Judge Gift Cards

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Judges play a key part in the sanctioned tournament environment. They manage the tournament procedure, report game results to the DCI, enforce DCI rules, and decide game rule intricacies. For their work, judges are rewarded with free Magic products as well as special promotional cards. These cards are either handed to them on the events they have worked at or by mailings. Aside from these exclusive judge gift cards, lots of promotional cards from other tournament areas are issued for judges as well. In addition, the same cards are reissued again and again, sometimes over years. There is no pattern to the schedule of given out cards.

Being a judge is a privilege and is bound to certain prerequisites. In order to become a certified judge or to advance one level in the five level judge system, candidates must fill out an application, pass an exam and an interview, and judge a given number of tournaments, all supervised by a superior judge.

Due to a sorting error, the promotional cards Gaea's Cradle, Lightning Bolt, and Stroke of Genius were additionally distributed in English Urza's Destiny booster packs in place of uncommon cards.

Once in a while, judge gift cards are given out on a different occasion first and are handed out to judges later on. One such card was the Balduvian Horde which started its existence as a reward for players to commemorate the 1999 World Championships. Another example was the Gemstone Mine promo which had been used as a prize card for the top 8 players at the Amateur Championships at the Origins games convention.

In 2006, the 4 different Judge Gift Cards were also created for the first time as Artist Proof and sent to the artists. Limited to 30 copies.

Exalted Angel and Grim Lavamancer Artist Proof front and back.

Meddling Mage and Pernicious Deed Artist Proof front and back.

In 2011, 5 Entomb Foil Judge gift cards officially not released, ended up in the wild.

Foil Judge Gift Card Entomb.

Playset of Foil Judge Gift Card Entomb.

From Ask Wizards 03/13/2012

"There was a card printed in slot 4/8. Shortly before it was going to be released, we discovered an issue with the card and had to pull it. It is unlikely this promo card will ever see the light of day. We have been working hard to make sure this won't happen again."

In 2014, The Magic Judge blog introduced the Exemplar Program as the new method of distributing foils to judges in the DCI judge program. The most immediate effect of the foil “policy” change is that judges at GP events will no longer receive foils from WotC as gifts for their efforts. The Exemplar Program will begin in 2014 for L3+ judges and will be fully implemented for all judges in 2015. While judge activities will continue as before, in 2015, judges foils will only be available as part of the Exemplar Program.

Extended Foil Alternate Art Judge Basic Lands 2014 Panorama illustrated by Terese Nielsen

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1998 - Judge Gift Cards
001FoilLightning BoltChristopher RushJudge reward for different purposes.
English Urza's Destiny boosters in place of uncommon cards
002FoilStroke of GeniusStephen DanieleJudge reward for different purposes.
English Urza's Destiny boosters in place of uncommon cards
003FoilGaea's CradleMark ZugJudge reward for different purposes.
English Urza's Destiny boosters in place of uncommon cards

1999 - Judge Gift Cards
001FoilMemory LapseMark TedinJudge mailing gift
Gold Tier Stores Promo

2000 - Judge Gift Cards
001FoilCounterspellDom!DCI Judge's Premium?-?-?YES 
002FoilVampiric TutorGary LeachJudge reward at World Championships in Brussels2000-08-02

2001 - Judge Gift Cards
001FoilTradewind RiderJohn MatsonJudge reward at Pro Tour Houston.2002-11-08
002FoilBall LightningQuinton HooverJudge reward at US Nationals in Orlando.2001-05-31
003FoilHammer of BogardanRon SpencerJudge reward at Pro Tour Osaka.2002-03-15
004FoilOath of DruidsDaren BaderJudge reward2001-09-?

2003 - Judge Gift Cards
0011/3 G03FoilIntuitionApril Lee?2003-07-?
0022/3 G03FoilArgothian EnchantressDaren BaderJudge reward at Grand Prix Brussels.2004-05-29
0033/3 G03FoilLiving DeathCharles GillespieJudge reward at Pro Tour Yokohama.2003-05-09YES 

2004 - Judge Gift Cards
0011/6 G04FoilArmageddonJohn AvonJudge reward at Grand Prix Chicago.2004-12-17YES 
0022/6 G04FoilBalanceKev WalkerJudge mailing gift.2004-05-29YES 
0033/6 G04FoilTime WarpPete VentersJudge reward at Grand Prix Chicago.2004-12-17
0044/6 G04FoilPhyrexian NegatorJohn ZeleznikJudge reward at Grand Prix Chicago.2004-12-17
0055/6 G04FoilDeranged HermitKev WalkerJudge mailing gift.2005-09-21
0066/6 G04FoilHermit DruidHeather HudsonJudge reward at Grand Prix Chicago.2004-12-17

