Kamigawa Figures

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Kamigawa Figures

Post by rg » Mon Feb 07, 2005 5:34 pm

For those who have not noticed:



Limited to 5000 per figure worldwide.

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Re: Kamigawa Figures

Post by l0qii » Mon Feb 07, 2005 5:55 pm

I think 5000 is actually pretty high limit for stuff like this. Most high quality figures I see made are limited to 200,500, 1000...
Assuming they actually get released this time, I think they're be easy to acquire, at least in the US, through any comic or gaming store. They look amazing though!
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Re: Kamigawa Figures

Post by Dilligaf » Tue Feb 08, 2005 2:21 am

5000 is a pretty good number, most statues (comic related at least) are in the 2-3000 range

"rare" ones have a limit of like 1500 or so.. others go as high as 10000, 15000 etc.
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