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Lu Bu with no symbol

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2005 2:10 am
by Mirror_Lich
Hi guys, wondering if this has already been addressed or not, but I pulled a normal Lu Bu out of some sealed product, only it had no P3K symbol on it. The card is identical to all other Lu Bu's, I own just... no symbol.

Also, did P3K have a filler card? If not, maybe this is it? Or maybe a prerelease that got forgotten? Anyways.. please let me know if there's any info on him. I tried the search engine, but got no good results.

And, off topic, I need a PR stamped April 29. Anyone out there help me? I have extra of the others if it matters... Thanks!

Re: Lu Bu with no symbol

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2005 2:45 am
by Celebrindor
Well, this would not count as a filler card.  Fillers are cards that are printed in the corner of the sheet, to take up whatever space is left, and are thus completely devoid of text and art and so forth.  Furthermore, a P3K filler wouldn't be more special than any other fillers (for example, certain fillers were found in packs of several sets, but are indistinguishable from one another nonetheless.)

For whatever reason (i'm not sure we have a satisfactory explanation, correct me if i'm wrong), but the April 29th ones are significantly harder to find than the July 4th ones....

Also, this would go under 'Trading General,' 'Information,' or 'Promotional, Misprinted, etc...' - there are not supposed to be new threads started in the archive.