter (Portuguese)
$25 Stifle (Japanese SC)
$60 Temporal Manipulation (P2 with creased corner, should be ok sleeved)
$70 Diamond Valley (VG)
$75 Eureka (English LG EX+)
$12 Spinal Villain (English LG)
$33 3 Thoughtseize (French LO)

$50 Darksteel Plate (miscut MB with sliver of blue card on left)
$250 Counterspell (miscut Japanese 5th with large piece of Brassclaw Orcs on top)
$20 Copy Artifact (miscut RV, sliver of another card on top, probably not NFC)
$200 Steam Vents (miscut GP, small piece of gold card on bottom)
$150 Mountain/Island (twisted miscut IA Mountain with large piece of Island on top)
$120 Expedition Map (miscut CHINESE FOIL Zen with very small top border)
$30 Wall of Roots (miscut MG EX, entire top border gone)
$20 Necromancy (miscut VI with sliver of bottom border)
$100 Mishra's Factory (miscut AQ Spring with entire right border gone, NM-)
$500 Savannah (RV miscut with large piece of Nightmare on top, probably NFC)
$100 Desertion (Visions dark-printed and extremely blurry, much better than the standard "Dark Visions")
$30 Wrath of God (miscut RV with small piece of artifact on top, probably not NFC)
$500 Damnation (miscut foil promo with small piece of Mirari's Wake on bottom, insanely rare)
$80 Darksteel Ingot (miscut German DS Nachtstahlbarren with moderate piece of edge of sheet on top)
$100 Pernicious Deed (miscut Japanese Apoc, sliver of black card on top)
$500 Visara the Dreadful (miscut Japanese foil ON with almost entire left border gone and smaller top border, back is normal)
$150 Forest/Plains (miscut Japanese FOIL LO mostly Forest but with cardname of Plains on bottom)
$200 Lightning Bolt/Swamp (twisted miscut Lightning Bolt with large piece of Swamp on bottom, bought before NFC idiocy, but possibly NFC)
$600 Volcanic Island (miscut RV with sliver of top card visible, probably not NFC)
$600 Gaea's Cradle (miscut US with sliver of top border left, EX+)
$150 Windswept Heath (miscut French ON, very small bottom border, EX+)
$2000 Underground Sea (miscut FBB Italian, entire right border gone, EX)
$200 Mother of Runes/King Crab (miscut UY Mother of Runes but bottom has card name and cc of King Crab)
$140 Serra Avenger (Foil full-art promo with large lightening blotch over card name and part of picture)
$20 Demonfire (DI darker and bold-printed)
$30 Garruk Wildspeaker (miscut LO with top border almost gone)
$150 Forest/Plains (twisted miscut IA Forest with large piece of Plains on top)
$200 Impulse (twisted miscut Visions with moderate piece of white card on left, looks ridiculous)
$25 Yosei, the Morning Star (miscut CK with smaller left border)
$30 Birds of Paradise (miscut 5th with very small top border, Fine)
$150 Plains/Island (miscut Japanese FOIL LO mostly Plains but with cardname of Island on bottom)
$150 Island/Forest (twisted miscut IA Island with large piece of Forest on top)
$120 Greater Gargadon (miscut TS with moderate piece of Candles of Leng on top, also very small left border. Back is normal. I have connectors for this)
$60 Akroma, Angel of Wrath (miscut LE with very small right border)
$150 Plains/Island (miscut Japanese FOIL LO mostly Plains but with piece of Island on bottom)
$50 Mind Stone (very dark-printed Weatherlight)
$150 Sacred Foundry (miscut German Ravnica with piece of Vinelasher Kudzu on top)
$200 Rhystic Study (miscut PY with huge piece of Devastate on top)
$40 Broodmate Dragon (miscut SA with entire top border gone)
$500 Taiga (miscut RV with large piece of artifact on top, probably NFC)
$30 Oblivion Ring (miscut FOIL LO with small top border)
$150 Faerie Conclave/Viashino Heretic (miscut UY Faerie Conclave but bottom has card name and cc of Viashino Heretic)
$30 Temple Garden (miscut Rav, smaller top border)
$150 Forbidding Watchtower/Ticking Gnomes (miscut UY Forbidding Watchtower but bottom has card name and cc of Ticking Gnomes)
$100 Sliver Queen (miscut SH EX, most of bottom border gone)
$40 3 Plains (Ice Age miscut with moderate piece of another basic land on top, 2 different pics)
$1000 Tormod's Crypt/Sisters of the Flame (DK miscut 50/50 side-by-side Tormod's Crypt and Sisters of the Flame. Guaranteed genuine. Greg Fenton has a few others like this)
$100 Nevinyrral's Disk (miscut 4th with piece of black card on right)
$500 Scrubland (miscut UL with bottom border almost gone, Fine)
