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The Guru program was initiated by Wizards of the Coast at the 12th of July in 1999 to promote Magic more effectively. Participants in the Guru program received a Guru kit which included a Guru book to explain how the program worked, personalized Guru labels, new player referral postcards, and Magic Guru referral cards which looked like a real Magic card. Additionally, special Demogame boosters of Starter level Magic sets and playmats were added on demand. The design of the Guru book changed over time.

Gurus could report new players by sending in one of the new player referral postcards, filled out by the new player and individualized by one of the Guru labels. The new player was then registered in a database and the Guru received 1 Guru point for his work. Additionally both the Guru and the new player were entered into a contest with quarterly prize schedules. Gurus could win a booster box of the current expert level set, new players had a chance to win a $100 US gift certificate which could be redeemed at selected stores.

Gurus could also recruit new Gurus by giving them one of the Magic Guru referral cards, personalized with a Guru label. The new Guru could add them to his Guru kit order. If he did, both the referred and the referring Guru received 5 Guru points.

For every 10 Guru points, the Guru received one randomly chosen Guru land and one booster of the latest expert level Magic set. Wizards of the Coast kept a record which lands had been rewarded to insure that after 50 Guru points each Guru had a complete set of Guru lands.

The Guru program was discontinued on February 27, 2001 to be replaced by the Magic: The Gathering Academy.

E-mail sent to members on 21 February, 2001:

Dear Guru,

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you that the Guru program is being discontinued, effective immediately. This is largely due to the fact that beginning this summer, Wizards of the Coast, Inc. is launching the Magic: The GatheringŪ Academy. The new program will run in MagicŪ retail locations throughout North America. From beginning game play to deckbuilding, the Magic Academy promises to fulfill the goals of the Guru program and profoundly expand upon them.

The Guru program was very effective in exposing thousands of people to the Magic game. We truly appreciate that part of the enjoyment of being a Guru was derived from teaching friends how to play the Magic game, and we hope you will continue to do that. And as always, Wizards of the Coast will still run all the immensely popular Magic leagues, tournaments, and other organized-play programs.

We thank you for your continued support.


Wizards of the Coast

Original Guru logo

The Guru lands show five stages of a "double eclipse".

Special Demogame boosters used during the Guru program.
Portal Demogame booster: WOC17024 Made in the U.S.A.
Portal Second Age Demogame booster: WOC17043 Made in the U.S.A.
Starter Demogame booster: WOC17077 Made in the U.S.A.
Starter 2000 Demogame booster: WOC17085 Made in the U.S.A.

Guru Kit Book 1. Tools of the Guru!

Included in this kit is everything you need to earn free Magic: The GatheringŪ booster packs and unique land cards:
* MagicŪ Guru customized labels (total of 80)
* Magic Starter demo games
* Magic Starter playmat
* "Free Magic booster" rebate offers (total of 20 sets of 3)
* "New Magic Player" contest registration cards (total of 20)
This version of the Guru book does not include the Magic Guru refferal cards.

Guru Retailer Kit Book 2

The Retailer Kit included:

* 20 Starter Demogame boosters
* 1 Sealed Starter Demo Game Instructional video
* 1 Magic: The Gathering Retailer Guru book
* 1 Sealed Magic: The Gathering "Learn to play Magic" ceiling danglers
* 1 Magic: The Gathering "Learn to play Magic" windows clings
* Various paperwork for Magic: The Gathering Retailer Guru program
This version of the Guru book does not include the Magic Guru refferal cards.

Magic Guru Color version.

Magic Guru advertisement in Inquest Gamer #52 (August 1999)

GURU KIT BOOK 1 (1999)

Guru Kit Book 1 (1999): Illustration Trained Orgg from Starter 1999 by Eric Peterson front and back.

MagicŪ Guru customized labels front and back (Guru Kit Book 1).

Sealed Guru Starter Demo Games front and back (Guru Kit Book 1).

Magic Guru Starter playmat.

"Free Magic booster" rebate offers front and back (Guru Kit Book 1).

"New Magic Player" contest registration card front and back (Guru Kit Book 1).


Guru Kit Retailer Book 2 (1999): Illustration Merfolk of the Pearl Trident from Starter 1999 by DiTerlizzi front and back.

Guru Retailer kit product shot

Guru Kit Retailer (1999): Sealed Magic: The Gathering "Learn to play Magic" ceiling danglers illustration Mons's Goblin Raiders from Starter 1999 by Pete Venters.

GURU KIT BOOK 3 (2000)

Guru Kit Book 3 (2000), illustration Mind Swords from Nemesis by Daren Bader front and back.This version of the Guru book do include the 18 Magic Guru refferal cards

Guru Kit Book 3 (2000): Magic Guru refferal cards sheet 3 x 3 with 6 different variants front and back (only in Guru Kit Book 3).

Guru Kit Book 3 (2000): Welcome letter

Guru Kit Book 3 (2000): Reorder post card.

Go Guru WotC Booth card (1999) front and back.


Guru Test Prints 5 x 5 uncut sheets 1 and 2 with grey borders and white backs from July 14th, 1999. They were called "Ambassadors Lands or Ambassador Cards".

Guru top of the Test Print Sheets.

Guru black symbol on the front of the Test Print sheets.

Guru Proof Approval sticker on the white back of the Test Print sheets.

Guru Lands Full Art by Terese Nielsen.

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Misprinted Non-Standard Guru Lands Promos
Starter Support Cards

1999 - Guru Lands
001 PlainsTerese NielsenGuru program reward.1999-07-12YES 
002 IslandTerese NielsenGuru program reward.1999-07-12YES 
003 SwampTerese NielsenGuru program reward.1999-07-12YES 
004 MountainTerese NielsenGuru program reward.1999-07-12YES 
005 ForestTerese NielsenGuru program reward.1999-07-12YES 

Magic Guru Referral Card - Guru Lands
001 Magic Guru referral card Version 1Jim Mennino & LK ShattuckGuru Book Version 32000-?YES 
002 Magic Guru referral card Version 2Jim Mennino & LK ShattuckGuru Book Version 32000-?YES 
003 Magic Guru referral card Version 3Jim Mennino & LK ShattuckGuru Book Version 32000-?YES 
004 Magic Guru referral card Version 4Jim Mennino & LK ShattuckGuru Book Version 32000-?YES 
005 Magic Guru referral card Version 5Jim Mennino & LK ShattuckGuru Book Version 32000-?YES 
006 Magic Guru referral card Version 6Jim Mennino & LK ShattuckGuru Book Version 32000-?YES