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The Scrye magazine debuted in October 1994 in order to cover the new market of trading card games initialized by the overwhelming success of Magic the Gathering. Over the years the content has been adjusted to include trading miniature games and the release frequency was changed from two months to six weeks, but otherwise the magazine has been very consistent. Enduring the rapid regression of the trading card game market beginning in 1996, Scrye has outlived almost every other trading card magazine in the market.

A few older issues of the magazine outsourced checklists of Magic sets and printed them on separate cards.

Scrye issue #15 features an oversized Black Lotus card.

Magazine Ceased Publication in April 2009 with Issue #131

Scrye #8 magazine

Scrye #10 magazine

Scrye #16 magazine

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Scrye Oversized Black Lotus

Images - Scrye Set List Cards
001 Chronicles Set List CardScrye #8 magazine addition1995-07
002 Homelands Set List CardScrye #10 magazine addition1995-08
003 Alliances Set List CardScrye #16 magazine addition1996-09