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5-Color format was invented by Kurtis "Fat Man" Hahn, and friends, in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, before the Invasion era. Mark Gresbach, ran the 5-Color website until Aug 6, 2003. The 5-Color ruling council, was the group of people that set the rules and developed and maintain the 5-Color Banned and Restricted list. 5-Color is managed by the 5CRC, which while not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast or the DCI, does organize tournaments, has its own list of banned and restricted cards and has a world championship held at Gen Con. It also supports ante cards, an initial component of the rules for Magic that has since been deprecated. When Magic Online was under development, this format was requested by many users, and it was added as "Prismatic" with slight differences. An additional "big deck" mulligan is also standard online, allowing players to compensate for hands with too many or too few lands.

From 5-Color Magic Rules Information Sheet 2002/2003:

Sleeves are not allowed in title events such as 5-Color Worlds and the 5-Color Invitational. The 5-Color Rulings Committee recognizes that the need of players to protect their collections and supports the use of sleeves in casual environments as well as at 5-Color Qualifier tournaments at the discretion of the tournament organizer.

Jeweled Bird-- Only black bordered or heavily modified Jeweled Birds are allowed in 5-Color events. If it is determined that the card in question is not appropriate, that card is removed from the game and another card is drawn.

The original 5-Color decks had a couple basic rules: 250 cards, 18 cards of each color, practical tutors were banned (because searching a 250 card deck wasted time), and you played unsleeved and for ante. The idea was to play with all the old, fun cards. Decks would be large enough that the games would be unpredictable and interesting. 5-Color rules were changed in 2009 (300 cards, 25 ,cards of each color, unlimited Proxies could be used) when the website was back and that brought a lot of controversy.

From Jeremy Bush (Zombor):

5-Color used to be a pretty popular format. We had invitational tournaments every so often (like the official magic ones), where the winner could create a card that could be used in 5-color play. We had 3 invitationals, with the first being won by Pat Fehling in 2002 and he created Mox Crystal. The second was won by Jim Hustad in 2005 and he made Franky. The third was won again by Pat Fehling in 2006 and he made Aku Fehling, the Predictor. I also have a foil Jeweled Bird that we gave out for 5-color worlds top 8 one year. Also, the Aku Fehlings pictured here are actually printed cards, they aren't stickers.

From Pete Jahn:

The other event that really changed 5-Color was the first 5-Color Worlds Qualifier held in Madison, Wisconsin. Jason Moungey recreated Bob Maher's PT Chicago winning Oath deck, but in the 5-Color format. Jason's deck was completely powered - Ancestral Recall, Black Lotus, all five Moxen, Time Walk, etc... He went undefeated, and went on to win Worlds as well. Yes, he was playing power for ante, but since he won, it didn't matter.


*Pro Tour-Chicago 1999 hosted the first 5 Color-Qualifier.

*Pro Tour-Chicago 2000 hosted for the first 5-Color World Championship in 2000.
Prize: The top 3 players receive singles. The winner is awarded an Ancestral Recall, second gets a Library of Alexandria, while third wins the ever popular in this format, Chaos Orb. The top 3 also gets plaques commemorating their finish.
Winner Jason Mungley
Second Place: Kurtis "Fat Man" Hahn

*GenCon Game Fair in Milwaukee, Wisconsin hosted for 5-Color World Championship in August 25, 2001.
Prize: Foil Contract from Below
Winner Bob Maher
Second Place: Kurtis"Fat Man" Hahn

Grand Prix: Milwaukee, Wisconsin hosted for 5-Color First Invitational set in May 10-12, 2002.
Prize: ?
Winner: Pat Fehling
Created card: Mox Crystal

Second Place: Nick Little

*GenCon Game Fair in Milwaukee, Wisconsin hosted for 5-Color World Championship in August 811, 2002.
Prize ?
Winner: Pat Fehling
Second Place: Mike Krumb

