MTG Silent Auction (via Julie Baroh)

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MTG Silent Auction (via Julie Baroh)

Post by mwagee » Thu Jul 03, 2014 12:00 am

More information via

Before making any bid online, please read and follow event rules. Krab Jab Studio admins reserve the right to reject any bid that does not adhere to auction rules and regulations.
-This auction begins July 4th at 12 pm and ends at July 5th 12 am PST. Any bids entered before or after the time line will be disqualified
-Bidders cannot bid more than $50 over previous bid or starting bid.
-Bidders must bid in round increments of $5 or more, not to exceed $50 at a time.
-Additional commenting (other than bids) will be struck from the bidding threads by Admins.
-If there is a complaint or concern, PM one of the Admins to bring it to our attention.
-Final bid on any item will then become the starting bid for the live art auction event July 5th. The highest online bidders will be notified via PM prior to live event.
Auction Policy
Bidders understand and agree to the following:
-Must be 18 or over to bid
-Winning bidders will be notified if they have won the auction within 48 hours of the July 5th event.
-Bidder must provide contact valid contact information after first notification of winning bid.
-Winning bidders have 24 hours to respond and pay for their item from time of notification. If bidder does not respond or cannot pay, the next highest bidder will be contacted. NO EXCEPTIONS.
-Bidders agree to pay via VISA, MasterCard.
-Bidders agree to pay for all shipping and any applicable insurance in addition to item.
-Bidder may arrange pickup of item at gallery.
Bidders will not hold Krab Jab Studio accountable for any lost or damage items in transit. Additionally, all donated items are in "as is" condition; there are no returns or exchanges of any items. Krab Jab Studio is not held accountable for any condition issues of any item in auction.
Krab Jab Studio is not a charity, and this fundraising campaign is not a tax deductible donation. Net proceeds of auction and event will go to the family of Mariah Boehm.

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