GamingEtc Token Cards

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GamingEtc is a US fantasy store founded by Howard Greenspan in 1999. In September 2002 they created a series of token cards for Magic the Gathering. Consisting of a print run of 5000 cards, these tokens could either be obtained as a complete set if the purchase value of any trade exceeds $ 25 US, or could be bought individually. Additionally, for every complete set sold, a list card was added. The token cards do not display power and toughness settings to avoid copyright infringement.

Due to the success of their first token series, GamingEtc released a second series of token cards in December 2003, again with a print run of 5000. Like cards of the first series, these tokens could be purchased individually or as a complete set. In addition, complete sets, consisting of one of each token card plus an additional checklist card, were offered in three different versions: a basic edition with an additional randomly chosen token card signed by the appropriate artist in black, a silver edition limited to 500 sets where each token card was signed by the appropriate artist in silver, and a gold edition limited to 100 sets where each token card was signed by the appropriate artist in gold.

Series 1 - GamingEtc Token Cards
001 Bear TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 
002 Cat TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 
003 Dragon TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 
004 Elemental TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 
005 Elephant TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 
006 Insect TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 
007 Soldier TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 
008 Squirrel TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 
009 Zombie TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 

Series 1 Checklist - GamingEtc Token Cards
001 Series 1 Checklist CardSeries 1 token set addition2002-09YES 

Series 2 - GamingEtc Token Cards
0011/9 Angel TokenRebecca GuayGamingEtc product2003-12YES 
0027/9 Beast TokenJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2003-12YES 
0032/9 Bird TokenJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2003-12YES 
0044/9 Demon TokenJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2003-12YES 
0055/9 Dragon TokenJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2003-12YES 
0066/9 Goblin TokenJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2003-12YES 
0079/9 Pest TokenJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2003-12YES 
0083/9 Spirit TokenJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2003-12YES 
0098/9 Wurm TokenJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2003-12YES 

Series 2 Checklist - GamingEtc Token Cards
001 Series 2 Checklist CardSeries 2 token set addition2003-12YES