$600 Bayou (RV miscut with small piece of card on top, probably not NFC)
$2000 City of Brass (miscut AN with large piece of Abu Ja'far on top, you can see entire artist name and 1/1, also tilted slightly)
$250 Unsummon/Sign in Blood (Miscut M10, most of card is Unsummon, but entire cardname and CC on bottom are Sign in Blood)
$40 Orim's Thunder (miscut Japanese Apoc, piece of gold card on top)
$8000 Brainstorm/Pyroblast (miscut IA, mostly Brainstorm but has the entire cardname of Pyroblast on bottom. Guaranteed genuine, and I have the connectors for it)
$25 Wheel of Fortune (Revised miscut, missing most of right border)
$50 Strip Mine (miscut FBB French, missing most of bottom border)
$100 Scroll Rack (tilted miscut TP, missing most of right border, VG)
$100 Thran Dynamo (FOIL UD miscut with small top border)
$40 Fellwar Stone (miscut 4th missing entire bottom border and half of left border)
$200 Demonic Tutor (miscut RV with Mountain on right, only a "monic Tutor" now, probably NFC)
$75 Flametongue Kavu (miscut PS, bit of blue card on left)
$100 Ancient Tomb (miscut French TP with small bottom and right borders)
$100 Sol Ring (miscut FBB German missing entire top border, sliver of bottom card visible)
$80 Oracle of Mul Daya (miscut Zen with small piece of red card on bottom)
$100 Giant Spider/Shatter (twisted miscut RV Giant Spider with name and CC of Shatter on bottom, possibly NFC, but bought before current NFC idiocy)
$50 Bribery (MM miscut with small top border)
$500 Arcanis the Omnipotent (miscut Japanese foil ON with almost entire left border gone)
$500 Sword of Feast and Famine (miscut FOIL MB with sliver of right border left, slightly tilted as well)
$50 Dismantling Blow (miscut Chinese IN with small piece of blue card on top)
$200 Acidic Slime/Solemn Simulacrum (miscut CM, most of card is Acidic Slime, but name and CC of Solemn Simulacrum are on bottom)
$500 Badlands (miscut RV with large piece of artifact on top, probably NFC)
$150 Terramorphic Expanse (miscut CHINESE FOIL M10 with sliver of edge of sheet on left and entire border gone on right)
$600 Strip Mine (AQ common pic miscut with sliver of bottom card, unbelievably rare)
$25 Ingot Chewer (LO miscut, missing most of top border)
$600 2 Volcanic Island (FBB Italian miscut with small bottom border, EX+)
$100 Island (miscut French WB 4th with large piece of red card on top)
$500 Lightning Bolt (Alpha VG miscut, missing right border, extremely hot)
$2000 Island (Unhinged FOIL miscut, you can see part of "Island" box on bottom and a little bit of the word "Island")
$1000 2 Vendilion Clique (FOIL SM twisted miscut)
$350 Volcanic Island (RV miscut missing most of bottom border, EX)
$500 Fire/Ice (AP miscut with large piece of Vodalian Mystic on top, word "Fire" is only "re")
$100 Mishra's Factory (miscut AQ spring with top border almost gone, NM-)
$500 Spell Pierce (miscut Zen tilted and showing large piece of Trapfinder's Trick on top)
$100 Island (Alpha miscut with small top border, EX)
$400 Lightning Bolt (Japanese BB 4th miscut with small piece of green card on top)
$1000 Island (Invasion FOIL miscut with large piece of another Island on top, back normal)
$3000 Volcanic Island (heavily miscut with large piece of Vesuvan Doppelganger on top, possibly NFC, but I bought this in 2005 and have documentation)
$100 2 Red Elemental Blast (Alpha miscut with smaller top border)
$70 Lightning Bolt (miscut Revised with piece of Mountain on left, possibly NFC)
$5000 Library of Alexandria (AN miscut with piece of red card on top)
$100 Mishra's Factory (miscut 4th with piece of black card on top, F)
$12000/set Force of Will (miscut AI, guaranteed genuine, decent-sized pieces of red 1/1 on top)
$2000 Force of Will (miscut AI, guaranteed genuine, sliver of green card on bottom)
$125 Flusterstorm (Commander miscut, small bottom border)
$120 2 Wurmcoil Engine (miscut SoM, missing entire top border)
$30 Disenchant (miscut MM, piece of black card visible on right)
$5 Silence (miscut M11, smaller top border)
$100 Plains (Twisted miscut Alternate 4th)
$40 Counterspell (miscut Spanish MM, bottom border gone)
$100 Counterspell (miscut TP, large piece of Counterspell on top)
$50 Tormod's Crypt (Miscut Japanese BB CH, small piece of top black card visible)