*GenCon Game Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana hosted for 5-Color Worlds in July 2427, 2003.
Prize: Mox Crystal.
Winner: Jim Hustad
Second Place: Jeremy Barbeau

*GenCon Game Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana hosted for 5-Color Worlds in August 1922, 2004.
Prize: Foil Mox Crystal
Winner: Pat Fehling
Second Place: Jeremy Barbeau

Misty Mountains Games in Madison, Wisconsin hosted for 5-Color Second Invitational set in January 30, 2005.
Winner: Jim Hustad
Created card: Franky

Second Place: Jeremy Barbeau

*GenCon Game Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana hosted for 5-Color Worlds in August 1821, 2005.
Prize: FOIL Jeweled Bird.
Winner: Jim Hustad
Second Place: Jeremy Barbeau

*GenCon Game Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana hosted for 5-Color Worlds in August 1720, 2006.
Prize: ?
Winner: Jim Hustad
Second Place: Scott Morgan

Netherworld games in Madison, Wisconsin hosted for 5-Color Third Invitational set ?.
Winner: Pat Fehling
Created card: Aku Fehling, the Predictor
Apr 5, 2007: Thanks again to Jim Hustead for running this year's 5-Color Invitational

*GenCon Game Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana hosted for 5-Color Worlds in August 1619, 2007 ?
Prize: ?
Winner: ?


Created for the 2001 5-C Colors Worlds. So in existence there's only 8 Foil Contract from Below.

From Mark Gresbach, Dec 19, 2001:

Foil Contract from Below. I was the person who made the original 8 FOIL Contract from BELOW. 4 were given to Bob Maher as a World's prize, 1 was given to Kurt Hahn and 1 was given to Ed Fear. Those cards were intended to be 5 Color legal cards. It was meant to be only those cards. I know Kurt Hahn traded his foil contract.

Overall I would say if you put forth enough effort in erasing those cards and put forth effort is making a cool FOIL Library of Alexandria, I would want to WIN something like that so I would let my opponent play it.

But the FOIL Contract's from me are 5 Color legal....

5 Color Web Guy


Pat Fehling won 5-Color Worlds 2002 at Gen Con, so he got to have a card of his design made for the format: Mox Crystal. Mark Gresbach, who until just recently ran the 5 Color website, made 40 total copies. They were stickers pasted onto existing Magic cards. Pat got one for being the Champ and the others were given to winners of 5 Color Qualifiers until Gen Con 2003 or the supply ran out, which ever came first. After Gencon 2003, the leftover Mox Crystals were distributed to 5CQ winners of the 2004 season.

Mox Crystal, by the way, is a 5-Color promo card that you can only get by winning a 5-Color Worlds Qualifier. Worlds is an open event, but winning a Qualifier earns you a bye. It's a 0-cost artifact that taps for one colorless mana. It's just as restricted as the original five Moxen, since it's fast mana for no intitial cost investment. Mox Crystals just recently went out of print (they're made by Mark Gresbach), and a new card is being made to replace them. The high quality glossy thick first edition Mox Crystal sticker which is cut to completely cover a Magic card and the low quality non-glossy thin second edition Mox Crystal sticker which is cut to cover the interior border of a Magic card only.

5 Color Invitational Winning Card!!!!!! by Mark Gresbach, May 13, 2003:

OK folks, here is the winning card from the 5 Color Invitational.

Jeweled Mox casting cast "0"
(Mono Artifact)

Add 1 colorless mana
to your mana pool.
Tapping this artifact
can be played as an interrupt.

flavor text..."Uhhh...Contract!" -Patrick Fehling

There is almost NO chance this card will NOT be restricted. Feel free to discuss here!

Mark Gresbach

Question to Mark Gresbach by Jeb Adams:

Good old school wording. Does this mean it can't be tapped at all according to the current rules?


Some MtG nerd history, this was a playtest card that never got printed:

Crystalline Mox
When -this- comes into play, destroy any other -this-.
{T}: Add one colorless mana to your mana pool.

If Pat's was worded like this, could he play 4 in a deck?

