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Magic Open House is a Wizards Play Network event planned on the Saturday before each set's Prerelease. It was introduced for the Amonkhet release on Saturday, April 15, 2017. This new event encourages casual fun for new players and easy, league-style Standard play with a Welcome Deck and a participation promo reward.

Starting with Ixalan, a Full-art Ixalan promo preview card was given.

Magic Open House Ixalan promotional kit

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2017 - Magic Open House Promos
001130/279 P OpenHouseFoilWalk the PlankChristopher MoellerIxalan Magic Open House participation bonus2017-09-16YES 

2018 - Magic Open House Promos
001053/196 P Open HouseFoilSilvergill AdeptSlawomir ManiakRivals of Ixalan Magic Open House participation bonus2018-01-06YES 
002168/269 P Open HouseFoilLlanowar ElvesVictor Adame MinguezDominaria Magic Open House participation bonus2018-04-14YES 
003145/280 P Open HouseFoilGuttersnipeIzzyCore Set 2019 Magic Open House participation bonus2018-06-30YES 
004156/259 P Open HouseFoilBoros ChallengerLucas GracianoGuilds of Ravnica Magic Open House participation bonus2018-09-22YES