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Magic at New York Comic Con

*Stop by booth 1629 at New York Comic Con on 2009 February 6-8 to see the latest offerings from Magic: The Gathering.

Demos will be running daily for Magic: The Gathering, Magic: The Gathering Online v3.0, and the new offering for Xbox Live Arcade – Duels of the Planeswalkers. Steward of Valeron foil cards, tote bags and Magic Online promotional codes† will be given out to those who demo these products*.

Wizards of the Coast has a full schedule of gaming planned for New York Comic Con 2009. Stop by to enter Magic: The Gathering convention league, the Conflux release tournament, the Legacy tournament, or the other great events that will be run throughout the weekend. Magic tote bags, deck boxes and life counters will be given out to all participants*. A full schedule of events is available at Additional fees may apply for some events.

For those players only interested in participating in Magic events all weekend, New York Comic Con and Wizards have teamed up in 2009 to bring you a $15 3-day gaming badge that allows you entrance to the gaming area and the Javits Galleria(x).

The Steward of Valeron was given at different conventions or events in Europe.

Steward of Valeron full art by Greg Staples.

*Dengeki Character Festival 2009 was held in Chiba-ken Makuhari Messe Japan on October 03-04, 2009. During that event some MTG Promos were given.

Dengeki Character Festival 2009 Logo

Shepherd of the Lost full art by Kekai Kotaki.

*The different Convention Promos were available at Comic Con International in San Diego, Gen Con, PAX East, PAX Prime, as well as some number of smaller conventions in the United States. The European Convention Promos were available at different conventions in Europe.


Kor Skyfisher full art by Dan Scott.

Ratti Spietati (Relentless Rats) full art by Thomas M. Baxa.


Bloodthrone Vampire full art by Steve Argyle.


Merfolk Mesmerist full art by Jana Schirmer & Johannes Voss.


Chandra's Fury full art by Volkan Baga.


From Hipsters of the

*On Friday night, across the world, the Magic community was getting its first hands-on look at Born of the Gods, the middle set of the Theros block, at the midnight pre-releases held the First of February 2014. What some people found, however, was a special promotional card, with a mysterious string of numbers on the back. The card, purportedly illustrated by rk post, and the serial number on the back, was in fact the first piece of a viral marketing campaign led by Wizards to promote their new multiplayer set, Conspiracy.


Magister of Worth
It was supposed to be a routine pre-release tournament for a small set in the middle of winter. These things usually go according to plan. You get your packs, build your pool, play a few rounds of sealed with an inordinate amount of judge calls, and finally you hope to go home with a few extra boosters in your backpack. But this weekend was a little bit different. Wizards decided to throw a little viral marketing into the Born of the Gods tournaments this weekend, slipping a promo card with a strange expansion symbol into a very small number of pre-release packs. Initially, a store in the Philippines shared these images on their Facebook page.

The initial responses from the community shouldn’t be too surprising. There was a healthy mix of doubt and excitement. Within a few hours though, the doubters were silenced as the legitimacy of the card became apparent when the serial number on the back was deciphered. As the weekend went on, several more copies of the card popped up across the world including one in London which, at the time of writing was being offered on eBay for $1,000 (free shipping).

Cogwork Librarian
Things started to get really interesting though when the serial number was revealed to actually be a telephone number 14252042672. 425 is the area code for phone numbers in the same town as Wizards is headquartered, suburbs of Seattle, WA. Upon calling the number, a string of characters was provided to you (spacing courtesy of Gathering Magic):

Wizards of The Coast - Crypto

This turned out to be a cryptogram, with the numbers helping to clue people into the fact that it was a creature card of some sort. The fine folks at the Magic forums on Something Awful did a lot of legwork to de-crypt the card. The cipher was a very straightforward character shift (Wizards didn’t want to make anything too challenging it seems) and the card translates to this:
Cogwork Librarian {4}
Artifact Creature – Construct
Draft Cogwork Librarian face up. As you draft a card you may draft an additional card from that booster pack. If you do, put Cogwork Librarian into that booster pack.

Obviously this only created more questions than answers, and people turned to several official channels to get the answers they really wanted. The official responses were coy, as expected. Worth Wollpert, on Reddit, simply commented, “hmm.” Over on Mark Roserwater’s tumblr page, his comment was simply, “There is no card called Magister of Worth in Born of the Gods.”

Some more quick sleuthing turned out that a year ago, Wizards registered a trademark for Magic: the Gathering – CONSPIRACY. Speculation is now running rampant that this is the new summer multiplayer set, and will likely be scheduled to come out before Magic 2015 (since it will be using the old card frame, as evidenced by Magister of Worth). From the cards spoiled, it seems safe to say that the set is both meant for multi-player action and meant to be drafted.
There are lots of questions and we’ll just have to wait for answers. In the meantime, bravo to Wizards for another well executed viral marketing campaign. They don’t do these very often, but when they do, it’s a lot of fun. The first one that I can recall was for Planar Chaos, the small winter set in the Time Spiral block. On January 1st, ahead of the release, an image of a 9th Edition Wrath of God appeared on the Daily MTG homepage. A few seconds later it transformed into Damnation. It was an exciting little easter-egg that built up anticipation for the new set. Magister of Worth and Cogwork Librarian should do the same for Conspiracy.