$50 Tormod's Crypt (Chronicles miscut, decent piece of black card on left, I have a couple connectors for this somewhere)
$50 Tormod's Crypt (miscut Japanese BB CH, most of bottom border gone, signed in gold by Rush)
$250 Polluted Delta (miscut Chinese ON NM-, much smaller top border)
$500 Polluted Delta (miscut Onslaught FOIL, top larger than bottom, alignment dot visible upper left)
$25 Pyroclasm (IA EX miscut, almost entire top border gone)
$200 Cryptic Command (Sealed foil promo, front normal, back miscut 4 ways and upside-down)
$10 Circle of Protection: Red (miscut 4th, bottom border gone, back top has edge of sheet)
$15 Circle of Protection: Red (miscut IA with small piece of sheet edge on top, also small blue smear on left bottom)
$75 Swords to Plowshares (miscut 4th, sliver of black card on top)
$300 2 Swords to Plowshares (IA, moderate piece of Dance of the Dead on top)
$50 Swords to Plowshares (twisted miscut RV, right border gone)
$100 Plains (twisted miscut IA, top and right borders gone, bits of other cards on left/bottom)
$25 Plains (miscut 8th with piece of a land underneath)
$25 Island (miscut 8th with piece of a land underneath, indentation but should be ok sleeved)
$200 Tundra (miscut RV, top border almost gone)
$500 Tundra (miscut RV, sliver of sheet edge on top, bottom border gone)
$16 Jace Beleren (M11 miscut, small top border)
$16 Jace Beleren (LO miscut, small top border)
$250 Wasteland (TP miscut, just a sliver of top border left)
$500 Tundra (miscut RV, sliver of bottom card visible, almost certainly not NFC)
$50 Counterspell (IA miscut, sliver of artifact on left)
$20 Jace Beleren (miscut JvC, smaller top border)
$250 Mystic Remora (IA F twisted miscut, extremely impressive)
$200 Mystic Remora (IA miscut, large piece of Balduvian Barbarians on top)
$150 Vendilion Clique (miscut SM, missing almost entire top border)
$400 Plains (miscut foil Unhinged, top border almost gone, small piece of "Plains" box visible on bottom)
$600 Wasteland (miscut Player Rewards foil, smaller right border)
$400 Plains (miscut foil IN, large piece of foil Plains on top, back normal)
$60 Daze (miscut Nemesis, missing entire top border, sliver of next card on bottom)
$50 Daze (miscut Nemesis, missing almost entire top border)
$150 Daze (miscut Nemesis, bit of red card on top)
$20 Daze (miscut Nemesis, smaller top border)
$800 Tropical Island (miscut Revised, small piece of black card on top, probably not NFC)
$1500 2 Underground Sea (miscut Revised, large piece of Island Fish Jasconius on top, probably NFC)
$600 Brainstorm (IA miscut, small piece of white card on top)
$500 Ponder (Chinese foil M10 twisted miscut, almost entire right side gone)
$300 2 Bayou (miscut UL, very small bottom border)
$500 Underground Sea (RV miscut, almost all of bottom border gone, not NFC)
$30 Ancient Craving (miscut P2, top border almost entirely gone)
$500 Intuition (TP miscut with small piece of white card on top)
$500 Foil Brainstorm (Masques foil, miscut top/bottom, thinner bottom border)
$500 Foil Brainstorm (Masques foil, miscut side to side, thinner right border, top shuffle crease)
$75 Miscut Windfall (sliver of green card on left)
$800 Merchant Scroll (Portuguese HL miscut, shows artifact on top)
$25 Disenchant (German Mirage miscut missing almost entire right border)
$20 Fungusaur (miscut Japanese FBB 4th, missing almost entire top border)
$120 Pyroblast (IA miscut with small piece of black card on top)
$30 3 Pyroblast (IA miscut with almost entire top border gone, 2 EX+)
$10 Red Elemental Blast (RV miscut showing little bit of top card, appears to have been stepped on, may not be sleeve-playable)
$15 Pyroblast (miscut IA, missing most of top border)
$10 Koth of the Hammer (SoM slight side-to-side miscut)
$200 2 Miscut Dark Confidant RA (missing most of bottom border)
$300 2 foil Bitterblossom (MO twisted miscut foil, very impressive)
$30/set 4 Tormod's Crypt (CH, all identically miscut missing much of left side)
$500 Academy Ruins (heavily miscut, showing edge of sheet on top, missing most of left border as well. Back is normal)
$100 Spore Frog (heavy miscut, large piece of Fen Stalker on top, NM-)
$30 Spore Frog (light miscut, sliver of white card on top)
$50 Spore Frog (moderate miscut, piece of Fen Stalker on top, you can see power/toughness, making this kind of a 3/2 Spore Frog)