Jeb NM


Jeweled Mox
{T}: Add one colorless mana to your mana pool.
#"Uhhh...Contract!" --Patrick Fehling#

Answer by Mark Gresbach:

Sorry yeah, Pat wanted the Interrupt part taken off, I forget to.


Comment from clamsander@... wrote:

congrats pat - - you lucky bitch! that card is great, but it doesn't make any grammatical sense. "jeweled mox?" aren't the moxen called "mox X" for a reason? also, how can something jeweled tap for colorless? wouldn't the word "jeweled" suggest color? just cause there's a jeweled bird doesn't mean a jeweld mox sounds good. call it "mox - (something)" with the -something- referring to the colorless mana.
Please, in the spirit of all the great moxen of the past. I think "mox fehling, mox glass, mox box, mox rock, mox crystal, mox gem, mox jewel, mox sol, mox satire, mox rust, mox rudy, mox pocket, mox diggity damb, mox mox mox, mox dog, mox ox, mox rust, mox bone, mox bird, mox turd, mox platinum, mox news channel, mox in socks, mox hunt, mox of chocolates, mox lite, mox window, mox gun, mox baxter, mox seuss, mox shakespeare, mox klein, mox here, mox colorless, mox clock, mox pat, or mox lens" are all fine suggestions.

Answer by Patrick Fehling:

Oh man I am laughing so hard right now! These names you came up with are absolutely ridiculous! I thing Mox Diggity Damb is the funniest. The name can easily be the last thing changed (Mark is designing the card over this next week). We'll come up with something good. I originally liked Mox Fehling, but didn't think it had any real significance in terms of the jewelry. Dan Bock threw out the name Jeweled Mox in reference to Jeweled Bird and 5-color going hand in hand.

Comment by Kurtis Hahn:

As Pat's card is now, I would almost certainly vote to restrict it. Perhaps if it took more of the form of Clegg's Bauble it would be more reasonable.

Pat, congratulations on winning. I can't say I wasn't cheering for Nick Little, but your win keeps Wisconsin X-0 in major 5C events.

Thanks to everyone for their participation, and I look forward to Jeb Adams' coverage on 5-color.com!


Comment from Stuart Gordon:
I suggest Mox Zircon or the old InQuest favorite "Mox Booger"

Question from Steffen, John Daniel:

im kinda confused, how will this card work??? will everyone be able to proxy it or what
mox donalds --- old school duelist card

Answer from Mark Gresbach
No, you will not be allowed to proxy it. I will be making this official card for Pat and the members of the invitational. Then extra cards will be given away as prizes for events and Worlds. So the only way for anyone other than that to play the card is to trade for one or win one playing for Ante.

History of the Mox Crystal by Pat Fehling, Jun 14, 2003:

Alright....some of you aren't writing posts within the spirit of the Mox Crystal. Many players don't even know the general history of the card or the other cards that could have very well been in its place.
The Crystal, or "Mox Fehling," isn't exactly the strongest card available to 5-color players, but it does carry with it a component that cards these days don't have.......simplicity. It simply would fit into every player's deck and is just as ridiculous as the other jewelry. The card concept initially came from Mike Hron as he said that Wizards never designed a colorless mox. I just wanted to post all of the options that the crystal could have been now that I'm all reminiscent of the days of old.....

1.) Asp Grasp: G, Instant
Target player gets 9 poison counters.

2.) Rain of Glory: WRU, Instant
Choose and discard X cards.
Deal X damage to each of X separate targets, Draw
X cards.

3.) Win Drake: 1U, 2/1 Flying
When Win Drake comes into play, you may search your
library for any other copies of Win Drake and put them into your hand.

4.) Win Drake / Wind Rake (Split Card)
2U, Put a 3/3 flying token into play
1G, Instant, Deal 3 damage to all creatures with flying
(and it would have this old-timer gardner with a big
rake swatting at the birds with his rake)

5.) "No Blocks" R, Instant
Draw a Card.

