Arena League Life Counters

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Starting with the new Arena League prize model in 2003, each season the two highest ranked players are rewarded with a special Arena League life counter. Using the standard spinning wheel design, it can track life up to a value of 30 and features artwork of a selected Magic card originating from the respective set the season is synchronized with.

Starting with Betrayers of Kamigawa, these life counters were given out at Release Events instead.

Images - Arena League Life Counters
001 Legions Arena League Life CounterCarl CritchlowArena League Legions season prize2003-02-03YES 
002 Scourge Arena League Life CounterAlex Horley-OrlandelliArena League Scourge season prize2003-05-26YES 
003 Mirrodin Arena League Life CounterArnie SwekelArena League Mirrodin season prize2003-10-06YES 
004 Darksteel Arena League Life CounterMark TedinArena League Darksteel season prize2004-02-06YES 
005 Fifth Dawn Arena League Life CounterMark TedinArena League Fifth Dawn season prize2004-06-04YES 
006 Champions of Kamigawa Arena League Life CounterDaren BaderArena League Champions of Kamigawa season prize2004-10-01YES