Looking for anyone who has a good idea...

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Looking for anyone who has a good idea...

Post by Gryfalia » Tue Oct 03, 2006 4:14 pm

on how to get German card games (not Magic) wholesale from Germany.

My Bricks and Mortar store (Gryfalia's Aerie) goes live today, and one big thing I am missing from my stock are German card games that have yet to be translated into English (at least not that I know of).

Examples... (and pardon my likely poor spelling)

Die Sieben Siegel
Schnappen Jagd

Some, of course, exist with 'similar' english versions, but I would like to get the actual games by name if possible.

Soooo, any hard working folks out there in Europe know how someone can wholesale them directly? My 'normal' wholesalers here in the US don't have them. Heck, if someone knows a US wholesaler that has them I would appreciate that too.



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Post by Rainsford » Wed Oct 04, 2006 4:57 am


I used to be the board game buyer for Global Games Distribution.


When I was there we had a number of imports. Especially from Drei Magier Spiel and the Rio Grande stuff.

The problem is, though, the European companies WANT to sell the rights for USA published version, and as soon as they sell those rights, they will not sell the European versions to US distributors.

What FunAgainGames.com does is buy direct from the manufacturers in Europe and have pallets shipped via boat to the US. But they do hundreds of thousands in sales each year (I would think.)

A lone store gaining access to the games will be very, very tough. And you would be charging 2x standard retail just to cover the shipping costs if you did it on your own - ordering small quantities.

BUT if you want to persue it, try contacting some of the European distributors. They *might* sell to you, depending on the volume.

Here are some of the European distributors to check on:

- Hobbygames, Ltd. (England)
- Esdevium Games, Ltd. (England)
- Millennium (France)
- Pegasus Spiele (Germany)
- Ulisses Medien & Speil. (Germany)
- Welt Der Spiele (Germany)

Best of luck.

Best regards,


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