Unofficial token dump

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Unofficial token dump

Post by BreakingRalter » Sun Feb 08, 2015 8:01 am

Hi everyone! I am a very big fan of unoffical tokens and I just finished scanning a bunch and thought I would share. These are mostly newer ones from around the web so you will also find links to them and some notes. I know that some of these have appeared before and if so here they are again just to be safe. Hope you all enjoy them and that this is useful for archival purpose. Fronts and backs of everything have been scanned. If anyone has questions just let me.

rk Post - Ah! So many! Obtained some in-person, but most from his website ( I'm already falling behind and am missing 2 older ones. I uploaded them in the same order he has them on his site. From newest to oldest. Mine start on page 3 of his token section. The last set contains my rk Posse card (fan club). If you place an order you can add this to your cart for free! This last set also contains an exclusive holiday token and a custom sketched token.

Steve Argyle - The first 4 images are deck backers purchased from ABUGames. Checkout the Steve Argyle supplies section. In the last set of cards the first 6 are from the Ascended Minion Project, Steve's fan-run fanclub. If you have never heard of this then you should definitely check out this tumblr page ( Its a great community and you get a membership card, still waiting on mine, and random goodies. The last 3 more traditional tokens were included in an artist proof purchase directly from Steve.

Christopher Rush - These were all obtained in-person during a signing. The bottom right Dragon is a custom sketch on a blank card. The Germ was a ChannelFireball exclusive.

Donato Giancola - Not really tokens as they are oversized. Received them when I purchased some artist proofs from his website ( I am not sure if it standard practice for him to throw these in for free as they are available under the prints tab for $5.

Aaron Miller - Available on his website ( I only have one, but there are plenty more and I have some in the mail currently. Will update upon arrival.

The Gathering - Sketch cards from The Gathering kickstarter.

StarCity Games - Creatures came from online purchases and players came from SCG events. Only exception is Tom Ross, came in the mail during January. I have a few duplicates of the creature collection and noticed that it is possible for duplicate tokens to have different backs. I will update with a scan of my duplicates if anyone is interested.

ChannelFireball - Pretty sure these have been on here already. Last two are foil, rest are not. Picked the nonfoils up for free at GPs and the foils came from orders made on their website. It is unfortunately possible to receive nonfoils with your order.

Brainstorm Brewery - Available here ( Note that the Kraken is done by rk Post! There also appears to be a new one that I don't have yet. Need to change that...

Crazy Clowns - I know I know... These have been posted a billion times, but I'm just curious if mine are real. I know its super tough to tell, but any input would be appreciated. I believe the zombie is 7th, angel is 8th, and the rest are 9th edition.

One Mad Fish - These were obtained from this ebay store ( The quality is solid and I liked the art on these particular ones.

Saito Tokens - These can be found here ( Missing a few. Someone else uploaded frontal scans of some of these and there are some noticeable differences between those and a few of mine.

c3tokens - Available here ( These are custom done by a community organizer. Plenty more there than what I have.

The Discard Pile - Can be found here ( ... ure-tokens) or on ebay. Note that there are two versions; those with a border and those without. I only have a full set of bordered cards and only one example of the borderless.

Face to Face Games - These are given out for free at their dealer tables at major events. Can also be found here ( ... ?query=sal).

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Post by mystical_tutor » Mon Feb 09, 2015 4:13 pm

Wow! Great bunch of tokens. I am so overwhelmed by WotC tokens that I have never focused on unoficial tokens The few I have are bits and pieces of stuff that SCG or some other seller has sent me.

Thanks much for sharing this. I like the way you seperated it by artist too, I hadn't realized some artists had so much with tokens. It is inetesting how Donato got around the copyright problem on the back of the Magic card.

You may want to put these in the Collections section too. As you build this it would be a very welcome addition.

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Post by BreakingRalter » Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:30 pm

Glad you liked them! The artist tokens are actually my favorite to collect and something I wish more artists did. If anyone knows of artists that do this, please let me know. This is sort of why I opted to put these here first rather than the collection section (although as per your suggestion I will get it there too), to see if any members could point me to cool stuff that I am missing. Also I intend to add an "extras" section for trades since I have a decent amount of duplicates. Updates to come.

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Post by hammr7 » Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:46 am

If you dig in the old posts, I gave information on how to tell whether 7th or 8th edition tokens are real or unauthorized reprints. Your 9th series tokens should be real, as I never found problems with any tokens except 7th and 8th series.

Some reprints have horrible ink. Either the black on the edge is turning brownish purple, or the focus of the art is blurry. But there are some reprints that look pretty good. For these, the definitive test is to weigh the tokens.

The card stock for real Crazy Clown tokens is slightly thinner than that for the unauthorized reprints. This is reflected in their thickness (often hard to measure for individual cards) or in their weight. Real tokens weigh 1.97 grams +/- 0.05 grams, with a maximum token weight of 2.02 grams.

"Fake" tokens weigh 2.13 grams +/- 0.06 grams, with a minimum weight of 2.07 grams. If you have a good enough scale (that measures down to .001 gram or less) you can easily determine if your tokens are real. if you have any Jose Magic tokens, they weigh the same as the fake reprints.

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Post by BreakingRalter » Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:09 am

Great information, thanks a lot. Ink looks pretty good so looks like I need to weigh them. Even if fake they are cool pieces, but I feel as though I need to know just for myself.

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Post by dragsamou » Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:22 pm


Great topic, I love Unofficial Tokens and cards, but there's so many existing. You can find a lot of them in that Section, if you didn't went through it already, some were done by MTG Artists: Unofficial Counters and Tokens
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Post by BreakingRalter » Sun Feb 22, 2015 6:07 pm

The Unofficial token counter and token section was definitely inspiration for collecting and this post. So much good stuff there and I hope all this helps add to it!

Ok, so big update, but as per some suggestions here I moved it over to the collection section. Link HERE. I will continue to keep it updated there.

Updates include: More Aaron Miller tokens, more rk Post tokens, Clint Cearley tokens, and I added a bunch of artist proofs. Also added scans of what variations I have for SCG token backs.

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