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Mini MTG Cards: The History

"As best as I can remember this, since it was 12 years ago…… Okay, back in the summer of 2002. A WOTC employee that also judged on the Pro Tour and lots of local events had the idea that mini MTG cards would be such an awesome thing. So Judge Anon got with a friend of his that did the typesetting for the MTG sets and asked for his help in making up 2 decks to help pitch the idea at an upcoming meeting. So typesetter Anon made up the sheets for each deck at the corporate office in Renton, WA. There was 2 decks a U/B/R Tog deck with Shadowmage Infiltrator and a R/B/G deck called Angry Dog. He made 4 sheets total, 2 for each deck. So Judge Anon chops up 2 of the sheets and makes the decks and goes and presents the idea. It was well received, but too many other projects were going on at the time, so the idea got shelved. So the cards and the 2 sheets were split up between the judge and the typesetter. The judge kept the angry dog sheet left over and the typesetter got the tog sheet. The tog sheet was also cut up and a lot of the cards the typesetter had was given to his girlfriend at the time. These cards were traded away over time to my understanding. The cards the judge kept, it’s unknown what he did with them if he still has the deck or not. The last uncut sheet left was of an Angry Dog deck. One day judge Anon was talking to a local TO/Judge who he worked with a lot at events about the mini card concept. He wound up giving the uncut Angry Dog sheet to this Anon who said that it was an awesome idea and he would frame it. To my knowledge no other sheets or decks were made. Though it is possible I suppose. As far as the ones that were chopped up for decks I don’t know if anyone has a complete deck, maybe the judge Anon still has his but the other two were scattered out. But that is how the idea came about and those were the first and probably only decks made for the mini cards. Enjoy… Anon"

Mini MTG cards, are made on thin paper stock. Precised measurements are not known at the moment, but approximately 1.25" X 1.73" (3.20cm X 4.40cm) in comparison a regular MTG card is 2.49" X 3.48" (6.32cm X 8.83cm). The back of the card looks like Alternate Fourth Edition Cards.

The list of the Atog Deck, made of Blue, Black and Red cards included, Flametongue Kavu (Planeshift), Psychatog (Odyssey), Shadowmage Infiltrator (Odyssey) among others.

Atog deck: 25 Cards known to exist, to be completed with the missing ones:

Counterspell (7th Edition)
Entomb (Odyssey)
Fact or Fiction (Invasion)
Fire / Ice (Apocalypse)
Flametongue Kavu (Planeshift)
Island 332/350 (7th Edition)
Island 333/350 (7th Edition)
Island 334/350 (7th Edition)
Island 336/350 (Invasion)
Island 337/350 (Invasion)
Island 338/350 (Invasion)
Island 335/350 (Onslaught)
Island 337/350 (Onslaught)
Island 338/350 (Onslaught)
Nightscape Familiar (Planeshift)
Psychatog (Odyssey)
Repulse (Invasion)
Salt Marsh (Invasion)
Shadowmage Infiltrator (Odyssey)
Shivan Reef (Apocalypse)
Syncopate (Odyssey)
Underground River (7th Edition)
Undermine (Invasion)
Urborg Volcano (Invasion)
Urza's Rage (Invasion)

Mini MTG Cards Angry Dog Deck Uncut Sheet 10 x 11 front

Mini MTG Cards Angry Dog Deck Uncut Sheet 10 x 11 back

Angry Dog Deck Uncut Sheet front and back close up

Angry Dog Deck Uncut Sheet front close up of the sketches from Darrell Riche, Todd Lockwood, Anthony S. Waters, on Black Fillers.

