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Due to the increasing popularity of token cards, Brian "Elvish Merchant" Hughes, owner of his game and video company Y? Productions, decided to produce his own series of token cards for Magic the Gathering. Two tokens were released in 2002, both measuring about one quarter of a regular Magic card, however, about six months after, Wizards of the Coast accused Mr. Hughes of copyright infringement, and the whole project was discontinued. Three more tokens, a Bird Token, Wurm Token, and Zombie Token were already designed but never became printed. Y? Productions token cards were produced in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and were printed on high-quality cardstock with nice pictures.

Measurements are approximately: 1.73228" x 2.51969" (4.4 cm x 6.4 cm).

Images - Y? Productions Token Cards
001 Elephant TokenY? Productions product2002-01YES 
002 Squirrel TokenY? Productions product2002-01YES