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Earthquake is an independant card game of Wizards of the Coast for three to four players made in July 1998. It consists of 70 cards, split into 60 color cards (20 different) and 10 special cards (5 different). The color cards feature Magic artwork.

ISBN 1-57530-704-9
BARCODE 7 42818 06036 3
Made in the U.S.A.

Earthquake and Instinct came both from the same display sealed:

Card Games
6 Instinct™ card games and 6 Earthquake™ card games, each containing a 70-card deck and instructions.
ISBN: 1-57530-705-7
UPC: 7 42818 06037 0
Made in U.S.A.

Earthquake card game illustrated by Christopher Rush front and back

Earthquake Product shot

Color - Earthquake Playing Cards
001 Black Card Version 1Christopher RushEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
002 Black Card Version 2Christopher RushEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
003 Black Card Version 3Christopher RushEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
004 Black Card Version 4Christopher RushEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
005 Blue Card Version 1DiTerlizziEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
006 Blue Card Version 2DiTerlizziEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
007 Blue Card Version 3DiTerlizziEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
008 Blue Card Version 4DiTerlizziEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
009 Green Card Version 1Jeff MiracolaEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
010 Green Card Version 2Jeff MiracolaEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
011 Green Card Version 3Jeff MiracolaEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
012 Green Card Version 4Jeff MiracolaEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
013 Red Card Version 1Scott M. FischerEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
014 Red Card Version 2Scott M. FischerEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
015 Red Card Version 3Scott M. FischerEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
016 Red Card Version 4Scott M. FischerEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
017 White Card Version 1Liam SharpEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
018 White Card Version 2Liam SharpEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
019 White Card Version 3Liam SharpEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 
020 White Card Version 4Liam SharpEarthquake card game1998-07-13YES 

Special - Earthquake Playing Cards
001 Clone CardEarthquake card game1998-07-13
002 Earthquake CardEarthquake card game1998-07-13
003 Opportunity CardEarthquake card game1998-07-13
004 Prosper CardEarthquake card game1998-07-13
005 Time Warp CardEarthquake card game1998-07-13