2005 - Judge Gift Cards
0011/4 G05FoilGemstone MineBromAmateur Championships prize at Origins games convention.2005-07-02
0022/4 G05FoilRegrowthDameon WillichJudge reward at Pro Tour Honolulu.2006-03-03
0033/4 G05FoilSol RingMark TedinJudge reward at Pro Tour London.2005-07-10
0044/4 G05FoilMishra's FactoryKaja Foglio & Phil FoglioJudge reward at Pro Tour Los Angeles.2005-10-28

2006 - Judge Gift Cards
0011/4 G06FoilExalted AngelRob AlexanderJudge reward at World Championships in Yokohama2005-11-30YES 
0022/4 G06FoilGrim LavamancerMichael SutfinJudge reward at World Championships in Yokohama.2005-11-30YES 
0033/4 G06FoilMeddling MageNottsuoJudge's Dinner at PT Charleston2006-06-16YES 
0044/4 G06FoilPernicious DeedIttokuJudge reward at World Championships in Yokohama2005-11-30YES 

2007 - Judge Gift Cards
0011/5 G07FoilRavenous BalothArnie Swekel??-?-?YES 
0022/5 G07FoilCunning WishZoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai??-?-?YES 
0033/5 G07FoilYawgmoth's WillRon Spencer??-?-?
0044/5 G07FoilVindicateMark Zug??-?-?YES 
0055/5 G07FoilDecree of JusticeAlan Pollack??-?-?YES 

2008 - Judge Gift Cards
0011/5 G08FoilOrim's ChantChippySource unknown2008-?YES 
0022/5 G08FoilMind's DesireAnthony FranciscoSource unknown2008-?YES 
0033/5 G08FoilDemonic TutorDaarkenSource unknown2008-?YES 
0044/5 G08FoilGoblin PiledriverDave KendallPro Tour Kuala Lumpur2008-02YES 
0055/5 G08FoilLiving WishHideaki TakamuraPro Tour Edmonton Judge reward2009YES 

2009 - Judge Gift Cards
0011/10 G09FoilDark RitualMark HyzerJudge reward2009YES 
0022/10 G09FoilMaze of IthZoltan Boros & Gabor SzikszaiJudge reward2009YES 
0033/10 G09FoilStifleEric FortuneJudge reward2009YES 
0044/10 G09FoilSurvival of the FittestShelly WanJudge reward2009YES 
0055/10 G09FoilBurning WishAriel OlivettiJudge reward2009YES 
0066/10 G09FoilBloodstained MireRob AlexanderJudge reward2009
0077/10 G09FoilFlooded StrandRob AlexanderJudge reward2009
0088/10 G09FoilPolluted DeltaRob AlexanderJudge reward2009
0099/10 G09FoilWindswept HeathAnthony S. WatersJudge reward2009
01010/10 G09FoilWooded FoothillsRob AlexanderJudge reward2009

2010 - Judge Gift Cards
0011/8 G10FoilSinkholeDave AllsopJudge reward2010YES 
0022/8 G10FoilNatural OrderTerese NielsenJudge reward2010
0033/8 G10FoilPhyrexian DreadnoughtPete VentersJudge reward2010
0044/8 G10FoilThawing GlaciersJim NelsonJudge reward2010YES 
0055/8 G10FoilLand TaxChuck LukacsJudge reward2010YES 
0066/8 G10FoilMorphlingrk postJudge reward2010
0077/8 G10FoilWheel of FortuneJohn MatsonJudge reward2010YES 
0088/8 G10FoilWastelandCarl CritchlowJudge reward2010YES 

2011 - Judge Gift Cards
0011/8 G11FoilBitterblossomNils HammJudge reward2011YES 
0022/8 G11FoilSword of Fire and IceMark ZugJudge reward2011YES 
0033/8 G11FoilVendilion CliqueJesper EjsingJudge reward2011YES 
0044/8 2011FoilEntombRon SpearsJudge reward2014YES 
0055/8 G11FoilMana CryptMatt StewartJudge reward2011YES 
0066/8 G11FoilDark ConfidantRon SpearsJudge reward2011YES 
0077/8 G11FoilDoubling SeasonChuck LukacsJudge reward2011YES 
0088/8 G11FoilGoblin WelderScott M. FischerJudge reward2011YES 