$200 Polluted Delta (Italian ON miscut, small top border, light shuffle crease)
$100 Misty Rainforest (smaller top border)
$100 Mountain (foil OD twisted miscut, missing almost entire right border, very cool)
$100 Island (miscut foil M13, sliver of foil Forest on bottom)
$50 Phyrexian Negator (foil PvC miscut, sliver of bottom black card visible)
$30 Glimmervoid (Modern Masters miscut, bottom border missing, back normal)
$500 Force of Will (miscut, missing entire bottom border)
$300 Force of Will (miscut, missing entire bottom border, VG with inking on borders)
$20 Seeker (Miscut 4th, moderate/large piece of Frozen Shade on top, can see artist's name and full p/t)
$10 Sneaky Homunculus (miscut NM, can see part of red 2/2 on top)
$10 Downhill Charge (Miscut NM, can see part of green 2/2 on top)
$15 Endless Scream (TP, can see part of white 1/1 on top)
$1 Circle of Protection: Black (miscut Revised, Most likely sheet-cut, part of swamp on top)
$30 Windfall (miscut, missing almost entire right border)
$200 Energy Flux (Japanese foil MM miscut, missing almost entire top border)
$30 Pyroclasm (miscut M11, missing entire bottom border)
$40 Pyroclasm (miscut 9th, sliver of artifact on bottom)
$400 Portent (IA miscut 50/50 with COP: White on top)
$10 Carnivorous Death-Parrot (miscut, missing almost entire right border)
$50 Hurricane (miscut IA, part of blue card on top, technically a "Blue Hurricane"
$20 Abyssal Specter (miscut IA, part of red 1/3 on top)
$50 Crimson Hellkite (MG twisted miscut)
$30 Cancel (miscut TS, decent-sized part of Terramorphic Expanse on top)
$20 2 Invigorate (miscut MM, sliver of green card on top)
$120 Lay Waste (3-way twisted miscut, large piece of Fortitude on top, sliver of blue card on left)
$50 Mist Dragon (miscut Portuguese MG, missing most of bottom and left borders, edge of sheet on right)
$40 Scion of the Ur-Dragon (miscut TS, sliver of red card on bottom)
$40 2 Sharuum the Hegemon (miscut foil FtV, sliver of top border left)
$60 Anaba Ancestor/Forget (German HL miscut, bottom has name and cc of Forget, top is Anaba Ancestor)
$30 Ydwen Efreet (miscut Arabian Nights, sliver of artifact on left)
$10 Serra Angel (miscut UL, smaller bottom border, heavy play)
$20 Addle (miscut Italian IN, moderate piece of black card on top)
$20 Thrive (miscut PY, sliver of blue card on bottom, half of each cardname present)
$40 High Seas (MM miscut, large piece of Squallmonger on top)
$30 Saprazzan Legate (MM miscut, moderate piece of Moonlit Wake on top)
$40 Saber Ants (MM miscut, large piece of Putrefaction on top)
$30 Astrolabe (AI miscut Italian, large piece of Carrier Pigeons on top)
$30 Phantasmal Fiend (AI miscut Italian, large piece of Gorilla Chieftain on top)
$30 Wild Aesthir (AI miscut Italian, large piece of Phantasmal Fiend on top)
$30 Awesome Presence (AI miscut Italian, large piece of Astrolabe on top)
$10 Mana Short (miscut Alternate 4th VG, smaller right border)
$30 Merchant Ship (Arabian Nights miscut, sliver of artifact on left)
$25 Silverglade Elemental (miscut MM, black mana symbol visible on left)
$10 Moment of Silence (miscut MM, entire left border gone)
$40 2 Ponder (miscut foil LO, both just slightly off-center)
$80/set Psychic Venom/Pradesh Gypsies/Marsh Gas (3-card 4th ed miscut chain, each has small piece of the other)
$10 Rainbow Efreet (miscut VI, right border almost gone)
$10 Rhystic Study (PY miscut EX, bottom border gone)
$100 Elspeth, Knight-Errant (foil EvT miscut, bottom border gone, back normal)
$250 Tezzeret, the Seeker (foil EvT miscut, entire name/cc is on bottom. Back normal)
$400 4 Elspeth, Knight-Errant (foil EvT miscut, entire name/cc is on bottom. Back normal)
$800 2 Tezzeret/Elspeth (foil EvT miscut, pic is Elspeth, entire name/cc of Tezz on bottom. Back normal)
$80 Island (miscut 4th edition, moderate piece of forest on top)
$100 False Prophet (Prerelease foil miscut, larger bottom border, date stamp is too low)
$50 Massacre (miscut Nemesis, bit of green card on top)
$30 Massacre (miscut Nemesis, almost entire bottom border gone)
$12 Temporal Mastery (miscut, larger left border)
$50 Gamble (miscut, missing most of bottom border)
$40 Dark Ritual (PvC miscut, missing entire bottom border, back is normal)