6.) "I'll Scoop" G, Instant
Draw a Card.

7.) Retard Rules 2R, Enchantment
The Destruction of a source prevents an effect.

8.) Moonwalk 3U, Sorcery
Take an extra turn after this one.
Flashback (4U)

9.) Severatog 1RU, Atog 4/5
Discard a Card: Put a -1/-1 counter on Severatog.
Sacrifice a Permanent: Put a -1/-1 counter on...
Each opponent may play this ability.

10.) Jacob Janoska, Ultimate Wizard Prodigy
WUBRG, Wizard Ultimus, 1/2
No abilities at all.

11.) Jeweled Bat, 1, Artifact
Switch target ante controlled by opponent with
target card in that players graveyard. That player may draw a card.

If anyone is interested in obtaining a Mox Crystal, please contact
me.....we'll play for ante......I'll smash your face.


Mox Crystal Discontinuance by Mark Gresbach, Jun 12, 2003:

First I want to thank you all for the response the Mox Crystal has gotten in tournaments. I think the whole experiment was a great success. But we are announcing that the Mox Crystal will no longer be given away after GENCON 2003 or until supplies last, which ever comes first.
This should lead to more interest in the Mox Crystals that do exists and make them more in demand. We plan on running a NEW 5 Color Invitational later this year and the winner of that Invitational II will have the chance to make a new invitational 5 color legal card that will be given away in 2004. Thank you all for your support.

Mark Gresbach
5 Color Webmaster

[5CRC] October 2003 Results *Bonus announcement by John Carter, Nov 6, 2003:

Oh, yeah, the "Bonus".

Mark Gresbach, the previous 5C Administrator contacted me. It seems that there is a number of leftover Mox Crystals from the 2003 5CQ season. Considering I've turned down $100 for my own on multiple occasions, it speaks volumes about Mr. G's integrity when he volunteers the leftovers for future use. He does own one-- I gave him the one I got in the draft at 5C Worlds '03. I signed it over (literally) to him after the event.

In any case, the upshot is that I now have a number of Mox Crystals.
They are to be distributed during the 2004 season to 5CQ winners on a first come, first serve basis.

This does not mean you need to have 5CQs from here until Christmas until the Crystals run out. So here are some guidelines:

1) I will be mailing the Mox directly to the winner after the results of the 5CQ are in. This verifies that person's info, and it encourages all contact information is correct.
2) The event must have a winner. Moxes don't go to the event early, so the TO won't have a undeserved Mox with a cancelled event.
3) Only the winner of the 5CQ gets the Mox. If that person split byes vs Mox at the event, then #2 will have to trust that #1 will fork over the Mox.
4) If the 5CQ winner has already won during the 2004 season, the byes ~and the Mox~ will pass down to the next unqualified player (like invites at a GP).
5) Limit one Mox per area per month. This is to prevent hording.
For example, Philly is an area, and NYC is an area. Having an event in New Jersey during a month when either area has already had one doesn't qualify. The objective (in #4 and #5) is to distribute what is available to as wide a range of play groups as possible.
6) A new 5C Administrator may be deputized to handle these duties, but the Moxes will still be distributed in a timely and fair fashion.

That's all for now.

--John Carter


Created for the 2004 5-C Colors Worlds top eight prizes. Not only the top 8 players but the Organizer of the 5-C Colors Worlds event and the maker of the Foil card also have a copy of it. So in existence there's only 10 Foil Mox Crystal.

Foily Goodness by John Carter, Aug 25, 2004:

Additionally, I comissioned a set of ~foil~ Mox Crystals. I have the test copy (slightly dark, so it was brightened), and the artist who made them has one as comission fee. The only others that exist are the eight given away (you did remember to give them away, right, Kurt?) to the Top 8 at 5CW04.

I'll leave that up to the guys that got the better looking ones at Worlds. This is partially because theirs look nicer and partially because all my stuff is in a truck somewhere between here and Philadelphia. If noone gets a pic up, I'll see what I can do once I find a place and can unpack.

