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Re: eBay

Post by Allie » Sat Jun 11, 2005 1:18 am

The feedback issue is a tough one. I leave feedback once payment is made because the buyer had lived up to his end of the agreement.

I have had sellers say they will only leave feedback once I leave positive feedback first. I hate that.

It amases me how some people grade the cards on ebay. I try to undergrade so as to have no unpleasant surprises. The highest grade I usually give is Very Fine/Near Mint, and that is if I can see no whitening on edges and the card looks unplayed. Since I am only selling them, I cannot say a card is mint and unplayed when I don't personally know that fact.

What is truly amasing is that only two people have asked for additional information or scans on cards (and both were looking for Alt. Fourth cards).

I only buy things on ebay to where I really don't care if they are in pristine condition ... unless I personally know the seller or have purchased several items from them and know them to be honest.

You collectors have it tough. It is hard to get money back, especially on such a subjective thing as grading.

I've noticed the quality of photos on Magic cards seem to have gone down in ebay over the past few months. Has anyone else noticed that? There also seem to be less descriptions than when I first got into MTG.

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