Missing Logo and Symbol on Magic Rarities. 05/06/2020

Everything that's missing on the Magic Rarities, Magic card Sets and Magazine and Comics Galleries Sections.

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Missing Logo and Symbol on Magic Rarities. 05/06/2020

Post by dragsamou » Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:21 am

LAST UPDATE 05/06/2020


Alternate Fourth Edition Cards. DONE
Annoying Kingdoms Stickers. DONE
Arena League Life Counters. DONE
Armada Comics Counters. DONE
Asian Alternate Art Cards. DONE
Asian Magic Kards Token Cards. DONE
Buy a Box Promos. DONE
Canadian/American Invitational Cards. DONE
Card Game Magazine Token Cards. DONE
Carta Mundi Poker Deck Cards. DONE
Cheapass Games Board Games. DONE
Citadel Gaming Magic Tokens. DONE
Conjure Deck List Cards. DONE
Coro Coro Comic Book Inserts. DONE
Crazy Clowns Token Cards. DONE
DCI Legend Membership Poker Deck Cards. DONE
Deckmasters Box Set Cards. DONE
Earthquake Playing Cards. DONE
Edge of the World Stickers. DONE
Eighth Edition Box Set Cards. DONE
Eighth Edition Box Topper Cards. DONE
Euro Lands. DONE
Event Horizons Invitational Cards. DONE
Fat Pack Life Counters. DONE
Game Gather Life Counter Stickers. DONE
GamingEtc Token Cards. DONE
Garfield Event Cards. DONE
Gotta Magazine Inserts. DONE
Hachette Italian Magic Encyclopedia Inserts. DONE
Havic: The Bothering Cards. DONE
Highschool Championship Life Counters. DONE
Hobby Japan Advertisement Cards. DONE
Hobby Japan Commemorative Cards. DONE
Hobby Japan Life Counters. DONE
Hong Kong Magic Club Cards. DONE
Hong Kong Magic Club Token Cards. DONE
House Atreides Token Cards. DONE
Instinct Playing Cards. DONE
Introductory Two-Player Set Cards. DONE
JingHe Age Token Cards. DONE
Junior Super Series Life Counters. DONE
Junior Super Series Tokens. DONE
Introductory Two-Player Set Support Cards. DONE
InQuest Fantasy Cards. DONE
InQuest Life Counters. DONE
InQuest Magic Related Cards. DONE
Legends Rules Cards. DONE
Magic Invitational Cards. DONE
Magic: The Gathering Online Cards. DONE
Mana Source Life Counter Cards. DONE
Métagame's Token Cards. DONE
MicroProse Computer Game Cards. DONE
Middle Ages Stickers. DONE
Misprinted Non-Standard Error Cards. DONE
Misty Mountain Token Stickers. DONE
Multiverse Gift Box Cards. DONE
Neo-Token Token Cards. DONE
Nijiiro-Kujira (Rainbow Whale) Token Cards. DONE
9x12 Cards. DONE
Ninth Edition Box Set Cards. DONE
Parkage Token Cards. DONE
Planeshift Alternate Art Cards. DONE
Portal Alternate Text Cards. DONE
Portal Support Cards. DONE
Portal Second Age Tip Cards. DONE
Prerelease Pack Promos. DONE
Promotional Life Counters. DONE
Pro Tour Deck Support Cards. DONE
Release Event Life Counters. DONE
Rivals Quick Start Set Support Cards. DONE
Scrye Set List Cards. DONE
Sega Dreamcast Game Cards. DONE
Seventh Edition Magic Guide Cards. DONE
Shop Fireball Token Cards. DONE
Simplified Chinese Alternate Art Cards. DONE
12 X 18 Posters. DONE
9 X 12 Cards. DONE
6 x 9 Cards. DONE
Summer of Magic Tournament Promos. DONE
StarCityGames Token Cards. DONE
Starter 2 Player Starter Set Cards. DONE
Starter Support Cards. DONE
Starter 2000 Box Set Cards. DONE
Summer Magic Cards. DONE
Test Prints, Press Checks and Production Anomalies. DONE
The Cardz Magazine Inserts. DONE
The Duelist Advertisement Cards. DONE
The Duelist Counters and Tokens. DONE
The Duelist Fantasy Cards. DONE
The Duelist Life Counter Cards. DONE
TheEndGames Token Cards. DONE
Ultra Pro Life Counters. DONE
Ultra Pro Puzzle Cards. DONE
Unhinged Ultra-Rare Cards. DONE
Unique Cards. DONE
Unofficial Cards. DONE
Vanguard Cards. DONE
Visions Alternate Art Cards. DONE
Visions Rules Cards. DONE
Wizards of the Coast Employee Cards. DONE
Wizards of the Coast Poker Deck Cards. DONE
World Championships Deck Support Cards. DONE
Your Move Games Token Cards. DONE
Y? Productions Token Cards. DONE


