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Havic: The Bothering Rule Card
Source Havic: The Bothering deck1998-05
InfoWelcome to Havic! You are a student battling others in a strange, mysterious world. You and your opponent each have 21 points of sanity. Once a player's sanity has been reduced to zero, he looses. To reduce your opponent's sanity, you will need to recruit peons, create effects, and use articles in any way possible to destroy your opponent before he destroys you. Your deck is your weapon against your worthy foe. It must contain exactly sixty cards. After thoroughly shuffling your deck, each player draws eight cards from the top of the deck. A die is rolled. The player who rolls the highest number goes first. When it is your turn, a player first drops a property card. When whacked, or turned sideways, this card, if this card is a brewery yields one unit of alcohol; a convenience stores yield one unit of cigerettes. You can now use this unit to recruit peons, create effects, and articles as you see fit. Each peon, article, and effect has a creation cost. It is denoted on the top right hand corner of the card. For each beer bootle, or cogarette shown on a card, one and of the same type must be whacked. In the case of peons, the first number in the bottom right hand corner denotes the amount of damage this peon can do to your opponent, or other peons. The second number denotes the amount of damage that it will take to send this peon to the hospital. When a peon first comes into play, he is hung over and can't attack, but he can block if he is not whacked. Your peons can attack only on your turn, and only if it is not hung over or whacked. To attack, you must first announce the attack phase, then whack the peons that are attacking. The opponent then decides which of your peons his peons will block, or he can opt to take the damage himself, reducing his sanity. (though only a peon with stealth can block another peon with stealth). Unlike a peon, once an effect is cast, it goes directly to the hospital. An article also does not work during the turn it comes into play, and like a peon, it must be whacked to have it's effect. Once you are done attacking, it is your opponent'S turn. At the beginning of your nexst turn, all whacked cards, unless otherwise specified, become unwhacked. Good luck! *DO NOT HAVE EACH PLAYER: contruct "their own library of a predetermined number of game components by examining and selecting [the] game components from [a] reservoir of game components" or you may infringe on U.S. Patent No. 5,662,332 to Garfield.