2012 - Judge Gift Cards
0011/8 JudgeFoilXiahou Dun, the One-EyedJunko TaguchiJudge reward2012YES 
0022/8 JudgeFoilFlusterstormErica YangJudge reward2012
0033/8 JudgeFoilNoble HierarchMark ZugJudge reward2012YES 
0044/8 JudgeFoilKarmic GuideAllen WilliamsJudge reward2012YES 
0055/8 JudgeFoilSneak AttackTyler JacobsonJudge reward2012YES 
0066/8 JudgeFoilKarakasDrew BakerJudge reward2012YES 
0077/8 JudgeFoilSword of Light and ShadowMark ZugJudge reward2012YES 
0088/8 JudgeFoilCommand TowerRyan YeeJudge reward2012

2013 - Judge Gift Cards
0011/8 JudgeFoilSwords to PlowsharesSam Wolfe ConellyJudge reward2013YES 
0022/8 JudgeFoilBriberyCynthia SheppardJudge reward2013YES 
0033/8 JudgeFoilImperial RecruiterMitsuaki SagiriJudge reward2013
0044/8 JudgeFoilCrucible of WorldsRon SpencerJudge reward2013YES 
0055/8 JudgeFoilOverwhelming ForcesGao YanJudge reward2013
0066/8 JudgeFoilShow and TellZack StellaJudge reward2013YES 
0077/8 JudgeFoilVindicateKarla OrtizJudge reward2013YES 
0088/8 JudgeFoilGenesisMark ZugJudge reward2013

2014 - Judge Gift Cards
0011/9 JudgeFoilKarador, Ghost ChieftainTodd LockwoodJudge reward2014YES 
0022/9 JudgeFoilGreater GoodMathias KollrosJudge reward2014YES 
0033/9 JudgeFoilRiku of Two ReflectionsIzzyJudge reward2014YES 
0044/9 JudgeFoilForce of WillMatt StewartJudge reward2014YES 
0055/9 JudgeFoilHanna, Ship's NavigatorTerese NielsenJudge reward2014YES 
0066/9 JudgeFoilSword of Feast and FamineChris RahnJudge reward2014YES 
0077/9 JudgeFoilNekusar, the MindrazerMark WintersJudge reward2014YES 
0088/9 JudgeFoilElesh Norn, Grand CenobiteIgor KierylukJudge reward2014YES 
0099/9 JudgeFoilOloro, Ageless AsceticEric DeschampsJudge reward2014YES 
0101/5 JudgeFoilPlainsTerese NielsenSpecial Judge reward2014YES 
0112/5 JudgeFoilIslandTerese NielsenSpecial Judge reward2014YES 
0123/5 JudgeFoilSwampTerese NielsenSpecial Judge reward2014YES 
0134/5 JudgeFoilMountainTerese NielsenSpecial Judge reward2014YES 
0145/5 JudgeFoilForestTerese NielsenSpecial Judge reward2014YES 

2015 - Judge Gift Cards
001001/008 P JudgeFoilTemporal ManipulationFranz VohwinkelJudge reward2015YES 
002002/008 P JudgeFoilShardless AgentIzzyJudge reward2015YES 
003003/008 P JudgeFoilRishadan PortJonas De RoJudge reward2015YES 
004004/008 P JudgeFoilRavages of WarFang YueJudge reward2015YES 
005005/008 P JudgeFoilDamnationKev WalkerJudge reward2015YES 
006006/008 P JudgeFoilDualcaster MageMatt StewartJudge reward2015YES 
007007/008 P JudgeFoilFeldon of the Third PathChase StoneJudge reward2015YES 
008008/008 P JudgeFoilWastelandSteven BelledinJudge reward2015YES 

2016 - Judge Gift Cards
001001/008 P JudgeFoilStoneforge MysticJohannes VossJudge reward2016YES 
002002/008 P JudgeFoilMana DrainMike BierekJudge reward2016YES 
003003/008 P JudgeFoilAzusa, Lost but SeekingWinona NelsonJudge reward
Target Promotional Card inserted by mistake
004004/008 P JudgeFoilCommand BeaconJonas De RoJudge reward2016YES 
005005/008 P JudgeFoilMystic ConfluenceKieran YannerJudge reward2016
006006/008 P JudgeFoilImperial SealLi TieJudge reward2016
007007/008 P JudgeFoilDefense of the HeartJack WangJudge reward2016YES 
008008/008 P JudgeFoilZur the EnchanterJosu HernaizJudge reward2016YES 