Builder's Toolkit, Sample and Welcome Decks Cards. DONE
Bundle Promos. DONE
Collector's & International Edition Box Set Cards. DONE
Comics M.A.R.T Life Counters. DONE
Conspiracy: Take the Crown Alternate Art Cards. DONE
Dengeki Character Festival Cards. DONE
Dengeki-Maoh Magazine Inserts. DONE
Eternal Masters Puzzle Tokens. DONE
HarperPrism Book Inserts. DONE
Hong Kong Life Counters. DONE
Italian Junior League. DONE
Japanese Planeswalkers Alternate Art Cards. DONE
Jumbo Cards. DONE
Junior APAC Series Promos. DONE
Kadokawa Comics Book Inserts. DONE
Magic 2010 Tip Cards. DONE
Magic 2010 Tokens. DONE
Magic Badges. DONE
Magic Calendars. DONE
MagicFest Promos. DONE
Magic Game Day Cards. DONE
Magic Game Day and Store Championship Cards. DONE
Magic League Promos. DONE
Magic Magnets. DONE
Magic Open House Promos. DONE
Magic Phone Cards. DONE
Magic Playmats. DONE
Magic Weekend Promos. DONE
Masterpiece Series Cards. DONE
Metal Cards, Press Checks and Production Anomalies. DONE
Modern Horizons Art Series. DONE
Mythic Championship Qualifier Promos. DONE
Nationals Promos. DONE
Ninth Edition Box Topper Cards. DONE
Player's Guide Inserts. DONE
Promo and Premium Promo Packs. DONE
Pro Tour and Regional PTQ Promos. DONE
Pro Tour NY 1996 Box Set Cards. DONE
Ravnica Weekend Promos. DONE
Rivals Quick Start Set Cards. DONE
RPG Magazine Inserts. DONE
RugRat Productions Counters and Tokens. DONE
Salvat Life Counters. DONE
Secret Lair Drop Series Promos. DONE
Special Commemorative and Recognition Cards. DONE
Special Guest Gift Cards. DONE
Standard Series Promos. DONE
Standard Showdown Promos. DONE
TakaraTomy Life Counters. DONE
Test Prints. DONE
Tenth Edition Tip Cards. DONE
Various Promos. DONE
Ultimate Masters Box Topper Cards. DONE
Unglued 2: The Obligatory Sequel. DONE


5-Color Promos
Archenemy Decks. DONE
Aether Revolt. DONE
Amonkhet. DONE
Battlebond. DONE
Battle for Zendikar. DONE
Born of the Gods Challenge Deck. DONE
Coldsnap Theme Decks. DONE
Commander 2016. DONE
Commander 2017. DONE
Commander 2018. DONE
Commander 2019. TO BE UPGRADED
Commander 2020.
Conspiracy: Take the Crown. DONE
Convention and Various Promos SDCC. DONE
Core Set 2019. DONE
Core Set 2020. DONE
Core Set 2021.
Dominaria. DONE
Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed. DONE
Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might. DONE
Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis. DONE
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi. DONE
Duel Decks: Merfolks vs Goblins. DONE
Duel Decks: Elves vs. Inventors. DONE
Duels of the Planeswalker decks. DONE
Duels of the Planeswalkers Software Promos. DONE
Eldritch Moon. DONE
From the Vault: Lore. DONE
From the Vault: Transform. DONE
Guilds of Ravnica. DONE
Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition. DONE
Happy Holidays Gift Cards(Gold version). DONE
Hascon Promos. DONE
Hour of Devastation. TO BE UPGRADED
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. TO BE UPGRADED
Ixalan. DONE
Jaya Ballard Magic Premiere Shop Promos. DONE
Journey into Nyx. TO BE UPGRADED
Judge Gift Basic Lands 2014
Kaladesh. DONE
Magic 2011. DONE
Magic Game Night 2018. DONE
Magic Game Night 2019. TO BE UPGRADED
Magic Invitational Cards. DONE
Magic Premiere Shop Promos. DONE
Masterpiece Series Cards: Kaladesh Inventions. DONE
Masterpiece Series Cards: Amonkhet Invocations. DONE
Oath of the Gatewatch. DONE
Planechase 2012. DONE
Planechase Anthology. DONE
Player's Guide Inserts. DONE
Premium Deck Series: Fire & Lightning. DONE
Prerelease Pack Promos. DONE
Ravnica Allegiance. DONE
Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition. DONE
Ravnica Weekend Promos
Resale Promos. DONE
Rivals of Ixalan. DONE
Simplified Chinese Portal Alternate Art Cards. DONE
Simplified Chinese Fifth Edition Alternate Art Cards. DONE
Standard Showdown Promos. DONE
The Duelist Inserts. DONE
Theros Beyond Death. DONE
Throne of Eldraine. DONE
TopDeck Inserts. DONE
Ultimate Masters Box Topper Cards. DONE
Unstable. DONE
War of the Spark. DONE
Welcome Decks 2016 cards. DONE
Welcome Decks 2017 cards. DONE

Want/Have Lists.
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