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Post by Magic61983 » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:47 pm

Nice one Ben. I'm sure you have more tricks up your sleeve then just that miscut. Lets see a few others. :-D
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Post by thulnanth » Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:26 am

Blood wrote:I also have a project that is a few years old that I am building EDH decks that are ALL artists proofs. The caveat here is I can only get cards from artists I meet in person. I do not buy them off of players, from ebay, in collections or through the mail from artists. This is a personal goal of mine and 1 of the decks is almost complete and come GenCon this summer I think I will be done. Spectrum was a huge help (and a huge cost). I have some great cards for these decks, but obviously they are not 100% optimal lists since I can not get to see all artists. I can't wait to drop my Moat proof in a game for the first time. I will tell you that the basic lands are the hardest to get. Since it is EDH I am only getting 1 of each land picture in there, and it is tough to find 30 or so Unique basics of each color.

I just recently opened a small shop so my playing time is severely limited with a full time job and now a shop on weekends, so many of these decks have alot of dust on them, but I will gladly play any members here if I meet you at a convention! Happy EDHing. Jason
Hey Jason,

At the rate you were picking up AP's at Spectrum, I figure you could build a dozen EDH decks :-D . Congrats on the shop... but sorry on the lack of free time. My wife and daughters said they'd love to visit KC again - if there is a show next year bring some decks, and we'll get in a few games (others can join too).

Take it easy,
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Post by Tristal » Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:39 pm

EDH has been fantastic for me both in terms of collecting incentive and finances. I got into the format early enough where one of my favorite stories was at Grand Prix DC a couple years back agonizing over getting a foil Japanese Vendilion Clique for $35 :-D

But better than seeing great deals become crazy deals years later, is having the incentive to keep collecting. I don't have the time to play Standard or Legacy anymore, so collecting had really gotten too robotic and methodical for me. Now when I see something cool in a binder, I don't just think to myself "that will go great in a box in my closet!" instead now I think of the cool possibilities it might have in a Commander deck.

If you've lost that incentive over the years, I really suggest you pick up EDH. It'll remind you of the time when you were first learning to play on the kitchen table!

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Post by mystical_tutor » Fri Jun 08, 2012 7:06 pm

I have gotten 4 of my old friends back into Magic with EDH. The thing that draws them and has them playing at home now is that they are using the PCD's that were published. As you know these decks, as with meny, seldom play the same way twice.

It has kept them intrigued and I'm really happy with it.


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