Mini MTG Card front and back VS MTG Normal card front and back

Invasion and Odyssey Block Mini Cards topic on the forum

Angry Dog deck - Mini MTG Cards
00177/143 AngerJohn AvonAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
002120/143 Arrogant WurmJohn AvonAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
003231/250 Birds of ParadiseEdward P. Beard, Jr.Angry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
004231/350 Call of the HerdCarl CritchlowAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
00557/143 Chainer's EdictBen ThompsonAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
006327/350 City of BrassRon WalotskyAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
007 Elephant TokenArnie SwekelAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
008132/350 EntombRon SpearsAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
00997/143 Fiery TemperGreg & Tim HildebrandtAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
010350/350 Forest (Version 4)Glen AngusAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
011328/350 Forest (Version 1)D. J. Cleland-HuraAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
012329/350 Forest (Version 2)Rob AlexanderAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
013330/350 Forest (Version 3)John AvonAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
014331/350 Forest (Version 4)John AvonAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
015347/350 Forest (Version 1)John AvonAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
016348/350 Forest (Version 2)John MatsonAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
017349/350 Forest (Version 3)John AvonAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
018350/350 Forest (Version 4)David MartinAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
019117/143 GenesisMark ZugAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
02084/350 Mahamoti DjinnEric PetersonAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
021343/350 Mountain (Version 1)Matt CavottaAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
022345/350 Mountain (Version 3)Glen AngusAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
023337/350 Mountain (Version 1)D. J. Cleland-HuraAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
024339/350 Mountain (Version 3)Rob AlexanderAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
025340/350 Mountain (Version 4)John AvonAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
026343/350 Mountain (Version 1)Tony SzczudloAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
027344/350 Mountain (Version 2)Sam WoodAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
028150/350 NightmareCarl CritchlowAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
029266/350 Roar of the WurmKev WalkerAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
03042/350 Serra AngelMark ZugAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
031326/350 Shadowblood RidgeGlen AngusAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
032218/350 Shivan DragonDonato GiancolaAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
033345/350 Sulfurous SpringsRob AlexanderAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
034349/350 Swamp (Version 4)Tony SzczudloAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
035128/143 TerminateDiTerlizziAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
036283/350 Wild MongrelAnthony S. WatersAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 
037 Wurm TokenAlan PollackAngry Dog Deck2002-06-21YES 

Atog Deck - Mini MTG Cards
00067/350 CounterspellMark RomanoskiAtog Deck2002-06-21
000132/350 EntombRon SpearsAtog Deck2002-06-21
00057/350 Fact or FictionTerese NielsenAtog Deck2002-06-21
000128/143 Fire/IceDavid Martin & Franz VohwinkelAtog Deck2002-06-21
00060/143 Flametongue KavuPete VentersAtog Deck2002-06-21
000332/350 Island (Version 1)Scott BaileyAtog Deck2002-06-21
000333/350 Island (Version 2)Rob AlexanderAtog Deck2002-06-21
000334/350 Island (Version 3)John AvonAtog Deck2002-06-21
000336/350 Island (Version 4)John AvonAtog Deck2002-06-21
000337/350 Island (Version 5)Terese NielsenAtog Deck2002-06-21
000338/350 Island (Version 6)Darrell RicheAtog Deck2002-06-21
000335/350 Island (Version 7)Tony SzczudloAtog Deck2002-06-21
000337/350 Island (Version 8)Larry ElmoreAtog Deck2002-06-21
000338/350 Island (Version 9)Rob AlexanderAtog Deck2002-06-21
00048/143 Nightscape FamiliarJeff EasleyAtog Deck2002-06-21
000292/350 PsychatogEdward P. Beard, Jr.Atog Deck2002-06-21
00070/350 RepulseAaron BoydAtog Deck2002-06-21
000326/350 Salt MarshJerry TiritilliAtog Deck2002-06-21
000294/350 Shadowmage InfiltratorRick FarrellAtog Deck2002-06-21
000142/143 Shivan ReefRob AlexanderAtog Deck2002-06-21
000103/350 SyncopatePete VentersAtog Deck2002-06-21
000350/350 Underground RiverAndrew GoldhawkAtog Deck2002-06-21
000282/350 UndermineMassimilano FrezzatoAtog Deck2002-06-21
000330/350 Urborg VolcanoTony SzczudloAtog Deck2002-06-21
000178/350 Urza's RageMatthew D. WilsonAtog Deck2002-06-21