2017 - Judge Gift Cards
001001/008 P JudgeFoilAvacyn, Angel of HopeHoward LyonJudge reward2017YES 
002002/008 P JudgeFoilCapture of JingzhouJack WeiJudge reward2017
003003/008 P JudgeFoilGaddock TeegMatt StewartJudge reward2017YES 
004004/008 P JudgeFoilHomeward PathTomasz JedruszekJudge reward2017
005005/008 P JudgeFoilDoran, the Siege TowerRob AlexanderJudge reward2017YES 
006006/008 P JudgeFoilPrismatic GeoscopeSteven BelledinJudge reward2017
007007/008 P JudgeFoilSpellskiteSvetlin VelinovJudge reward2017YES 
008008/008 P JudgeFoilPendelhavenDimitarJudge reward2017YES 
009009/008 P JudgeFoilRules LawyerDmitry BurmakJudge conferences reward2017YES 

2018 - Judge Gift Cards
001001/008 P JudgeFoilMerchant ScrollScott MurphyJudge reward2018YES 
002002/008 P JudgeFoilVampiric TutorLucas GracianoJudge reward2018YES 
003003/008 P JudgeFoilNin, the Pain ArtistBrad RigneyJudge reward2018YES 
004004/008 P JudgeFoilCommander's SphereRyan Alexander LeeJudge reward2018
005005/008 P JudgeFoilTeferi's ProtectionChase StoneJudge reward2018
006006/008 P JudgeFoilLord of AtlantisGabor SzikszaiJudge reward2018YES 
007007/008 P JudgeFoilRhystic StudyPaul Scott CanavanJudge reward2018YES 
008008/008 P JudgeFoilFood ChainCraig J SpearingJudge reward2018YES 

2019 - Judge Gift Cards
001001/008 P JudgeFoilMirri's GuileBromJudge reward2019
002002/008 P JudgeFoilSliver LegionLius LasahidoJudge reward2019YES 
003003/008 P JudgeFoilMox OpalVolkan BagaJudge reward2019YES 
004004/008 P JudgeFoilIsolated WatchtowerAlexander ForssbergJudge reward2019YES 
005005/008 P JudgeFoilMonastery MentorAnastasia OvchinnikovaJudge reward2019YES 
006006/008 P JudgeFoilYuriko, the Tiger's ShadowYongjae ChoiJudge reward2019
007007/008 P JudgeFoilChalice of the VoidSeb McKinnonJudge reward2019YES 
008008/008 P JudgeFoilReflecting PoolPeter MohrbacherJudge reward2019YES 

2020 - Judge Gift Cards
001001/010 P JudgeFoilArena RectorJason RainvilleConference promo2020YES 
002002/010 P JudgeFoilEnlightened TutorAaron MillerConference promo2020YES 
003003/010 P JudgeFoilSpellseekerAnna PodedwornaConference promo2020YES 
004004/010 P JudgeFoilDemonic TutorAnna SteinbauerConference promo2020YES 
005005/010 P JudgeFoilInfernal TutorJason A. EngleConference promo2020YES 
006006/010 P JudgeFoilGambleRudy SiswantoConference promo2020YES 
007007/010 P JudgeFoilBirthing PodTitus LunterConference promo2020YES 
008008/010 P JudgeFoilSylvan TutorIris CompietConference promo2020YES 
009009/010 P JudgeFoilSterling GroveSeb McKinnonConference promo2020YES 
010010/010 P JudgeFoilEye of UginDaniel LjunggrenConference promo2020YES 

2021 - Judge Gift Cards
001001/010 P JudgeFoilMorophon, the BoundlessSvetlin VelinovConference Promo2021YES 
002002/010 P JudgeFoilK'rrik, Son of YawgmothDaniel LjunggrenConference Promo2021YES 
003003/010 P JudgeFoilEdgar MarkovMartina FackovaConference Promo2021YES 
004004/010 P JudgeFoilEzuri, Claw of ProgressLivia PrimaConference Promo2021YES 
005005/010 P JudgeFoilThe Gitrog MonsterNils HammConference Promo2021YES 
006006/010 P JudgeFoilGrand Arbiter Augustin IVMatt StewartConference Promo2021YES 
007007/010 P JudgeFoilKarlov of the Ghost CouncilWisnu TanConference Promo2021YES 
008008/010 P JudgeFoilMizzix of the IzmagnusZoltan BorosConference Promo2021YES 
009009/010 P JudgeFoilNicol Bolas, the Ravager / Nicol Bolas, the ArisenLie SetiawanConference Promo2021YES 
010010/010 P JudgeFoilZacama, Primal CalamityYigit KorogluConference Promo2021YES