WOC Numbers for different languages

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WOC Numbers for different languages

Post by dragsamou » Fri Mar 30, 2018 8:13 am

Starting with Fifth Edition, WotC wanted to test the market for different languages beside the ones that were already used. Inside sealed Demo Game Boosters, Starter decks or Two player Starter Sets, you will find cards in English but with rules from different countries. Those were provided in few different MTG shops mainly in Europe, as testing products and in very limited quantities.
For each country a WOC number was provided as well as for sealed products with mixed languages rules. From 35 to 40, I do miss some WOC numbers for languages or mixed languages. Maybe some members can help, to complete the list.

Fifth Edition
Sixth Edition
Seventh Edition
Introductory Two-Player Set
Portal Second Age
Starter 2000
WOC numbers starting by:

French: 20
German: 21
Japanese: 22
Portuguese: 23
Spanish: 24
Italian: 25
Korean: 26
Chinese Traditional: 27
Chinese Simplified: 28
English (U.K.): 29

Dutch: 30
4 Scandinavian languages (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish): 31
Polish/Russian/Hungarian/Czech: 32
Russian: 33
Greek/Turkish or Greek/Hebrew/Turkish: 34
35: ?
36: ?
37: ?
38: ?
Danish: 39

40: ?
Finnish: 41
Norwegian: 42
Polish: 43
Swedish: 44
Turkish: 45
Greek: 46
47: EXISTS ?

As a reminder an old topic about some of those:

Subsections links:
http://www.magiclibrarities.net/608-rar ... index.html
http://www.magiclibrarities.net/477-rar ... index.html
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