Magic Colosseo (Japanese)

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The Japanese Arena league ended on January 2008, the new league "Magic Colosseo" started February 2008 to finish October 2008.

There was no Magic Colosseo Promo card for April 2008 and the one for July 2008 was the Mind Stone same as the October 2007 Arena League X Edition season prize.

The Lava Axe and Gravedigger were never released but extremely few of them ended up in the wild

Errors, Misprints and Typos
Lava Axe 2008: Only card with a 13/0 DCI Number known so far and with Magic The Gathering watermark instead of DCI.

2008 - Magic Colosseo (Japanese)
00113/0 DCIFoil溶岩の斧
Lava Axe
Ray LagoSource unknown2008YES 
00214 DCIFoil主の戦術家
Cenn's Tactician
Steven BelledinMagic Colosseo Prize2008-03YES 
00315 DCIFoilウーナの黒近衛
Oona's Blackguard
Darrell RicheMagic Colosseo Prize2008-02YES 
00416 DCIFoilグレイブディガー
Tony SzczudloSource unknown2008YES 
00517 DCIFoilボガートの突撃隊
Boggart Ram-Gang
Lucio ParrilloMagic Colosseo Prize2088-06YES 
00618 DCIFoil萎れ葉の騎兵
Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers
Steven BelledinMagic Colosseo Prize2008-05YES 
00719 DCIFoilデュルガーの垣魔道士
Duergar Hedge-Mage
Thomas M. BaxaMagic Colosseo Prize2008-09YES 
00820 DCIFoilセルキーの垣魔道士
Selkie Hedge-Mage
Brandon KitkouskiMagic Colosseo Prize2008-08YES