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Unhinged released on November 19, 2004 is the second in a series of wacky Magic sets focusing around parodies and inside jokes in and around the world of Magic: The Gathering. Six years after the release of its predecessor Unglued, Unhinged is a second attempt to probe the public demand of tournament-illegal, nonserious Magic cards on the market. After the initially poor sales of Unglued, the originally planned and halfway developed sequel set called Unglued 2 was cancelled. Many cards and design ideas from this set and already commissioned artwork were inserted into regular expert level sets. Over the years, however, Unglued gained reputation and the public request for another Unglued-like set became louder, until Wizards of the Coast finally decided to give it another try.

The set consists of 141 different cards. Like Unglued, all the cards are silver-bordered except the five black-bordered basic lands which are highly desired because of their nonstandard layout. Some of the foil versions of these cards instrumentalize the foil layer itself for additional visual effects. The set is only available in English due to the difficulty to translate all the funny connotations.

Hidden message
Much like Unglued before it, each card in the Unhinged set, including Super Secret Tech has a single word printed on the bottom of the card after the artist's name and card number. When all cards are placed in the proper order with other cards in the series they spell out a "secret message" detailing cards that allegedly did not make it into the set. Placing all the Unhinged cards in reverse alphabetical order will cause the following message to appear:

"Here are some more cards that didn't make it: Moronic Tutor; Lint Golem; Wave of Incontinence; I'm Quitting Magic; Bob from Accounting; Castrate; Mishra's Bling Bling; Dead Bunny Isle; Circle of Protection: Pants; Time Fart; Sliver and Onions; Kobold Ass Master; Thanks, Barn; Mild Mongrel; Robo-Samurai; Obligatory Angel; Chump-Blocking Orphan; Wrath of Dog; Celery Stalker; Hugs-a-lot Demon; Assticore; Codpiece of the Chosen; Hurl; What the Cluck?!; Nachomancer; Scrubotomy; Arcbound Noah; Darksteel Spork; Look at Me, I'm Accounts Receivable; Hydro Djinn; Bad Stone Rain Variant; S.O.B.F.M.; Pinko Kami; Purple Nurple; Form of Uncle Istvan; Them's Fightin' Wards; Spleen of Ramos; Fifteenth Pick; Squizzle, Goblin Nabizzle; Zombie Cheerleading Squad; Two-Way Myr; Bone Flute 2: Electric Boogaloo; Magic Offline; Nutclamp; Bwahahahaaa!; Dragon Ass; Phyrexian Sno-Cone Machine; Chimney Pimp; R.T.F.C.; Greased Weasel; Flame War; We Don't Need No Stinkin' Merfolk; Ting!; and Disrobing Scepter (again!)."

One card, called Super Secret Tech, only exists as a foil rare card and technically affects the foil card concept as a whole. Its rarity is supposedly ten times more common than that of other Unhinged foil rare cards.

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Super Secret Tech Original Art by Dan Frazier

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