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Starting with issue #21, The Duelist magazine featured a monthly column named "Extra Pulled" in which humorous fantasy Magic cards were displayed. They were created by Mark Rosewater, and the artwork was drawn mostly by famous Magic artists. They are all sized correctly and can be cut out to play with them once you glue them onto a MTG card.

Three other fantasy cards appeared in The Duelist. The Islands card was part of an April Fools' Day article. Insectiside was showcased in an article about rejected Tempest cards. The Throat Wolf was presented in a humorous article in Duelist #9 about the infamous Throat Wolf hoax which claimed the existence of an ultra-rare card named Throat Wolf with a mysterious ability called firstest strike. A playtest card named Throat Wolf was also created for the Mirage set and was later printed in Visions as Talruum Champion.

The Duelist was discontinued in September 1999 with issue #41. The Duelist magazine was replaced with Topdeck.

Throat Wolf article by Mike Selinker in Duelist #9 (February 1996). The article detailed the exploits of a reporter tasked to track down the elusive Wolf. He was not successful.

Mirage Throat Wolf playtest card and Visions Talruum Champion
Heart Wolf, Homelands rare. In the earliest days of Magic, there was a running joke on Usenet of a super rare card named Throat Wolf. What the card did always seemed to change. The only constant was that it always had Firstest Strike. For many years R&D always named one card Throat Wolf in design out of a nod to that joke, and even printed Heart Wolf as a wink to the running gag.

The Duelist #9 (February 1996), #10 (May 1996), #20 (December 1997), #21 (January 1998), #22 (February 1998) and #23 (March 1998) magazines

The Duelist #24 (April 1998), #25 (May 1998), #26 (June 1998), #27 (July 1998), #28 (August 1998) and #29 (September 1998) magazines

The Duelist #30 (October 1998), #31 (November 1998), #32 ((December 1998), #33 (January 1999), #34 (February 1999) and #35 (March 1999) magazines

The Duelist #36 (April 1999), #37 (May 1999), #38 ((June 1999), #39 (July 1999) and #40 (August 1999) magazines

Pic of part of the page of the Last Extra Pulled card from The Duelist #40

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Extra Pulled - The Duelist Fantasy Cards
001 Homarid LeperTom WänerstrandThe Duelist #21 magazine fantasy card1998-01YES 
002 Time Walk Variant 23Mark TedinThe Duelist #21 magazine fantasy card1998-01YES 
003 Green Doesn't Suck Now, Dammit!Phil FoglioThe Duelist #22 magazine fantasy card1998-02YES 
004 Armageddon (For Beginners)Corey MacourekThe Duelist #23 magazine fantasy card1998-03YES 
005 What Are You, Chicken?Cy BerspiceThe Duelist #24 magazine fantasy card1998-04YES 
006 Big RedDiTerlizziThe Duelist #25 magazine fantasy card1998-05YES 
007 Squee TriumphantBader/VentersThe Duelist #26 magazine fantasy card1998-06YES 
008 Kill Me Now, PleaseLew SehrThe Duelist #27 magazine fantasy card1998-07YES 
009 Mox Dragon of the LotusPete VentersThe Duelist #28 magazine fantasy card1998-08YES 
010 Amulet of IgnoranceSam WoodThe Duelist #29 magazine fantasy card1998-09YES 
011 Disrobing ScepterRandy ElliottThe Duelist #30 magazine fantasy card1998-10YES 
012 Wall of Ice CreamChippyThe Duelist #31 magazine fantasy card1998-11YES 
013 Orb of MellownessJeff MiracolaThe Duelist #32 magazine fantasy card1998-12YES 
014 Dojo EffectQuinton HooverThe Duelist #33 magazine fantasy card1999-01YES 
015 Target TargetRon SpencerThe Duelist #34 magazine fantasy card1999-02YES 
016 Gratuitous Babe ArtRebecca GuayThe Duelist #35 magazine fantasy card1999-03YES 
017 Double Dog DareDaren BaderThe Duelist #36 magazine fantasy card1999-04YES 
018 Rain of TyposCarl CritchlowThe Duelist #37 magazine fantasy card1999-05YES 
019 Cheat 'Em and WeepRon SpearsThe Duelist #38 magazine fantasy card1999-06YES 
020 Wrath of GodDon HazeltineThe Duelist #39 magazine fantasy card1999-07YES 
021 Extra Pulled from the HeadlinesGalactusThe Duelist #40 magazine fantasy card1999-08YES 

Other - The Duelist Fantasy Cards
001 Throat WolfDan Stephans IIThe Duelist #9 magazine fantasy card1996-02YES 
002 IslandsMark PooleThe Duelist #10 magazine fantasy card1996-05YES 
003 InsecticideCorey MacourekThe Duelist #20 magazine fantasy card1997-12YES