DCI Certified Level 3 Judge
5-Color Rulings Committee
Delphi Group Editor
The Delphi Tests-- Do you Guru?

Foil and normal Mox Crystal Production Info by Brian Epstein, Apr 13, 2005:

There are 10 foil ones. John Carter, who organized that event, kept a trial foil Crystal. That Crystal is not as bright as the others. I believe the 10th foil Crystal belongs to the person who made the other nine (but I don't know who that is and whether it is bright or dark).
- brian

Foil and normal Mox Crystal Production Info by John Carter, Apr 13, 2005:

Besides my test piece, the other nine are brighter. The 10th was given to the person who made them as compensation for his efforts.

It's his call, not mine, to identify himself and his methods if he wants, but I wouldn't hold my breath since his motivation was trying out ideas rather than actually making foils.
DCI Certified Level 4 Judge

Foil and normal Mox Crystal Production Info by Jeremy Barbeau, Apr 14, 2005:

I Have one of the regalar mox crystals and a foil one. The regular one I got was after the sticker one. So iu guess there is really three types. The sticker was too thick, the one I got is just a picture printed on paper stuck to a card (lame) The foil one is freakin sweet though. I myself have been foiling out some mana drains and poower nine cards they look cool.
So i kinda know how the foil one is made. You can use acetone on any crappy magic foil, with some elbow grease the foil is then blank. So i think the foil mox was a blank foil with the mox printed right on top of it. How the hell whoever made them got their printer to do that is anyones guess. The foil one is the best by far and there is only ten lucky me! :) (second place 2004 worlds)
Jeremy Barbeau

From Creator of the Foil Mox Crystal:

I was fortunate enough to create eight foil Mox Crystals for the 2004 five color worlds top eight prizes. For this I have a reverse printed foil mox crystal for my own deck.


5-Color prize for Worlds top 8 in 2005. Approximately 10 were created for that event by Jeremy Barbeau.


It was created after the victory of Jim Hustad in 5-C Worlds 2003 or 5-C Invitational 2005 ? Franky's are just printed stickers like Crystal Moxes were. They were given in 2006 in different 5-Color events as First Prize. Approximately less than 20 exist.


It was created after the second victory of Pat Fehling in 5-C Worlds 2004 or 5 -C Invitational 2006/2007 ? Aku Fehling, the Predictor are printed cards, right on blanks that were done at a printer shop. Approximately less than 20 exist.

Mox Crystal 5-Color Promo 2003 offered by John Carter to Mark Gresbach

Foil Mox Crystal 5-Color Promo 2004

Foil Jeweled Bird 5-Color Promo 2005

Jeweled Bird signed by Daniel Clegg that lost against Kai Budde at Invitational 2001 (that's not the Original from Kai Budde's deck)

Franky 5-Color Promo 2006

Aku Fehling, the Predictor 5-Color Promo 2007

5-Color Promos

Pics courtesy of Jeremy Bush and Dan Bock

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Images - 5-Color Promos
001FoilFoil Contract from Below5-Color Worlds prize2001-08-02
001 Mox Crystal Version 1 (Full sticker)LiZart5 Color Qualifiers First prize2002-2004YES 
002 Mox Crystal Version 2 (Partial sticker)LiZart5 Color Qualifiers First prize2002-2004YES 
003FoilFoil Mox CrystalLiZartTop 8 Players at 5-Color Worlds prize2004-08-19YES 
004FoilFoil Jeweled BirdAmy WeberTop 8 Players at 5-Color Worlds prize2005-08-18YES 
005 Franky (Partial Sticker)G. PalmerTop 8 Players at 5-Color Worlds prize
5-color Qualifer First prize
006 Aku Fehling, the Predictor (Printed card)Ben SchnaareTop 8 Players at 5-Color Worlds prize2007YES 

Imitations - 5-Color Promos
001FoilFoil Mox Crystal (Fake)Homemade creation2009-2010YES