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House Atreides was founded in 1996 and is the oldest Magic single card store in Great Britain. It specializes in role-playing and trading card games.

For the Pro Tour London in 2005, three different Foil or Holo Foil Rat token cards were printed and handed out to visitors of the House Atreides booth located there for free. Around 100 copies of each version were produced, and each version was given out at a different day of the Pro Tour.

House Atreides

Images - House Atreides Token Cards
001FoilRattus Norvegicus Rat TokenPro Tour London attendance bonus2005-07-08YES 
002FoilAlbino Rat Rat TokenPro Tour London attendance bonus2005-07-09YES 
003FoilRattus Rattus Rat TokenPro Tour London attendance bonus2005-07-10YES