Neo-Token Token Cards

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Inspired by the Crazy Clowns tokens, designer Jean-Sébastien "Jess" Grinneiser decided to create his own premium series of token cards for Magic in March 2004. Soon after, six different token cards with a print run of 150 sets depicting Manga style artwork were released one after the other, all featuring heavy cardstock and high-quality lamination on front and back. Due to public demand, a second edition of these token cards was released with a print run of 54 sets, this time featuring a black border to simplify the cutting process.

In summer 2004, Jess was approached by Alexis "dragsamou" Ambrunn who suggested to create a special series of token cards in honor of the Magic Library website. After some debate, it was decided to reprint the first series of token cards yet another time but this time with an altered backside. 250 sets were printed, and all the cards received a unique card number. The sets were sold, initially only to members of the Magic Library forum, in codified packages, together with a separate front sheet which resembled a modified image of the backside of the cards. In addition, 18 blank cards with sketches from Jess were added randomly to the packages.

About half a year after the initial release, a second series of token cards had seen print, again with a print run of 54 sets. While the layout was left unchanged, this time, the artwork was centered around a more sinister theme. The particular token types had been selected in accordance to many requests voiced by collectors.

A third series with a print run of 54 sets appeared half a year later named Laquer Red. This time, the whole art style changed slightly, and softer colors moved the overall presentation away from the classic comic style of the preceding series.

Three tokens so far, the Avatar token, the Dragon token, and the Illusion token, have also been printed in a limited edition featuring a slightly modified design and were handed out at specific events.

All token cards except those from the special series used to be sold as single items on the Neo-Token website. Purchasers of complete sets received a discount.

Neo-Token special series booster pack sheet

Angel and Goblin Tokens Original Limited Prints

Unreleased Soldier Token and Soldier Token Original Limited Prints

Spirit and Promo Dragon Tokens Original Limited Prints

Series 1 Edition 1 - Neo-Token Token Cards
001 Angel TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-03-22YES 
002 Soldier TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-04-01YES 
003 Goblin TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-04-13YES 
004 Artifact TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-05-15YES 
005 Avatar TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-05-21YES 
006 Squirrel TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-05-27YES 

Series 1 Edition 2 - Neo-Token Token Cards
001 Angel TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-06-19YES 
002 Soldier TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-06-19YES 
003 Goblin TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-06-19YES 
004 Artifact TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-06-19YES 
005 Avatar TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-06-19YES 
006 Squirrel TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-06-19YES 

Series 2 - Neo-Token Token Cards
001 Angel TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-09-12YES 
002 Beast TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-09-12YES 
003 Demon TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-09-12YES 
004 Dragon TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-09-12YES 
005 Snake TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-09-12YES 
006 Zombie TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-09-12YES 

Series 3 - Neo-Token Token Cards
001 Artifact TokenJessNeo-Token product2005-04-03YES 
002 Elemental TokenJessNeo-Token product2005-04-03YES 
003 Illusion TokenJessNeo-Token product2005-04-03YES 
004 Insect TokenJessNeo-Token product2005-04-03YES 
005 Spirit TokenJessNeo-Token product2005-04-03YES 
006 Wurm TokenJessNeo-Token product2005-04-03YES 

Special Series - Neo-Token Token Cards
001 Angel TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-06-24YES 
002 Soldier TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-06-24YES 
003 Goblin TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-06-24YES 
004 Artifact TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-06-24YES 
005 Avatar TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-06-24YES 
006 Squirrel TokenjessNeo-Token product2004-06-24YES 
007S1-18 Sketch TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-06-24YES 
008S7-18 Sketch TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-06-24YES 
009S11-18 Sketch TokenJessNeo-Token product2004-06-24YES 

Promo - Neo-Token Token Cards
001 Avatar TokenJessFifth Dawn prerelease participation bonus in Grenoble2004-05-23YES 
002001-100 Dragon TokenJessNeo-Token product at Grand Prix Rimini2004-09-10YES 
003#01/50 Illusion TokenJessNeo-Token product at the Grecon gaming convention in Grenoble2005-04-02YES 
004 Esprit
Spirit Token
JessGAME in Paris2005-04-07YES 
005 Illusion
Illusion Token
JessGAME in Paris2005-04-07YES 
006 Insecte
Insect Token
JessGAME in Paris2005-04-07YES 

Prototype - Neo-Token Token Cards
001 Angel TokenJessUltra Limited Prototype2004YES 
002 Goblin TokenJessUltra Limited Prototype2004YES 
003 Soldier TokenJessUltra Limited Prototype2004YES 

Unreleased - Neo-Token Token Cards
001 Araignée
JessUltra Limited Unreleased2007YES