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Cheapass Games is a US company founded in 1996 by James Ernest which specializes in the production of simple and inexpensive games. In 1998, they created two board games, called Landyland and Mana Burn, both of which are meant to be played with Magic cards. Aside from the cards, standard gaming equipment like tokens and dice is needed as well.

10000 copies of Mana Burn and 20000 copies of Landyland were produced and distributed for free on large gaming conventions. The remaining copies were sent back to Cheapass Games and are available for purchase.

Landyland Instructions front and back

Mana Burn Instructions front and back

Landyland - Cheapass Games Board Games
001 LandylandPhil FoglioCheapass Games product
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Mana Burn - Cheapass Games Board Games
000 Mana BurnCheapass Games product
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