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On special occasions, WOTC creates commemorative cards in honor of some employees or former employees.

Luc Mertens, Business Unit Manager Games retired on September 1, 2013 from Cartamundi after 33 years. He has been involved with Magic: The Gathering from the beginning. He has worked at Carta Mundi in Turnhout, Belgium and in Dallas, Texas.

The WOTC Art Dept. made this Commemorative card in his honor.

The card has the same size, thickness and MTG back like a standard card. 20 were given to him or also family, friends, WOTC employees, etc.

In 2017, 3 different Heroes of the Realm 2016 cards were given to WotC employees with their names printed on the card to recognize the success of several products, they do have a unique back. They exist also as oversized cards but with no name of the recipient:
Chandra, Gremlin Wrangler illustrated by Kari Christensen for the Planeswalker Decks team: Doug Beyer, Mark Globus, Lisa Hanson, Shawn Main, Adam Prosak, Christine Risinger, Brian Trunk
Dungeon Master illustrated by Mike Burns for the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition team: Jeremy Crawford, Mike Mearls, ?, ?.The Dungeon Master was featured in the 80's cartoon "Dungeons and Dragons" (September 17, 1983 December 7, 1985).
Nira Hellkite Duelist illustrated by Yoichi Ito for the Duel Masters team: ?. The illustration was taken from the Super Rare card Mega Dragnai Dragon from DMX-23 Mystery Teach Deck Level MAX Pack.

It is not known how many cards were given to each employees. No further info is available at the moment.

Chandra, Gremlin Wrangler Full Art by Kari Christensen
Chandra, Gremlin Wrangler oversized with 2016 Heroes plaque in WotC's office.

Dungeon Master with printed name of the recipient: Jeremy Crawford and Mike Mearls.

Dungeon Master - Heroes of the Realm sketch and Full Art by Mike Burns.

Duel Masters Super Rare card Mega Dragnai Dragon illustrated by Yoichi Ito.

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Images - Special Commemorative and Recognition Cards
001 Luc MertensWotC Art DeptCommemorative card for the retirement of Luc Mertens from Carta Mundi2015YES 
002001/003 P Heroes 2016 Chandra, Gremlin WranglerKari ChristensenWotC Heroes 2016 Planeswalker Decks Employee Reward Card2017YES 
003002/003 P Heroes 2016 Dungeon MasterMike BurnsWotC Heroes 2016 Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition Employee Reward Card2017YES 
004003/003 P Heroes 2016 Nira Hellkite DuelistYoichi ItoWotC Heroes 2016 Duel Masters Employee Reward Card2017YES