$40 Krovikan Vampire (miscut IA, decent-sized piece of green card on top)
$150 Demonic Consultation (miscut IA, moderate piece of artifact on top)
$200 Tundra (miscut RV, larger left border, VG)
$400 2 Underground Sea (Miscut RV, larger left border, NM/NM-)
$20 Strip Mine (miscut AQ common pic, larger right and bottom borders, Fine)
$90 Sol Ring (miscut FBB Italian EX, bottom border almost entirely gone)
$25 Avacyn, Angel of Hope (miscut, larger left border)
$60 Vaevictus Asmadi (CH miscut, piece of black card on left)
$20 Plains (Miscut foil MM, very small right border)
$25 Faerie Conclave (miscut foil UY, very small top border)
$50 Goblin Grenade (miscut FE Frazier art, small piece of blue card on top)
$50 Goblin Grenade (miscut FE, piece of black card on top, and smaller right border, light indentation down right side typical of some FE cards)
$20 Wolfir Silverheart (miscut, sliver of land on bottom)
$25 Island (miscut Unglued, very small top border, EX)
$5 Reforge the Soul (miscut, missing top border)
$100 Academy Ruins (miscut, sliver of white card on bottom)
$15 Mishra's Factory (miscut 4th missing most of bottom border)
$30 Organ Grinder (miscut Japanese TO with large piece of edge of sheet on top)
$30 3 Forest (miscut Japanese Invasion, top shows card number of another basic land)
$50 2 Island (miscut Japanese Odyssey, top shows card number of another basic land)
$30 Chainer's Edict (miscut Japanese TO, can see card number of another card on top)
$20 Sun Titan (miscut M11, much smaller top border)
$250 Tarmogoyf (miscut Italian FS, smaller bottom border)
$25 Zombie token (miscut Mirrodin Besieged, can see sliver of bottom card)
$20 2 Poison counter (miscut New Phyrexia, one missing entire top border, other has sliver of top border)
$10 Mountain (miscut Commander 2012 missing right border)
$10 Plains (miscut Commander 2012 missing almost entire right border)
$10 Swamp (miscut Commander 2012 missing almost entire right border)
$40 Phyrexian Dreadnought (miscut MG, missing almost entire bottom border)
$120 Sword of War and Peace (miscut foil NP, smaller top border)
$25 Surgical Extraction (miscut NP, missing almost entire top border)
$50 Confiscate (US miscut with edge of sheet on left, one blue mana symbol is half-gone)
$25 Sol Ring (miscut Revised, entire bottom border gone, not sheet-cut as far as I know)
$25 Skullclamp (miscut Commander 2012, sliver of another card on bottom)
$50/set 4 Pox (miscut IA, small top borders, EX+)
$25 Cloud Pirates (twisted miscut Portal)
$30 Fireball (miscut Japanese BB, missing almost entire bottom border)
$300 2 Candelabra of Tawnos (miscut AQ, both have smaller top borders. One NM-, one EX)
$25 Hakim, Loreweaver (twisted miscut MG, sliver of another card on left)
$500 Mana Crypt (miscut English book promo, smaller top border)
$3 Necropede (miscut foil, smaller top border)
$25 Duress (miscut US, missing almost entire right border)
$60 Elephant Graveyard (miscut Arabian Nights, sliver of right border left)
$5 Armageddon (miscut RV, most of bottom border gone, not sheet-cut) $50 War Elephant (miscut Arabian Nights, part of Bird Maiden on top)
$75 Brushland (Twisted Miscut 5th, decent-sized piece of Elder Druid on top)
$25 Rampant Growth (Twisted Miscut Chinese foil M10, most of right border is gone)
$25 Hymn of Rebirth (miscut IA, piece of white card on top)
$80 Sword of Feast and Famine (miscut MB, very small right border)
$5 Noble Elephant (miscut MG, sliver of left border remaining)
$5 Wild Elephant (miscut MG, sliver of left border remaining)
$400 Mana Drain (Miscut English Legends F/EX, most of top border gone, signed in black)
$500 Mana Drain (Miscut English Legends EX, top border almost totally gone)
$400 3 Mana Drain (miscut English LG, smaller bottom border, NM/NM)
$500 Mana Drain (miscut English LG F/EX, top border almost gone, signed in black by Garfield)
$500 Savannah (miscut Revised, bit of green card on left, not sheet-cut as far as I know)
$20 Exclude (miscut Chinese IN, piece of black card on top)
$250 Tundra (Miscut Unlimited NM/NM-, slightly bigger top border)
$200 Tropical Island (miscut RV missing half of bottom border EX+, not sheet-cut)
$150 Berserk (Miscut Unlimited, much larger bottom border)
$10 Treetop Village (miscut UY, almost entire bottom border gone)
