Promos, JAP promos, Naughty/Nice for sale

Personal offers and search inquiries about promotional, misprinted, and unofficial Magic items.

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Promos, JAP promos, Naughty/Nice for sale

Post by Jess » Thu Jan 10, 2013 9:19 pm

Hi members,

Cards are in mint/near-mint condition unless otherwise specified.
Paypal accepted, Paypal fees and shipping fees are on you.

Hasbro promos
Snow mercy 65€
Yule ooze 25€
Naughty/Nice 95€

Japanese promos
Guul Draz Assassin 8€
Birds of paradise 16€
Go for the throat x2 - 10€/pièce
Inferno titan 8€
Hero of bladehold 8€
Sun titan x2 10€/pièce
Signal pest 8€
Celestial Colonnade 8€
Slith firewalker 5€
Wee dragonauts 5€

And many other older promos and random cards I'm too lazy to list here :-\' ... User=61747

Artist for Neo-Token.

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