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GamingEtc is a US fantasy store founded by Howard Greenspan in 1999. In September 2002 they created a series of token cards for Magic the Gathering. Consisting of a print run of 5000 cards, these tokens could either be obtained as a complete set if the purchase value of any trade exceeds $ 25 US, or could be bought individually. Additionally, for every complete set sold, a list card was added. The token cards do not display power and toughness settings to avoid copyright infringement.

Due to the success of their first token series, GamingEtc released a second series of token cards in December 2003, again with a print run of 5000. Like cards of the first series, these tokens could be purchased individually or as a complete set. In addition, complete sets, consisting of one of each token card plus an additional checklist card, were offered in three different versions: a basic edition with an additional randomly chosen token card signed by the appropriate artist in black, a silver edition limited to 500 sets where each token card was signed by the appropriate artist in silver, and a gold edition limited to 100 sets where each token card was signed by the appropriate artist in gold.

At the end of June 2005, GamingEtc released a limited set of 10 Power Nine proxies (5,000 of each was supposed to be the initial printing). The were sold in sealed booster including the P9 plus a Library and one random foil, so 11 cards total for a retail price of $10. If you bought a set of 10 sets you did get a bonus foil set that came sealed. In the first week, 50% of them were sold and they sold out within 2 months of production. Uncut sheets (5 x 10) were also offered (non-foil and foil). In order to avoid breaking any kind of copyrights, the name of the original cards were modified and they were having a specific back. The quality of the proxies is good with a nice gloss and they are slightly taller and thicker than normal MTG cards. A set of dual land proxies was also scheduled but that project never saw the light. WotC due to the use of the names and what they were intended for decided that the already short print run will be cut in half and they said that what was printed could be sold and then done.

Uncut Foil sheet of Power Nine (5 x 10)

Series 1 - GamingEtc Token Cards
001 Bear TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 
002 Cat TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 
003 Dragon TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 
004 Elemental TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 
005 Elephant TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 
006 Insect TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 
007 Soldier TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 
008 Squirrel TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 
009 Zombie TokenAaron RussoGamingEtc product2002-09YES 

Series 1 Checklist - GamingEtc Token Cards
001 Series 1 Checklist CardSeries 1 token set addition2002-09YES 

Series 2 - GamingEtc Token Cards
0011/9 Angel TokenRebecca GuayGamingEtc product2003-12YES 
0027/9 Beast TokenJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2003-12YES 
0032/9 Bird TokenJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2003-12YES 
0044/9 Demon TokenJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2003-12YES 
0055/9 Dragon TokenJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2003-12YES 
0066/9 Goblin TokenJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2003-12YES 
0079/9 Pest TokenJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2003-12YES 
0083/9 Spirit TokenJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2003-12YES 
0098/9 Wurm TokenJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2003-12YES 

Series 2 Checklist - GamingEtc Token Cards
001 Series 2 Checklist CardSeries 2 token set addition2003-12YES 

Power Nine Proxy Cards - GamingEtc Token Cards
0015/9 EmeraldJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0025/9FoilEmeraldJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0033/9 JetJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0043/9FoilJetJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
00510/9 LibraryJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
00610/9FoilLibraryJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0076/9 LotusJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0086/9FoilLotusJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0091/9 PearlJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0101/9FoilPearlJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0119/9 RecallJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0129/9FoilRecallJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0134/9 RubyJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0144/9FoilRubyJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0152/9 SapphireJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0162/9FoilSapphireJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0178/9 TwisterJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0188/9FoilTwisterJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0197/9 WalkJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES 
0207/9FoilWalkJoel EarleyGamingEtc product2005-06YES