The exact number of the Magister of Worth Promo released with the phone on the back is unknown, but according to my sources at least 20 should exist. They made around 20 and released 10 or more. The supposed other 10 were "held back" as they weren't sure if releasing 10 was enough for anyone to mention anything and make a big buzz about it since no one made any official announcements of any sort. No one is sure about the 10 that didn't get released. They may still be at Wizards or in the wild.

Magister of Worth Special Promo front and back. The phone number on the back of the left Magister of Worth is offset more to the right than any other seen. This was probably the first one they attempted to stamp with their typewriter like device and adjusted to the left their start point for the first digit on all the rest to keep the full phone number more centered on the back of the card.

Magister of Worth full art by rk post.

Stealer of Secrets full art by Michael C. Hayes.


Aeronaut Tinkerer full art by Willian Murai.


HASCON is a forthcoming annual fan convention created by Hasbro to promote its various licensed properties, including G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, Transformers and Magic: The Gathering. The first HASCON is scheduled for September 8–10, 2017, at the Rhode Island Convention Center at Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Three Magic silver-bordered cards made especially for HASCON feature a mashup of Magic and three of the other Hasbro brands.

Hascon Promos product shot

Grimlock, Dinobot Leader Original Art by Tyler Jacobson

Grimlock, Ferocious King full art by Tyler Jacobson

Nerf War full art by Victor Adame Minguez

Sword of Dungeons & Dragons full art by Chris Rahn

Dragon (Ancient Gold Dragon) full art by Autumn Rain Turkel


Deeproot Champion full art by Alex Konstad.

Death Baron full art by Slawomir Maniak.

Serra Angel full art by Scott M. Fischer.


Nightpack Ambusher full art by Sam Rowan.



Ponies: The Galloping is a three-card silver-bordered charity card set for Magic: The Gathering that is a crossover with Hasbro's My Little Pony franchise.

Wizards of the Coast is once again raising funds for Extra Life, benefitting Seattle Children's Hospital—and you can help!

This year our goal is to raise more than ever before through a dedicated product, a creator campaign, Extra Life streams, and auctions for uncut sheets. Join us and help support children in need!

Introducing Ponies: The Galloping! Three silver-bordered Magic cards (one double-sided!) featuring some of our favorite My Little Pony characters.

The Ponies: The Galloping card set will be sold on Oct. 22–Nov. 5 and will cost $50. Wizards of the Coast will donate thirty dollars ($30.00) to Extra Life benefiting Seattle Children's Hospital for each copy of Ponies: The Galloping trading card set it sells.

Ponies: The Galloping product shot

Nightmare Moon full art by John Thacker

Princess Luna full art by John Thacker

Princess Twilight Sparkle full art by Jennifer L. Meyer

Rarity full art by Andrea Radeck

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Conventions Playmats
Launch Party Cards
San Diego Comic Con Promos
The Duelist Inserts

2009 - Convention and Various Promos
Shepherd of the Lost
Kekai KotakiDengeki Character Festival, Chiba Japan2009-10-03/04YES 
002Play Magic 2009FoilSteward of ValeronGreg StaplesLaunch Party participation bonus
New York Comic Con
003Play Magic 2009FoilIntendant de Valéron
Steward of Valeron
Greg StaplesFrench Launch Party participation bonus2009
004Play Magic 2009FoilVogt von Valeron
Steward of Valeron
Greg StaplesGerman Launch Party participation bonus2009
005Play Magic 2009FoilAusiliare di Valeron
Steward of Valeron
Greg StaplesItalian Launch Party participation bonus2009
006Play Magic 2009Foilヴァレロンに仕える者
Steward of Valeron
Greg StaplesDengeki Character Festival, Chiba Japan2009-10-03/04
007Play Magic 2009FoilSenescal de Valeron
Steward of Valeron
Greg StaplesSpanish Launch Party participation bonus2009YES 

2010 - Convention and Various Promos
001MTG 2010FoilKor SkyfisherDan ScottPAX East Boston Participation Bonus
San Diego Comic Con Participation Bonus
003*113/249FoilRatti Spietati
Relentless Rats
Thomas M. BaxaBuying Special pack with either 2 packs of Zendikar, Worldwake, Rise of The Eldrazi or M11 in an Italian participating store2010

2011 - Convention and Various Promos
001MTG 2011FoilBloodthrone VampireSteve ArgylePAX East Boston Participation Bonus2011-03-11
002MTG 2011FoilVampire du trône de sang
Bloodthrone Vampire
Steve ArgyleDifferent French Conventions2011
003MTG 2011FoilVampira del Trono Insanguinato
Bloodthrone Vampire
Steve ArgyleDifferent Italian Conventions2011
004MTG 2011FoilVampiro del trono sangriento
Bloodthrone Vampire
Steve ArgyleDifferent Spanish Conventions2011

