Never seen Blastoise with MTG back...

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Re: Never seen Blastoise with MTG back...

Post by dragsamou » Wed Jun 09, 2021 5:38 am

cataclysm80 wrote:
Mon Jun 07, 2021 3:19 pm
dragsamou wrote:
Mon May 03, 2021 5:30 am
The name of the sheet is more to match all the others, either mentioning a set and what was tested precisely in this sheet,
How about Urza's Saga Foil Test Prints?

This sheet was for testing...
shooting star shape
knockout star method vs previously created hot stamped star test prints
White overprinting (very important)
The percent of black ink coverage needed to create the best grey color on top of white overprinting
color balance for expansion symbols, and different methods of creating the color. (how much foil should show in the expansion symbol)
color symbols vs monochrome symbols
single pass print quality vs two pass print quality with anchored or floating symbols
color balance and saturation for Pokémon
dragsamou wrote:
Mon May 03, 2021 5:30 am
What was the point of Row 3 and 4 with the Japanese Urza's Saga Drifting Meadows ?
Pokémon had foil cards, and had surpassed MTG as the number one TCG in Japan. WotC needed to create foil cards and make sure they looked good in Japanese in order to remain competitive in the TCG market, and hopefully regain their lost market share in Japan.
The Drifting Meadow used Japanese text to check for rules text fit, and to see how everything looked on a different color card.
The black text being printed on top of the white text is probably a mistake.
"The white text with black dropshadow is a technical nightmare because it’s two new spot colors. They both should over print CMYK....but the white has to knock out the black.
Sometimes, the computer doesn’t cooperate and you get solid black text, now overprinting the text white which was printed first.
If the white text is set to over print (and often the software like InDesign will force it to do this) then the text-black won’t get knocked out to make the dropshadow appearance.
Black, by default, will usually be set to over print.
White, by default, will knock out...trying to show paper.
So it turns in to a puzzle for the specific order the inks go down, as well as what overprints what, and what knocks out what.
When someone changed their mind about something, the settings would need to be reviewed...and sometimes things would be overlooked. It was never easy.
These were technical details that we had to pay very close attention to, when we had to do “shells” with “anchors”."
dragsamou wrote:
Mon May 03, 2021 5:30 am
What was the main point of Raw 5 with various different cards (beside testing the Blastoise) ?
Testing the color balance for different methods of creating expansion symbol color, and comparing the look of color symbols to monochrome symbols.
Urza's Saga Foil Test Prints Sheet seems the most logical. Few questions:
Do you know which printing company did that sheet ?
When it was precisely printed (if you have the info) ?
What's on the back ? Also do you have a pic matching the front to be added in the index ?
Is the Copyright line the same for all the different cards on the sheet 'not visible on the video) ?
Why it was only the back of T-Chinese Portal Strategy cards shown on the back of the sheet ?
Why was it only the Fiery Doom Strategy Card Version 1 and another one (It should be Fiery Doom Strategy Card Version 2, in the First 5 rows - TO BE CONFIRMED) when there's 10 in total ?
Want/Have Lists.
I Love you Dad.R.I.P.

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