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Looking for an Alpha Gauntlet and Beta APs

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 6:23 pm
by magicmisprints
You there! You, sir.. with the Alpha Gauntlet of Might! PM me with a price or ask what I have for trade!
Almost any condition accepted at a (cash or trade) price consistent with condition, but would prefer one that is neither trashed nor pristine.
If you have one you'd like to trade or sell, let me know. I have lots of Alpha and Beta, some misprints, some small Summer, APs, and other items to trade for it.

Also looking to trade for Beta APs from Maddocks, Tedin, Leonard(Beeson), Weber, Brudi, Baroh, Rusu, Myrfors, Alexander, Hoover, Menges, Snoddy, Wanerstrand, Jones, or Brockschmidt. Would also like to trade for a Lotus if any are out there for trade. Would prefer signed APs unless they are from Richard Thomas. I have proofs to trade from Frazier, Shuler, Gelon, and Poole, as well as lots of Alpha, some misprints, and some Summer as mentioned above.