$10 Sigarda, Host of Herons (miscut, slightly smaller right border)
$30 9 Plains (Masques, heavily miscut to another basic on top, mostly other Plains)
$10 War Mammoth (miscut 4th, sliver of top card)
$40 2 Forest (Miscut Portuguese Invasion Fine, moderate piece of top of sheet)
$10 Wooly Mammoths (miscut IA, piece of white card on top)
$100 Sylvan Library (miscut English Legends EX, bottom border is almost gone)
$8 Desert Twister (miscut Revised, part of artifact on left, probably not sheet-cut)
$30 2 Forest (miscut Tempest, part of Forest on top)
$30 5 Forest (miscut Portuguese Invasion Fine, part of another basic on top)
$8 Rampant Elephant (Miscut Chinese IN, blue card on top)
$8 Wild Mammoth (miscut NM, piece of artifact on top)
$15 Garruk Wildspeaker (miscut LO, top border is almost gone)
$25 Green Sun's Zenith (miscut, top border is almost gone)
$8 Trained Armodon (miscut TP, piece of white card on top)
$30 Armadillo Cloak (Miscut Chinese IN, piece of blue card on top)
$30 Swords to Plowshares (miscut 4th, bottom border and half of left border are gone)

$6000 Mox Sapphire (Beta crimped VG/F, heavy bottom crimp)
$3000 Ancestral Recall (UL EX+, slight top crimp)
$80 2 Standstill (foil OD with moderate top crimp)
$4000 Time Walk (crimped Beta F/EX, signed in black)$100 2 Engineered Explosives (FD FOIL with heavy bottom crimp)
$100 Mishra's Factory (AQ Winter VG with top crimp)
$1200 Mox Jet (Beta VG with small bottom crimp)
$600 3 Mishra's Workshop (AQ EX crimped, 2 on top, 1 bottom)
$150 Wasteland (TP, heavy top crimp)
$500 Moat (English LG NM.NM- with top crimp)
$100 2 Flooded Strand (ON with top crimp)
$16 2 Engineered Explosives (5D, heavy bottom crimp)
$20 Circle of Protection: Red (Beta crimped)
$8 Arcane Laboratory (crimped US)
$90 Wasteland (TP, slight top crimp)
$30 Humility (bottom crimp)
$1600 Tundra (crimped Beta signed by artist, otherwise EX+)
$250 Wrath of God (crimped Beta signed in silver by artist, otherwise EX+)
$28 Sword of Light and Shadow (crimped DS, light/moderate bottom crimp)
$13 Mirari's Wake (crimped JU, light bottom crimp)
$1000 Scrubland (Beta NM- with light top crimp)
$50 Maze of Ith (DK NM- with moderate top crimp)
$1200 Time Vault (Beta NM/NM- with heavy bottom crimp)
$1500 Mox Jet (Beta EX with light/moderate bottom crimp)
$30 2 Ensnaring Bridge (8th with slight top crimps, one EX+)
$40 Ensnaring Bridge (8th with heavy top crimp)
$1200 Rishadan Port (Japanese foil crimped on top)
$500 2 Wasteland (Player Rewards, both bottom crimped, one heavy, one moderate)
$400 Wasteland (crimped foil Player Rewards--slight crimp angled across bottom right)
$40 Martial Glory (crimped and top sliced off, very impressive)
$40 High Tide (FE Anson Maddocks pic, MASSIVE bottom crimp)
$40 Trinisphere (DS foil crimped, light top crimp)
$50 Goblin Sharpshooter (foil crimped, moderate top crimp)
$100 Goblin Piledriver (foil crimped, heavy top crimp)
$40 Goblin Piledriver (crimped, heavy top crimp)
$25 Aether Vial (DS crimped, light bottom crimp)
$10 Mogg War Marshal (TS crimped, light top crimp)
$25 Goblin Warchief (Foil SC crimped, moderate top crimp)
$10 Spellstutter Sprite (Modern Masters, light top crimp)
$40 Karmic Justice (foil OD moderately crimped on top)
$8 2 Exalted Angel (light/moderate top crimps, 1 NM-)
$120 Exalted Angel (crimped ON foil, heavy top crimp)
$8 Decree of Justice (crimped SC, moderate/heavy top crimp)
$1500 Tundra (Beta crimped, moderate bottom crimp, otherwise EX)
$5 Willow Faerie (HL crimped, moderate top crimp)
$5 Cephalid Constable (JU crimped, light bottom crimp)
$25 Heartbeat of Spring (huge bottom crimp)
$300 Juzam Djinn (F/EX, moderate top crimp)
$25 Hypnotic Specter (crimped UL, moderate top crimp)
$3 Scorned Villager (crimped on top)

Other misprints:
$40 Ohran Viper (CS with white bits all over card, looks like it's been snowed on)
$100 Mana Vault (very very light-printed 4th edition, text box barely readable)
$30 Seal of Primordium (dark-printed and blackened PC, looks amazing)
$100 Fungal Shambler (foil Sanskrit promo with date angled and too low, signed by someone random)
$30 Indrik Stomphowler (dark-printed and blackened DI, looks very cool)
$80 Breeding Pool (DI with white line through middle, I have connectors)
$20 Cultivate (M11 with white line across middle)
