Newest update - GATEWAY

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Newest update - GATEWAY

Post by silver.paladin » Sat Jan 06, 2007 12:58 am

Ralph, with this latest update, just a quick question. Are the Japanese cards part of this 'Gateway' section, or are they going to be a seperate section?
I'm not too sure what "Gateway" is exactly anyways, but I do have the Japanese Fiery Temper here, and the copywrite line looks identical also - including the 3 DC1 if I am reading this correctly (this line is hard for me to read on any of these cards anymore it seems!).
**edit** I just realized that there was a link to the WotC webpage about this"gateway", so I understand it now. It replaces Arena. But I still have the query in regards to the Japanese version card(s).

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Ralph Herold
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Post by Ralph Herold » Sat Jan 06, 2007 8:11 am

This is an important question I have myself to find an anwer to. My current knowledge is that the English cards are given out in Europe under the umbrella of the Gateway program and in North America as part of two different DCI kits. The Japanese cards are, to the best of my knowledge, distributed through the Arena League which has apparently not been discontinued over there. I have to have these basics confirmed prior to being able to publish the Japanese cards. Since I am still short of a scan, there is not an overwhelming pressure to publish these cards anway.

As far as the collector's number is concerned, it is coded "DCI", not "DC1". Two hints:

- Click on the card images. Then you will see a zoomed in version on which the number is easily discernible.

- Look at the checklist at the index page. The collector's number is listed there.

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