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Being an official Wizards of the Coast magazine, The Duelist was often used to promote other Wizards of the Coast products. Occasionally, this kind of advertisement was printed on cards.

Two of the three advertisement cards were also distributed in limited edition Ultra Pro Deck Protector boxes which included 75 Deck Protector card sleeves and featured artwork from Magic: The Gathering.

The Duelist #25 magazine (May 1998)

Ultra Pro Black Lotus Deck Protector box front (back is Juzam Djinn Arabian Nights)

Ultra Pro Commander Greven il-Vec Tempest Deck Protector box front (back is Avenging Angel Tempest)

Ultra Pro Jester's Cap Ice Age Deck Protector box front (back is Force of Nature 5th Edition)

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Images - The Duelist Advertisement Cards
001 The Duelist British Advertisement CardThe Duelist magazine additionDate unknown
002 The Duelist US Advertisement CardPortal 2 Player Starter (probably from an early printing as not all of them have it)
The Duelist magazine addition issue ?
Ultra Pro Magic Deck Protector boxes
003 Magic Comics Advertisement CardUltra Pro Magic Deck Protector boxes
The Duelist #25 magazine addition
004 Magic Novels Advertisement CardThe Duelist #25 magazine addition1998-05