Unglued Tokens

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The Unglued set was a special silver-bordered set full of weird and wacky cards that were not tournament legal. But included in the set were 6 Tokens.

Unglued Booster Box

Unglued Booster

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1998 - Unglued Tokens
00189/94 Woods PegasusMark ZugUnglued Boosters1998-06
00290/94 Dental SoldierDaren BaderUnglued Boosters1998-06
00391/94 Thrull Zombie TokenChristopher RushUnglued Boosters1998-06
00492/94 Flavatog GoblinPete VentersUnglued Boosters1998-06
00593/94 Cereal SheepKev WalkerUnglued Boosters1998-06
00694/94 Killer SquirrelRon SpencerUnglued Boosters1998-06