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hkmtg.com is the official website of the Hong Kong Magic the Gathering Club. In correspondence with seven other Magic clubs in Hong Kong, its members held a tournament on the 16th and 17th of August in 2003, called the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Cup. About 170 people attended, and each one was handed out an Amilawthe, Mythical Judicator card. This card is the result of an internal contest called "We Make the Card" where all members of the Hong Kong Magic the Gathering Club were allowed to create a new Magic card through a series of votes. Amilawthe is an anagram of "I am the law".

In addition, each participant was given one randomly chosen double-sided token card.

Hong Kong Magic Club Token Cards

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0012003 hkmtg.com Club Amilawthe, Mythical JudicatorLithHKSAR Cup participation bonus2003-08-16YES