Arena League Promos (Japanese)

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The Arena League Japanese program was launched in October 2005 and it was discontinued in January 2008.

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Calciderm 2007: Wrong Artist Matt Cavotta instead of Dave Kendall

Game Japan Nov. 2007 Vol 18 Magazine Promo

2005 - Arena League Promos (Japanese)
0018/8 A05Foil空騎士の軍団兵
Skyknight Legionnaire
Jim MurrayArena League Ravnica: City of Guilds season prize2005-10-07YES 

2006 - Arena League Promos (Japanese)
0016/11 A06Foil酷評
Darrell RicheArena League Guildpact season prize2006-02-03
0027/11 A06Foil小柄な竜装者
Wee Dragonauts
Greg StaplesArena League Guildpact season prize2006-02-03
0038/11 A06Foilとぐろ巻きの巫女
Coiling Oracle
Mark ZugArena League Dissension season prize2006-05-05
0049/11 A06Foilうねる炎
Surging Flame
Ron SpencerArena League Coldsnap season prize2006-07-?
0051 DCIFoilウッド・エルフ
Wood Elves
Rebecca GuayArena League Time Spiral season prize2006-?-?
0062 DCIFoilアイケイシアの投槍兵
Icatian Javelineers
Michael PhillippiArena League Time Spiral season prize2006-?-?
0073 DCIFoil癇しゃく
Fiery Temper
Ben WoottenArena League Time Spiral season prize2006-?-?YES 

2007 - Arena League Promos (Japanese)
0014 DCIFoilブーメラン
Rebecca GuayArena League Planar Chaos season prize
Game Japan Nov. 2007 Vol 18 Magazine Promo
0025 DCIFoilカルシダーム
Dave KendallArena League Planar Chaos season prize2007-09YES 
0036 DCIFoil無謀なるワーム
Reckless Wurm
Greg StaplesArena League Planar Chaos season prize2007-07
0047 DCIFoilイクスリッドの看守
Yixlid Jailer
Alex Horley-OrlandelliArena League Future Sight season prize2007-06
Faerie Conclave
Stephan MartiniereArena League X Edition season prize2007-08
0069 DCIFoilラノワールのエルフ
Llanowar Elves
Anson MaddocksArena League X Edition season prize
Game Japan Nov. 2007 Vol 18 Magazine Promo
00710 DCIFoilモグの狂信者
Mogg Fanatic
Nils HammArena League X Edition season prize2007-10YES 
00811 DCIFoil精神石
Mind Stone
Martina PilcerovaArena League X Edition season prize
Magic Colosseo Prize
0093/3 N08Foil狂い婆
Mad Auntie
Wayne ReynoldsArena League Lorwyn season prize2007-12