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Best place to buy a full set

Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:47 am
by GlobalBoosterHunter
Hi, I am thinking I might just buy a few sets of more recent MtG sets. Looking for recommendations of where to get them.

Last time I did this was around Torment and I picked up some complete sets from eBay at what I figured was a decent price at the time, they were auctions so I obviously spent more money than anyone else wanted to spend.

Now that I am looking at playing again and have gotten into Commander it is good to know that I already own several of the good cards and I only need one of each.

Given the opportunity I would love to buy boxes and then just crack them but while I can smuggle some cards into the house unnoticed I know I will get caught if I start spreading out too much and ripping boosters.

I am thinking it is worth buying a set of just the commons and uncommons and just picking up the rares as they rotate out?

Do they usually come with lands and tokens as part of the sets?

They are pretty expensive to get locally in Australia, about four times the cost of getting them from the states, but the eBay postage is about twice the cost of the cards. I am guessing they have more supply in the states :)

I have looked at Magic Card Market and it is also pricey.

Is it worth it to get the Factory sealed sets or do you pay too much of a premium for those? They look pretty decent and the cards should be nice and mint.

Re: Best place to buy a full set

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:43 pm
by LandDestroyer
i used use ebay and it worked out pretty well. you know what sets you're looking for? in 2018 i plan to sell off my entire collection (except lavamancers). ive got a complete set of unlimited (most a complete playset of non-restricted cards) i want to sell off, 4 complete sets of revised, a couple complete sets of chronicles, then playsets of most sets from rtr block, ktk block etc probably.

Re: Best place to buy a full set

Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:24 am
by GlobalBoosterHunter
Ebay has been good to me in the past, particularly auctions but most are buy-it-now prices only so although there is a lot on offer, they are not bargain basement prices and I never know if they are overpriced, with a bit of research I can find the rough prices, there is enough info on the internet.

A couple of the members also have impressive sets and I would rather give them the money than eBay so it looks like I might find some here.

I have put together a few myself

fallen empires
Ice Age

And bought complete sets

5th dawn

I prefer putting them together for the thrill but I am way behind now and boosters got real expensive real quick!