RPG Magazine Inserts

Index | 1996-1997

RPG Magazine has been published by Hobby Japan Co from May 1990 till August 1999 (Issue 112). Prerelease cards of the Japanese version of Mirage, Visions, and Fifth Edition were added in a sealed pack inside the magazine. Those cards were having different flavor text or different font style.

RPG #79 magazine (November 1996)

RPG #82 magazine (February 1997)

RPG #85 magazine (May 1997)

1996-1997 - RPG Magazine Inserts
001 砂州のクロコダイル
Sandbar Crocodile
Una FrickerRPG #79 magazine addition1996-11YES 
002 ザルファーの騎士
Zhalfirin Knight
John BoltonRPG #79 magazine addition1996-11YES 
003 金切り声のドレイク
Shrieking Drake
Ian MillerRPG #82 magazine addition1997-02YES 
004 タールルームの勇者
Talruum Champion
Pete VentersRPG #82 magazine addition1997-02YES 
005 命の川
Stream of Life
Terese NielsenRPG #85 magazine addition1997-05YES