Future Sight: Boosters et Booster Box packaging

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Future Sight: Boosters et Booster Box packaging

Post by k005342 » Tue Feb 27, 2007 10:20 pm

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Post by Raven_Fire » Thu Mar 01, 2007 3:52 am

The bottom guy's sword looks a lot like Dakkon Blackblade's.

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Booster Packs

Post by equi-nox76 » Thu Mar 01, 2007 8:05 am

The Dragon looks like a Hellkite, the Angel will be Akroma as an Artifact

Akroma's Memorial 7
Legendary Artifact
Creatures you control gain Flying, first strike, vigilance, trample, haste, protection from black, protection from red.

and the last one could really be Dakkon :-)


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