Looking/Trading for MPS Ravnica Guild Lands 2006

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Looking/Trading for MPS Ravnica Guild Lands 2006

Post by Magik321 » Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:56 pm


I'm looking for these MPS lands. NM-/NM condition is fine. I need approximately a playset of each.

The Orzhov Syndicate Swamp
The Boros Legion Mountain

To a lesser extent:
The Selesnya Conclave Forest
The Golgari Swarm Swamp
The House Dimir Swamp
The Izzet League Island

Time Spiral Series Forest (the ones with the MPS in the text box)

I could buy the lands or do a 1 to 1 trade for the same land type. These are the ones I have spares off (most of which I have at least 10 spare copies):
The Cult of Rakdos Mountain
The Gruul Clans Mountain
The Azorius Senate Plains
The Orzhov Syndicate Plains
The Simic Combine Island
The Golgari Swarm Forest
The Cult of Rakdos Mountain

Time Spiral Series Plains
Time Spiral Series Island

I also might have spare MPS lands from other series if anyone is interested.

Please post or pm. Thanks

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