Promo CCG- Magyc Splatter

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Promo spoof of Magic the Gathering cards. This one is called Splatter with a Magyc Slackmaster back. The card was produced by CFD Productions. After Joseph Monks split with Joseph Michael Linsner, and Cry for Dawn Productions was dissolved, Monks launched his own publishing company, known as CFD Productions, C.F.D. Productions, or CreativeForce Designs & Productions. Card is not on normal magic stock, seems more like cardboard and is shiny.

The Artist, Randy Zimmerman has been producing comics, in one form or another for most all of his life, from having a comic strip published to his hometown newspaper while still in high school, to having numerous properties and short stories published by a number of publishers, to self publishing his own works from time to time. Randy feels that comics, as an art form will always be his primary choice for self expression and entertainment.

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1995 - Promo CCG- Magyc Splatter
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