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Starter is the last starter level product which was distributed in boosters and was released in July 1999. It consists of 173 cards of which 8 are only available in the Starter 2 Player Starter Set. Starter exists exclusively in English. Unlike the Portal series, Starter is a reprint set with cards originating from Portal, Portal Second Age as well as some functionally simple cards from the core set and expert level sets. Additionally it contained 26 new cards, some of which have been reprinted in the meanwhile.

Starter Demogame boosters were given away as a free product to advertise Magic: The Gathering. Aside from the tip and rebate cards, they contain 24 standard Starter cards.

Starter Demogame boosters were also offered in the Guru program.

The Starter Demogame booster contains 24 cards (by order of appearance):
* Island C
* Merfolk of the Pearl Trident C
* Plains C
* Knight Errant C
* Island C
* Wind Drake C
* Island C
* Royal Falcon C
* Sea Eagle C
* Giant Octopus C
* Eager Cadet C
* Plains C
* Mountain C
* Mon's Goblin Raiders R
* Forest C
* Moon Sprite U
* Mountain C
* Goblin Hero R
* Forest C
* Bull Hippo U
* Grizzly Bears C
* Forest C
* Ogre Warrior C
* Willow Elf C
* Starter Rebate Card
* Starter Tip Card
* Instruction sheet

Starter Demogame booster (WOC17077)

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