$100 Vampiric Tutor (very dark Visions Fine)
$250 Treva the Renewer (foil IN with huge silver splotches all over card, but name is printed over splotches. Incredible-looking)
$200 Jace Beleren (LO super-dark and blurry printed, also PT-stamped. Looks incredible)
$50 Howling Mine (Foil 8th with two square corners on right)
$40 Azorius Guildmage (DI with heavy smearing/blackening all over card)
$80 Expunge (US partially extremely light-printed, symbol is silver, text is almost gone)
$150 Maze of Ith (DK extremely blurry and bold text)
$25 Condemn (DI blackened/yellow on left side)
$80 Sensei's Divining Top (CK with two square corners on right side)
$100 Blood Crypt (heavily blackened DI, looks amazing)
$40 Overgrown Tomb (RA with partial bold-printed text, right side is darker and looks cool)
$80 Chandra Nalaar (LO super-dark and blurry printed, also PT-stamped. Looks very cool)
$60 Sun Titan (foil M11 Promo with two square corners on right side)
$250 Spell Pierce (Foil Zen dark/blurry printing, very noticeable)
$20 Ingot Chewer (LO with small white blotch on word "comes")
$100 Energy Flux (Alpha-cut 4th edition)
$400 Energy Flux (Partially albino AQ, probably not sun-bleached)
$25 Wrath of God (10th, black smear across name/casting cost)
$200 Swords to Plowshares (grey/light blue bordered Ice Age, very light printed as well)
$150 Jace Beleren (LO, two huge vertical white bars blocking out almost half of card)
$25 Pithing Needle (10th with jagged large white line running across middle)
$10 4 Oblivion Ring (LO, moderate black smearing on left through middle)
$30 Orim's Chant (Japanese PS, color is slightly reddish, just looks a little wrong)
$150 Counterspell (MM blurry text/darker than normal, extremely nice)
$250 Dark Confidant (RA, grey borders, very noticeable)
$600 Underground Sea (Italian WB misprinted--very dark print, looks great)
$1500 Brainstorm (MM foil, shifted printing so part of mana symbol is covered)
$1500 Brainstorm (MM foil, shifted printing so right and bottom borders appear much larger, part of mana symbol covered)
$25 Knight of the Reliquary (CF, blackened on left)
$6 45 Drudge Swamp (German misprint, generally NM/NM- and NM-)
$250 Forest (Mercadian Masques shifted-text misprint)
$250 Mountain (Mercadian Masques shifted-text misprint)
$40 Behemoth Sledge (massive white bar across top)
$200 Plains (Arena Ice Age promo with upside-down back)
$200 Forest (Arena Beta pic promo with upside-down back)
$25 Gerrard's Irregulars (miscut upside-down back)
$25 Port Inspector (miscut upside-down back)
$25 Saprazzan Outrigger (miscut upside-down back)
$25 Pestilence (Beta extra-dark printed)
$10 Johan (Chronicles extra-light printed)
$100 Nomadic Elf (Japanese foil square-cut with upside-down back)
$200 Canopy Spider (TP, back is almost entirely black)
$200 Aftershock (TP, back is almost entirely black)
$75 Last Chance (PO with miscut upside-down back)
$75 Pillaging Horde (PO with miscut upside-down back)
$800 Squirrel Nest (Judgment test print with white back)
$1000 Forest (Judgment test print with white back)
$1000 Mountain (Judgment test print with white back)
$120 Maggot Therapy (MM foil heavily shifted text)
$120 Cave Sense (MM foil heavily shifted text)
$100 Swamp (Time Spiral SUPER-dark printed)
$10 Thorn Elemental (UD with large trapezoid blotch on back)
$500 Waldfeen (French/German 1994 misprint)
$120 Pulverize (MM foil with shifted text)
$40 Seething Song (MR, heavily blue- and grey-smeared)
$100 Koth of the Hammer (Duel Decks foil with gigantic back blotch over 2/3 of the card)
$40 Solid Black Filler
$200 "90" Filler (Magic back, black border, white interior, with "90" vertically in blue letters)
$200 "15" Filler (Magic back, black border, white interior, with "15" vertically in green letters)
$200 "14" Filler (Magic back, black border, white interior, with "14" vertically in red letters)
$200 "50" Filler (Magic back, black border, white interior, with "50" vertically in red letters)
$200 "63" Filler (Magic back, black border, white interior, with "63" vertically in green letters)
$250 King Solomon (Playtest version of King Suleiman, decklist written on side of card)
$100 2 Crucible of Worlds (5D, moderately blackened/smeared on left side)
$40 Crucible of Worlds (10th, blotches on left side)