2012 - Convention and Various Promos
001MTG 2012FoilMerfolk MesmeristJana Schirmer & Johannes VossPAX East Boston Participation Bonus2012-04-06
002MTG 2012FoilMesmériste ondine
Merfolk Mesmerist
Jana Schirmer & Johannes VossDifferent French Conventions2012
003MTG 2012FoilHypnotisierende Meerfrau
Merfolk Mesmerist
Jana Schirmer & Johannes VossDifferent German Conventions2012
004MTG 2012FoilTritona Mesmerista
Merfolk Mesmerist
Jana Schirmer & Johannes VossDifferent Italian Conventions2012
005MTG 2012FoilTritón hipnótico
Merfolk Mesmerist
Jana Schirmer & Johannes VossDifferent Spanish Conventions2012

2013 - Convention and Various Promos
001MTG 2013FoilChandra's FuryVolkan BagaPAX East Boston Participation Bonus
Vans Warped Tour 2013 at Magic: The Gathering event tent
San Diego Comic Con Participation Bonus
Gamescom Cologne Participation Bonus
002MTG 2013FoilChandras Wut
Chandra's Fury
Volkan BagaGamescom Cologne Participation Bonus2014-08-13

2014 - Convention and Various Promos
001*48/210FoilMagister of Worthrk postBorn of the Gods Prerelease Booster Pack2014-02-01YES 
002MTG 2014FoilStealer of SecretsMichael C. HayesPAX East Boston Participation Bonus
Gamescom Cologne Participation Bonus
003MTG 2014FoilGeheimnisdiebin
Stealer of Secrets
Michael C. HayesGamescom Cologne Participation Bonus2014-08-13YES 
004MTG 2014Foil秘密を盗む者
Stealer of Secrets
Michael C. HayesDifferent Japanese Conventions2014YES 

2015 - Convention and Various Promos
001043/269 P ConventionFoilAeronaut TinkererWillian MuraiPAX South San Antonio Participation Bonus2015-01-23YES 
002043/269 P ConventionFoilLuftfahrender Tüftler
Aeronaut Tinkerer
Willian MuraiDifferent German Conventions2015YES 
003043/269 P ConventionFoilAeronauta Sperimentatore
Aeronaut Tinkerer
Willian MuraiDifferent Italian Conventions2015YES 
004043/269 P ConventionFoilReparador de aeronaves
Aeronaut Tinkerer
Willian MuraiDifferent Spanish Conventions2015YES 
005043/269 P ConventionFoil飛空士の修繕屋
Aeronaut Tinkerer
Willian MuraiDifferent Japanese Conventions2015YES 
006043/269 P ConventionFoil空行修补匠
Aeronaut Tinkerer
Willian MuraiDifferent Simplified Chinese Conventions2015YES 

2016 - Convention and Various Promos

2017 - Convention and Various Promos
007001/004 P Hascon 2017FoilGrimlock, Dinobot Leader/Grimlock, Ferocious KingTyler JacobsonHascon VIP Super Fan – Magic: The Gathering Ticket bonus
Hasbro Toy Shop website Sale
008002/004 P Hascon 2017FoilNerf WarVictor Adame MinguezHascon VIP Super Fan – Magic: The Gathering Ticket bonus
Hasbro Toy Shop website Sale
009003/004 P Hascon 2017FoilSword of Dungeons & DragonsChris RahnHascon VIP Super Fan – Magic: The Gathering Ticket bonus
Hasbro Toy Shop website Sale
010004/004 P Hascon 2017FoilDragon TokenAutumn Rain TurkelHascon VIP Super Fan – Magic: The Gathering Ticket bonus
Hasbro Toy Shop website Sale

2018 - Convention and Various Promos
001185/279 P ConventionFoilDeeproot ChampionAlex KonstadPAX South San Antonio participation bonus for the Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease2018-01-12YES 
002090/280 P ConventionFoilDeath BaronSlawomir ManiakGrand Prix Las Vegas Side Events2018-06-14YES 
008033/269 P ConventionFoilセラの天使
Serra Angel
Scott M. FischerMagic's 25th Anniversary, Tokyo, Japan2018-09-11YES 

2019 - Convention and Various Promos
006185/280 P Convention Nightpack AmbusherSam RowanSigning up to any event at San Diego Comic-Con
Signing up to any event at GenCon
007001/003 PFoilNightmare Moon/Princess LunaJohn ThackerPonies: The Galloping card set2019-10-22YES 
008002/003 PFoilPrincess Twilight SparkleJennifer L. MeyerPonies: The Galloping card set2019-10-22
009003/003 PFoilRarityAndrea RadeckPonies: The Galloping card set2019-10-22

2020 - Convention and Various Promos