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Visions is the tenth expert level set of Magic and was released in February 1997. It consists of 167 cards and exists in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. After the English version had already been printed, Wizards of the Coast subsequently changed the artwork of the Jamuraan Lion card to integrate more of the original painting into the card art. Hence all non-English versions feature alternate art.

According to a very recent discovery in October 2017, zoomed version of the Jamuraan Lion exist at least in this language also: Italian
That might indicates that 2 print runs of Italian Visions took place, one with the Zoomed version and one with the cropped version or that it came as a Promo or Preview card in an Italian CCG magazine.
Further info are not available at the moment

When the English Visions set was printed, a German prerelease version of the Jamuraan Lion was produced for the German Kartefakt trading card magazine. Since the card was printed before the art modification, it looks different than a standard German Jamuraan Lion and therefore is considered a promotional card.

More alternate art versions of Visions cards were published in the Multiverse Gift Box.

Traditional Chinese and Korean Visions boosters had special rules cards inserted.

French (WOC20023), German (WOC21023), Italian (WOC25023), Japanese (WOC22023) Visions Boosters

Korean (WOC26023), Portuguese (WOC23023), Spanish (WOC24023), Traditional Chinese (WOC27023) Visions Boosters

Jamuraan Lion Original Art illustrated by Stuart Griffin

Kartefakt Jamuraan Lion
Visions Multiverse Gift Box Cards
Visions Rules Cards

Jamuraan Lion Magic Arcana

Images - Visions Alternate Art Cards
001 Lion de Djam˙raa
Jamuraan Lion
Stuart GriffinFrench Visions boosters1997-02-03YES 
002 Jamuraal÷we
Jamuraan Lion
Stuart GriffinGerman Visions boosters1997-02-03YES 
003 Leone di Jamuraa
Jamuraan Lion
Stuart GriffinItalian Visions boosters1997-02-03YES 
004 ジャムーラン・ライオン
Jamuraan Lion
Stuart GriffinJapanese Visions boosters1997-02-03YES 
005 자무라아의 사자
Jamuraan Lion
Stuart GriffinKorean Visions boostersDate unknownYES 
006 LeŃo de Jamuraa
Jamuraan Lion
Stuart GriffinPortuguese Visions boosters1997-02-03YES 
007 Leˇn de Jamuraa
Jamuraan Lion
Stuart GriffinSpanish Visions boosters1997-02-03YES 
008 傑姆拉獅
Jamuraan Lion
Stuart GriffinTraditional Chinese Visions boostersDate unknownYES