$80 Wave of Reckoning (shifted-text foil Mercadian Masques)
$40 Goblin Lackey (double-printed, very dark)
$10 Beast of Burden (Prerelease misprint missing date and symbol)
$60 Root Spider (Homelands extremely blue and dark-printed, EX)
$10 Sedge Troll/Manabarbs German misprint
$3 2 Korean Visions Rules Card (Both NM-)
$5 Strip Mine/Burrowing Spanish misprint (G, pretty beat)
$50 2 Bitterblossom (white streak line through cardname)
$25 Sejiri Steppe (extra dark-printed)
$180 Lion's Eye Diamond (Japanese with black printer's marks/line in text box)
$8 2 Meloku, the Clouded Mirror (Spanish misprint, makes 2/2s)
$500 Wild Mongrel (Judgment test print, white back)
$100 Scrubland (Dark Beta Fake, has "Fake!" written in picture in sharpie)
$200 Caller of Gales (large piece of masking tape on it with picture printed over tape)
$500 Stop Spell (playtest version of Force of Will, costs 2UU instead of 3UU)
$100 Static Shield (Invitational playtest card stuck to real card, from 1997)
$100 Terra Stomper (half-glued, blue layer visible, comes apart part-way)
$400 Snow-Covered Mountain (MASSIVE white blotch on front of card covering half of it. Looks amazing)
$75 Lim-Dul's Hex (IA, extremely blackened, cardname gone, casting cost almost gone)
$40 Plains (square-cut Starter)
$12 Prosperity (Dark Visions)
$12 Viashivan Dragon (Dark Visions)
$12 Corrosion (Dark Visions)
$12 Breathstealer's Crypt (Dark Visions)
$12 Snake Basket (Dark Visions)
$12 Pygmy Hippo (Dark Visions)
$12 Diamond Kaleidoscope (Dark Visions)
$12 Relentless Assault (Dark Visions)
$12 Forbidden Ritual (Dark Visions)
$25 Sawback Manticore (square-cut Mirage)
$10 Fissure (Square-cut Dark EX)
$15 Faerie Squadron (square-cut IN)
$40 Vampire Nocturnus (light-printed M10 promo foil)
$10 2 Nafs Asp (Alpha-Cut 4th NM-)
$15 Terror (Alpha-Cut 4th)
$10 Sunken City (Alpha-Cut 4th EX)
$20 Channel (Alpha-Cut 4th)
$10 Lost Soul (Alpha-Cut 4th)
$10 Yotian Soldier (Alpha-Cut 4th)
$10 Benalish Hero (Alpha-Cut 4th)
$10 Samite Healer (Alpha-Cut 4th)
$10 Morale (Alpha-Cut 4th)
$10 Seeker (Alpha-Cut 4th)
$10 Hypergenesis (white splotch on top over second "e" in name)
$5 Greater Gargadon (name and type bolder than normal)
$200 Snow-Covered Plains (Ice Age, massive blotch across top 2/5 of card)
$100 Demonic Consulation (IA with grey/blue border, very strong, text faded as well)
$70 Abyssal Specter (IA with grey/blue border, very strong, text very faded too)
$80 Dance of the Dead (IA with grey/blue double borderborder, very strong, text very faded too)
$100 Zuran Orb (IA with grey/blue border, very strong, text very faded too)
$10 Mishra's Factory (4th NM- with white line and spot on back)
$10 Total War (IA red- and yellow-blotched text box)
$25 2 Snow-Covered Mountain (IA extremely dark-printed, very good-looking)
$50 Snow-Covered Island (IA extremely dark-printed, very good-looking)
$12 Sudden Impact (TP black-smeared, heavy smear across entire card)
$12 Wurm's Tooth (M12, heavily blue-smeared)
$60 Dega Sanctuary (AP triple-printed, very blurry, looks like optical illusion)
$20 Perish (TP light-printed, especially top half)
$15 Phyrexian Colossus (8th with heavy white line across picture)
$10 Mountain (Mirrodin Besieged with very light-printed expansion symbol)
$15 Island (Scars of Mirrodin with very light-printed expansion symbol)
$40 Ponder (Russian M10 bold-printed, looks really good)
$10 Oran-Rief Recluse (Zen dark-printed)
$10 Oran-Rief Recluse (square-cut Zen, 4 square corners)
$10 Ravenous Rats (French 9th, right side is distorted, looks cool)
$20 Knight of the Reliquary (CF bold-printed)
$20 Phyrexian Unlife (foil NP with three white lines through middle of pic)
$25 Temple Garden (Rav with two white blotches to left of symbol)
$100 Jayemdae Tome (5th double-printed, very visible, very nice)
$100 Force of Nature (5th double-printed, very visible, very nice)
$100 Zombie Master (5th double-printed, very visible, very nice)
$100 Nightmare (5th
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Added a bunch.

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Added a lot. Still have a ton left to list.

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Updated, added a lot more.

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Updated, added a LOT.

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